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    I've interviewed Paul for my radio show Strip! (podcast as Panel Borders) and it'll be on air tomorrow at 5pm BST on Resonance 104.4 FM (London) / streamed at / podcast at
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    god bless resonance. seriously.
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    Hey Alex :) Thanks for coming by my table and taking time for this!
    I hope yet more of my inane spoutings (for those who don't get enough of me on Whitechapel) will be interesting.
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    For anyone who's interested, I think the interview went up a bit late. You can listen to it here.
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    Late!... I think 40 mins after broadcast is fairly reasonable! Charming...

    That said I've only just got it in the box at (which is fed by but I always try and get the podcasts up on my personal blog the evening of broadcast so that if Dirk likes the subject matter, it gets linked to on Journalista! the next day.
    As Resonance has a week of repeats next week, I'm podcasting my next pair of Bristol interviews a week early...

    Paul, it was my pleasure, hope you have a table at the next convention I go to, so I can say 'Hi'... :)

    p.s. I suspect Resonance is blessed...