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    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2008
    June 22
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    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2008
    @Trotsky: you continue to have awesome hair. I realize that to some people it probably just looks messy, but those people are boring.
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    My First Properly Embedded Image On Whitechapel (Thanks Again, Mr Ellis)
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2008
    @ buzzorhowl.


    I'm going for the Paula Small from Home Movies look.

    you know, that whole thing
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    Can anyone please explain to me why each time I embedd an image, that annoying red x pops up in the corner?

    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2008

    Needs purple.
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    @Egon you must be the evil parasitic twin they cut out of me!

    @Trosky I'm digging the composition on the 2nd pic!
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    social experiment
    In a coffee shop, violating societal norms for a psych homework assignment; pretty sure I got an A.
    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2008
    @photomagex - my nan has one of those. she looks like Darth Vader, it's hilarious

    @Rootfireember - excellent work!
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    @trotsky: Italian Airport Security is dreadful and took my *tripod (weapon my ass - and how come LAX and the Swiss let me keep it on the way to Italy!?) So I'm totally experiencing tripod envy. At least I insured my camera gear - a good reminder to call them.

    *I could have checked it for 110 Euros, which at the moment is something like $185. Um... no.
    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2008
    They took your TRIPOD???

    I totally declare war on Italy.
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    That's me.

    And the monster below me is on my lap everytime I post something.
    So I think he counts.

    We're not quite sure what happened to the rest of my body after I gave birth.
    It just kind of waltzed away.
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    @zoem: Italy was so awesome except for taking my tripod (the Swiss scanned my camera a second time but they didn't take my camera - they really would have heard something loud and nasty if they tried). Oh, and if I ate as much as Italians do my stomach would seriously explode. I really have no idea how they manage to stay so fit because most of them had the fabulous bodies and my tummy and booty didn't shrink one bit. *glares jealously* Even with living on the fourth floor and not using a car for getting anywhere for a month. *pouts*
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    I can't believe LAX let you have a tripod and Italy took it.
    Metro (Detroit) took my mom's lotion and toothpaste.
    They took it out and threw it away in front of her.
    Which I think is a little bit absurd.

    I don't even know if terrorists would even need to deal with Detroit.
    This city pretty much destroys itself.
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    Yeah, we figured, if LAX wouldn't let me take it then my parents would just take it home and I'd be fine. If they let me take it, than short of traveling to somewhere like Israel, no one would really care. I was surprised how strict European security is in airports. Apparently Germany is particularly bad. (Or so my roommate said.)

    Interestingly, often in museums I had to go through a metal detector but they would let me draw (even with pen), and they were often much less particular about cameras (especially since tourists are particularly stupid and excessively use flash when taking pictures of frescos and paintings that are a couple hundred years old. *head-desk*) I really almost came to appreciate the museum personnel who would inevitably be running toward the idiot tourist yelling "no flash no flash".
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    Sorry about the tripod loss - I'll echo the previous peeps and say I'm surprised they snagged it when LAX didn't'.
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    Fortunately I insured my camera gear - tripod included, so I'm hoping that'll cover it.
    edit to add: It seems that airlines have gotten even more strict with just about everything - there were lots of other travelers who hadn't gotten their tickets before June 1st and were paying for their second checked bag. It's very surreal - once I was on the airplane the entire experience was almost delightful - on my long flight I had my own person screen and movies (and etc) to choose from, they were constantly feeding us with fairly decent food. But once we were back in the ground and in the airports again - quite miserable.
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