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    • CommentTimeJun 7th 2008
    @chris g

    Don't be ashamed, sir, Kyuss' 'Thumb' is chugtastic!

    My current faves:

    Sparks - Lighten Up, Morrissey
    Dub Trio - We're Not Alone (which I think is slightly better than the Peeping Tom remix)
    The Mars Volta - Goliath
    The Beatles - Back in the USSR
    Neon Neon - I Told Her on Alderaan
    Young Knives - Terra Firma
    Mike Patton - A Perfect Twist
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    Sneaky Ariana... heh heh

    Santogold - You'll Find A Way
    Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Waiting For The Beat To Kick In
    Fuck Buttons - Bright Tomorrow
    The Breeders - Bang On
    Radiohead - Weird Fishes
    Butthole Surfers - Pepper
    Nullsleep - Ballistic Picnic

    These are the tracks that have been featuring the most lately. I'm sure they're trying to tell me SOMETHING of importance re. the summer...
    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2008
    This weekend it's been one of these seven songs stuck in my head:

    The Who- Love, Reign O'er Me
    Greg Brown- Rexroth's Daughter
    George Harrison- The Art of Dying Fucking really cool Rock and Roll song. I'm just really hearing All Things Must Pass for the first time.
    John Lennon- Well Well Well
    Thom Yorke- And it Rained All Night (also Harrowdown Hill)
    Rage Against The Machine- In My Eyes- Cover of Minor Threat.
    Flight of The Conchords- Hiphopopotamus Vs. Rhymenoceros "Flows that glow like phosphorous poppin' off the top of his esophagus rockin' this Metropolis"? Who can say no to that? You? "Where did you get that preposterous hypothesis?"

    Apparently I love a good primal scream... Roger Daltry, John Lennon and Zack De La Rocha are good for that, I guess; an odd weekend musically. Listening to a lot of NIN, Pink Floyd and Greg Brown? Oddnockitous.
    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2008
    "Where did you get that preposterous hypothesis?"

    Was it Steve, perchance? STEVE! *Shakes fist*
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    ^ So much love for that.

    @Fauxhammer - I'm reasonably sure that Tupelo is about the birth of Elvis Presley. (I kinda prefer Sikth's cover to the Bad Seeds original. The album one, not the EP one.)

    My seven.

    Dirty Mind by The Pipettes
    (The Pipettes (and The Cassettes) really do craft some of the finest pop songs I've been fortunate enough to hear. Dirty Mind has been my favourite recently. "He had ideas that would make! The devil! Sre-e-e-eam!" Love it.)

    Gobbledigook by Sigur Rós
    (187 seconds of gorgeous bewilderment, as Sigur Rós get into Animal Collective's pillbox and greedily stuff fistfuls of potent brainstuffs down their throats.)

    Rearviewmirror by Pearl Jam
    (For the first time this century, I've really wanted to listen to a lot of Pearl Jam. This was always one of my teen-angst anthems. It's still kinda brilliant.)

    Schwing by Jean-Jacques Perrey and Luke Vibert
    (A saunter down Moog Street on a sunny day. The whole Moog Acid album is brilliant, and I've really been enjoying this track lately.)

    Tea Merchants by Rachel's
    (I love the way this piece moves. Beautiful.)

    Uskallen by Paavoharju
    (My favourite from the new album, a tense Finnish Banghra anthem driven by a battered drum machine, and drenched in tape-hiss and grainy synth fuzz.)

    Woo Hah!! (Got You All In Check) by Busta Rhymes
    (I can't get enough of this right now. So damn silly and infectious. Busta is a legend.)
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2008
    @ roque: As soon as I put that one down and pressed "Add your comments" I said "SHIT--forgot this one and thant one and that" and it was best to just leave it with the one that'd struck me the most.

    @Old Moon Face: I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but I am. Elvis does that to people.
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    @old moon face and fauxhammer. Tupelo is a sort of a cover of a john lee hooker song called Tupelo Blues, which was about the flooding of the town of Tupelo in Mississippi. the sikth version is pretty great too and mr cave has heard and approves of the cover...
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    awesome, just found a youtube video of it...

    Tupelo Blues
    • CommentAuthorBambi
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2008
    I feel like an utter reject in all of this considering I know very few of the bands listed and I doubt many people will know or like any of the bands I will list but here goes...

    "Walking Barefoot" - Ash
    "Three Evils..." - Coheed and Cambria
    "Am 180" - Grandaddy
    "Stories" - Trapt
    "Get Around" - Dragonette
    "Down With the Sickness" - Richard Cheese
    "Forgive and Forget" - Alien Ant Farm
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    I don't know Trapt or Dragonette, but I'm aware of all of the others. Ash's "Envy" was actually one of my favourite singles of its year.