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    The new Wastelands residential sim, Malady Bog, arrived earlier this week.
    It's due west of the original Wastelands sim on the map.
    The dev team is chugging away at crafting the sim's infrastructure before making the lots available to those that reserved a plot (which should happen this weekend).
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    Ah, it's been delivered... I thought about getting a plot just so I could chug around on a little boat and shoot foetuses at people...
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    When reviewing the catwalk prototypes, we hoped folks would do exactly that...chug around in little motorboats or paddle under the catwalks in scrappy canoes/kayaks.
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    I actually have a perfect inflatable dinghy with outboard motor in my inventory.
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2008
    I'm actually getting quite tempted to create a Man-Thing style avatar and just lurk partially submerged near the telehub, waving at passers by. Or shouting 'Boo!' in voice. Either works.