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    Want: to be less of a tourist in Florence.
    Hate: That my language abilities are so shite that I have few hopes of getting much better at Italian.
    Need to Know: As long as I don't think about how out of place I am in Italy, Florence is made of awesome.
    What I look like:
    mirror self portrait
    Which is in May's self portrait thread.
      CommentAuthorDoc Ocassi
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2008 edited
    Want: My camera repaired.
    Hate: feeling compelled to compliment a person I don't know particularly well.
    Want you to Know: I have been asked to make an aborted fetus for a friends film later in the year.

    Me (taken with my broken camera):
    • CommentAuthorSteerpike
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2008
    I want this job I'm interviewing for tomorrow, as I've now been unemployed for over a year and "gentleman of leisure" doesn't bring in the benjamins.

    I hate the need people have to spoon Romero-style zombies into every goddamn thing. I read a description of Indiana Jones and the Crutch for Harrison Ford's Manhood which mentioned a city of the living dead and I started sobbing uncontrollably. That's right, zombies reduced me to CRYING.

    I don't know if it's want you to know, but I hooked a friend's teenage daughter on your Stormwatch run. She tried to terrify me with fanfic ideas, but I shut her down with the notion of Fuji/Hellstrike slash. Because I'm all about the children.

    Rather than another glimpse at my freakishly-large forehead, have a manatee:

    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2008
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2008
    Probably a little late for the open mic, but I'll see what I can dish out before the doors officially close on me...

    I want to accomplish some short term goals I've set for myself. Record an acoustic track, read a book, write some comics. I could do these things over the course of a weekend, but then it seems that all of my different groups of friends decide to call me up and threaten me with violence if I don't come out of my tower and participate in whatever they've got going on. So while my weekends are fun, they're also unfulfilled.

    Saturday was fucked, but today, I'll be Sunday Stomping, solo style.

    Here's a picture of me at Disneyland, wearing a Pharaoh's crown and eating a pickle.

    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2008
    It's Sunday morning as I exist here in the aftermath.

    I got very drunk with my roommates, their friends, and all kinds of people. I slept four hours and we're now entertaining family whom I love but I would rather be asleep. For a long time.

    What I Want: *sigh* I am positive I want my roommate, but that way lies madness and/or uncomfortable living situation if it doesn't work. Still. W.A.N.T. Very much so.

    Hate: Feeling like I haven't sleep and having to be awake. Also, NOT having my roommate.

    One Thing I Want Interwub Jesus to know: I am regardless a million times happier than I've been in a long time. My sadness is starting to break like storm clouds for a wonderful sun. I feel good even though things aren't perfect. Also, Warren is my favorite source for new fictions.

    I hope you all had a nice evening, even those who did not respond in this thread.

    May the rest of the weekend and upcoming week hold incalculable possibilities for us all.