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    Because you demanded it (months ago), every week I open a thread for discussion of the comics you bought this week. I don't want a list of what you bought. I want to know what you thought about what you bought. Use the "hide" button to disguise spoiler material, if you can, please -- people use this thread to decide what comics to buy on a weekend visit.

    This week, please divide your purchases into the following categories:




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    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2008

    Justice Society of America #16: Johns is doing something great with these characters. This isn't your standard super-hero team book, there's lots of growth and exploration.

    Invincible Iron Man #2: I like this Mr. Fraction gentleman. Really cool tech ideas and he makes Tony seem like less of a "lets save the world" type asshole as he is portrayed in other comics and more like a regular asshole. It's good to have Tony back. Art is top notch too. I've followed Salvador since his days on FF and his style seems to always be changing and perfecting, and this is a good style.

    Kick-Ass #3: Hilarious...yet disturbing. Millar and Romita Jr. have taken this in an interesting direction with the shocker at the end.


    Secret Invasion #3: I bought this because all of Marvel has been building towards this thing...but it just hasn't connected with me. Art is good but the story itself is developing too slowly for me. This is three summer events from Marvel in a row that have left me cold.

    Ultimate Origins #1: Meh...I liked it better than Secret Invasion but the plot seems dumb to me. I'm not that interested in where the Ultimate Universe is headed.
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    Monster Zoo: Doug TenNapel is always a good ripping read. Finished this on a lunchbreak, such good fun.

    Buffy: There's a giant robot, and sadness and awkward shuffling off of the bisexual story. Drew Goddard just never got this arc firing on all engines story-wise. Came real close to fan-fic more than once.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2008

    Detective Comics: This was my highlight of the week, if only to see Batman munching on a sandwich participating in an amateur detective chat room. Plus Detective Chimp was in it. I love me some Sluthin' Monkies.


    Secret Invasion: My guesses--either Tony isn't a Skrull and Spider-Woman's simply fucking with him, or this is a Skrull, but not an evil one, and will stop the invasion.

    Kick-Ass: I LOVED the first two issues, but the twist at the end doesn't really sit right with me. Oh well, might work better next issue.


    Trinity: It's not badly written so much as, like Busiek's other new title, Titans, this is decompressed as fuck. Seriously, the main story could have been handled in half the pages it got, I'm certain of it. I'll keep going, because I do love this concept of a book focusing entirely on the three big guns of the DCU,, wish there was more bang for the buck.
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    Seriously, the main story could have been handled in half the pages it got,

    Speed of plot explication is not the measure of storytelling.
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    Anyone else bought Young Liars by David Lapham? Off to a great start. Very few times you'll get female characters like this in any medium -- I love you, Sadie. Even if you're crazy.

    Not sure what category to put this in, but I kinda liked Final Crisis #1. I'm not a DCU nerd but I am for Grant Morrison. I'd like to see where the story goes and I wouldn't be buying superhero stuff if it wasn't for the writers (not the artists) for fear of everything being reversed into the loo with the flick of a switch.

    I love you, Warren! Woot!
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    @DarkKnightJRK: I'm pretty sure the writer of the new Titans series is Judd Winick, and not Kurt Busiek.

    My two books this week fall in between the future and not being my wife:

    MIDNIGHTER #20 by Keith Giffen & Lee Garbett: A nice little wrap-up to Giffen's attempt at giving Midnighter a secret identity, as well as being the final issue of the series as WildStorm gets set to revamp its universe for the summer. I enjoyed the writing, but always felt the art was a bit weak. I'm also not convinced Midnighter was ever meant to have much of a personality besides the one programmed into him, but it was a neat experiment nonetheless.

    BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #15 by Drew Goddard & Georges Jeanty. Enjoyable fluff as always, but these four-issue arcs are sure dragging on. It's not really a complaint, I guess, since this is the equivalent of a third episode in a 15 episode "season" but I guess I'm always left wanting more or feeling a bit disconnected because of the time it's taking as a monthly? I suspect that once this season is collected into its 7 or 8 trade paperbacks that it'll be a different reading experience.
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    By the way, what have you bought recently, Mr. Ellis?
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    By the way, what have you bought recently, Mr. Ellis?

    Nothing. I do not read comics. I listen intently to them, over great distances.
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    You should read comics. Word is they're a lot of fun.

    This is the Future-

    Fables- I can't believe I missed it last week, the cover just didn't say "Fables" to me. Every month this thing comes out and refuses to do anything but entertain, and I've got a couple of relatives waiting anxiously for me to get the next graphic novel so they can catch up.

    Not my Beautiful Wife-

    Secret Invasion #3- This wasn't an issue, it was a clip show for other comics I'm not buying. I'd have enjoyed this if there was any kind of coherency, but it just felt too much like a random series of scenes.

    Well, How Did I Get Here?-

    Ultimate Origin- It was a slow week, so I figured why not? I hope it picks up soon, though, because I was left indifferent. Still, I love Benids's Ultimate Spider-Man, buying them only in the giant HC editions, so I'll give this a chance.

    Kick Ass #3- only because I didn't notice it came out this week. How'd I miss it?

    One thing I dislike is the subscription/pull list. I like going into the comic store and leafing the New Release shelves, seeing all of the week's releases and grabbing my copy off the pile. Getting handed a stack of stuff may be more reliable, but it's nowhere near as fun. The downside is that, every once in a while, an issue slips through the cracks.
    • CommentAuthorMitchB
    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2008
    @James Cunningham - I'm with you on the pull list. I prefer my weekly ritual of walking in, browsing shelves, flicking through books and working out what I really want. On the other hand, I feel that while my local has a great selection of indies and smaller publisher material, there's probably plenty of good stuff that evades my notice simply because they obviously don't order everything.


    Criminal - Best book on the stands. Another great issue. I've loved these one-shot stories and the backmatter is fantastic.

    Invincible Iron Man #2 - I have never been as excited about the Iron Man character as I am with Fraction at the helm.

    Punisher War Journal #20 - Once again, Fraction kicking arse. Really loving Chaykin on art too.

    The Boys #19 - Didn't even realise this what out this week. Pleasant surprise. Love that we're getting the backstory on the Seven etc at last.


    Secret Invasion #3 - Quite enjoyed the first two issues but I echo the early sentiment of this feeling like a clip show more than a story. Not hating it, not loving it. I think Fury's entrance at the end would have had more impact had we not already seen him in the Avengers books gathering the new Commandoes already.
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    I actually enjoyed Fury's entrance better because I knew what was going on. There was a big feeling of "Finally!" happening there that I wouldn't have gotten without the recent back-story fill-in. Besides, while I know the origin of the team, there's a lot of interim stuff we don't have access to. The two main questions are 1) how good are they and 2) will we have to buy 27 different comics to find out?
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    First time I went to the shop in a couple weeks, so some of this maybe old... stuff I actually wanted to comment on:


    Iron Man - I think maybe PWJ is the only thing I'm not rabidly into of Matt's. I saw some of this art before D'Amarta colored it when I was in New York. Larroca is doing some very interesting stuff here where he leaves all the line art open except the faces which he fully renders. Very cool book.

    1985 - I usually like Millar's stuff and this was no different. Tommy Lee Edwards' art was beautiful. I think this might have been completely digital, if not, some amazing color holds going on in here.

    POWERS: Cosmic trade - Loved it. I'll probably pick up the next volume this week. Cool storytelling thing he did in there with the open mic night.


    Final Crisis - Only because I don't have any idea what's going on. I don't normally read a bunch of DC books and I was just so lost I couldn't enjoy it. I thought that Morrison's writing was fairly sharp and I was loving the first nine pages, but then it just descended into obscure superhero stuff and I couldn't follow it. I have no idea who the guy was at the end of the book - I'm sure it was a holy fuck moment, but again, completely lost.

    It's weird really, because if you compare it with the other huge summer thing, Bendis was sometimes painfully introducing everything and everyone in Invasion. There's probably a happy medium to shoot for and, for me, both missed. (Although I read more Marvel stuff which may explain my feelings of both)

    As for the art. I saw on several messageboards where people were pretty critical of JG Jones on the book. I thought he was totally on top of his game. Beautiful, beautiful art - solid storytelling. The thing that stuck out to me was the disappointing, by contrast, coloring of Alex Sinclair. The first four pages of Final Crisis may have been the best coloring I've seen on a book this year, and then the palette descends into either dayglow or moody mud that everyone seems to be doing. In the first four pages Sinclair uses subdued, tinted, earth tones and (it appears) as if he's added a slight noise filter that makes the blues of Metron pop off the page much more effectively than any of the accent coloring later in the book.

    If the entire book was colored this way, I'd buy it just for the art.
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2008 edited


    Northlnanders 6 - Wow, the cover by Massimo Carnivale is genuinely terrifying and beautiful at the same time. Awesome issue of a great series, I LOVE seeing Brian Wood write about Orkney. The character of Enna is nicely developed, and the Holy Fuck moment on the last page was great. If I had to say anything negative about this, it's that Davide Gianfelice hasn't quite captured the slab-like rocks of Orkney's cliffline. But that is such nitpicking that it really isn't a valid point - he HAS captured the bleak, wild scenery and atmosphere of the place. For my money, among the best books out there.

    The Invincible Iron Man 2
    - This is my new favourite comic. If I were a dog and it was a man I would hump its leg frantically. Advanced Genocide Mechanics, that's enough to keep me reading... seriously though, Larocca's art is at an all time career best IMHO - the colours by D'Armata are also pretty blinding. Interesting to see what mister Hickman said above about Larocca's renedering... What more can I say, this Fraction boy can WRITE man. Consider me a convert.

    Midnighter 20 - I'm going to miss the Midnighter solo series. I particularly enjoyed Giffen's terse, monosyllabic take on the character. This final issue was pretty much one long extended torture scene. Lee Garbett's pencils are satisfactory, a little like sub-par Steve Dillon... but they served the story well in the fight scenes of the preceding issue. I'd have liked more gore here, but hey, that is just me nitpicking again, because honestly this issu gripped me tight and didn't let go.

    The Boys 19 - Ennis begins to reveal the larger plot about Vought American. I love so many things about this book - I think Butcher is a fantastically restrained character for Ennis, and the superhero team he has created for The Boys to fight are just the right mixture of ridiculous and horrible. I even feel like the uneven pacing of the first arc has settled down, and you get a nice dose of gore / faeces / deviant sex in each issue now. Praisse be!

    Ultimate Origins 1 - Okay Bendis, I'll bite. Nick Fury was clearly always meant to be a black man. Fuck Ultimate Spidey though, I hate that punk.

    American Splendour 3 - An acquired taste perhaps, but one I am extremely glad to have acquired. And it pleases me that Vertigo are publishing Harvey Pekar's stuff. Standout artist for me this issue was Sean Murphy: really beautiful watercolour work.

    Tank Girl: Visions Of Booga 2 - Don't have much to add to my comments on issue 1 of this - a sheer joy, feels like the old days of TG but more kind of wistful and poetic, even the poo jokes feel somehow more beautiful this time round. Basically this issue was a kind of dream come true for me - two hot chicks ride around in a vintage Nazi tank while a kangaroo reads the great lost work of the Beat generation. I wonder if Alan C. Martin is reading my mind?

    Wolverine One Shot
    - Forgot the title, my girlfriend's reading it right now. A game of two halves - the first story was okay but really it was an extended crib from GM's Invisibles. Nice art, but even that seemd to be a wee bit of a homage to Steve Yeowell. So, natch to that... Story tow however... Oh boy... They got Rick Remender and Jerome Opena to do a Wolverine story! It must be my week. Awesome handling of W, great art (W even looked like Heath Huston). Proves two things: 1. Marvel should TOTALLY give the monthly to these guys - this was my favourite Wolverine incarnation since Rucka & Robertson. 2. Anyone not reading the marvelous FEAR AGENT is truly missing out.


    The WANTED movie is coming out, and from what I can see, they raped it. This made me cry. But ALL my comic purchases this week were spot on, so I won't complain too much.

    Texture out!
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2008

    Amazing Spider-man #561:
    Another great issue and follow up to Dan Slotts new three part-er. I wish this team of martin and Slott were a mainstay on this title. They really have an amazing synergy. nThis wraps up the Paper doll story who I think is an interesting villain. A little goth girl who is unpopulaur and due to a freak accident can become and make others paper thin. There’s some interesting subtext there. Especially since the arc is about the dual role of the celebrity and how shallow some of those public masks they where really are. Excellent story and great progression but I am now assured
    Jackpot isn’t Mary Jane,
    as I expected from the start it was just too damn obvious

    Dark Tower: The Long Road Home #4 (OF 5)
    I only really started getting the first series because I eventually plan on reading Kings book series and thought it would be nice to have this companion book. I hope I’m not in for an endless array of minis. The art in this is beautiful and the story is quite a leg up from the first volume. This issue has some great imagery and Rolands confrontation with The Crimson King is certainly smirk worthy. Although som,etimes I feel lost while reading it due to a lack of knowledge on the entire Tower universe it’s still a fun read.

    Invincible Iron Man #2
    I think its about time I jumped on the Fraction band wagon and grabbed a title. This one seemed well reviewed and I like the artist a lot. Although it was obvious in the first issue it was a jumping on point for new fans with all the characters (with Stane being replaced by his son) from the movie in the first issue it was extremely well written witty and offered a lot to think about. The new issue continues the tradition with some great action and dialogue, The funeral interaction between Iron man and Thor was exquisite and made it obvious this guy does his homework. A great story, very well connected and very fun all makes for an excellent read.

    Kick Ass #3
    Well….Millar is certainly on the path to redemption with me. I almost boycotted him after his terrible run on ultimate FF (the team goes from discovering little steps about the universe and new sciences in Ellis’s arcs to Time Travelling criminals in the next…RIDICULOUS). I certainly feel with 1985 and this book as well as the Old man Logan title looming on the horizon that I can start enjoying him again. This is Issue keeps up the Status Quo with the main character getting a cult celebrity status. Some cool parallels about the role of celebrity and the humorous high school undertones make it fun while not keeping the dark edginess too far away. The new character seems quite interesting and certainly garners interest in the next issue. I begrudgingly welcome you back Mark.

    Nova #14
    This comic is beyond fun. Two fisted space adventurers be ware Richard Rider is cruising the space ways. This title offers solid action funny dialogue and a great conflict. The sheer nature of Galactus seems much more imposing than usual here and the Silver Surfers attempts to help is an interesting dynamic. I’m not sure when the surfer got back to being a herald but it’s makes for engrossing reading. I sing the prasises of this book often and issues like this make it rightly so.

    Trinty #1
    A lot of dialogue but dead on characterization of the big three hands down, the best interaction I’ve seen between them. Bagley’s art is breath taking and the set-up is interesting enough. A text heavy issue but it laid some solid groundwork, all in all I
    Think this will be a fun series.

    Ultimate Origins #1
    Not too shabby. Lays some interesting groundwork and dialogue. The set up to the series is kind of intriguing and the popular names that keep getting dropped when it comes to the Marvel Universe keeps your attention peaked. A good set-up issue let hope the rest of
    the story follows suit.

    The Boys #19
    Ennis is really heating this title up with some serious revelations about the history of Voight American and the Seven. I’m very interested to see how relations got to this point between the two organizations. The mockery of The Deep character is hilarious and its easy to see the groundwork of this series stemmed from Ennis’s “The Pro”. I can’t wait to see Butchers obvious restraint become unhinged. The seven make for interesting analogues not just of the JLA but of anyone in a position of extreme power. Ennis has a way of sliding some great context underneath each of his stories. Another excellent read.
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2008


    Secret Invasion #3 (OF 8)
    My god, I’m going to sit in my bathroom with a shotgun nestled under my chin and my toe in the trigger if I have to read another issue of this comic where nothing important happens. Bendis takes this story to a snails pace, showing an agonizing speed when it comes to progression with some many wayward disconnected plot points, A few points of
    Interest but nothing awe-inspiring and to me it’s pretty obvious Stark is not a skrull. I refuse to swallow that red herring. I want to like this so very much so please Bendis give me a reason.
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2008 edited

    Nightly News (Complete Series)
    I was collecting the single issues when this came out, but of course, it was criminally under ordered, so I missed the middle two, but finally, this week, I tracked them down and sat and read the whole lot. "This is the future" is almost an understatement for this book. The art is beautiful, the story is engaging, and the structure is unique. Yes, I'm way behind everyone else with this, but damn. Just damn.

    The Boys #19
    Now, I love pretty much anything Ennis does, but I think my favorite of his long runs is "Hitman." It balances the violent slapstick with some of his most emotional writing. It featured incredible flawed individual who were at their core honorable and heroic. "The Boys" kind of hits me in the same way, and it's one of the books I most look forward to every month.
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    My god, I’m going to sit in my bathroom with a shotgun nestled under my chin and my toe in the trigger if I have to read another issue of this comic where nothing important happens

    Marvel is getting really aggressive with their advertising if suicide is the only way to escape them.
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2008 edited

    THE FUTURE ( 2009)

    KICKASS- how do people not like this? hilarious, brutal, semi realistic. i can understand peoples beef with millar's "hip" dialogue when he tries to write teenagers, but besides that, this book is great. AND probably the only time i can think of where i actually am looking forward to this as a movie.

    ANGRY YOUTH COMIX- billing itself as the "worlds greatest joke", it is a full length story of the aftermath of a filthy practical joke. you will most likely be confused, offended, and laughing your ass off. "it tastes like cheeseburgers!!!"- there ya go.

    THE SWORD- was kinda broke last week so this had to wait. you know those books that you forget how much ass they kick in between issues, so you put it on the bottom of the pile to read? thats the sword every month for me. when i finish i sometimes exclaim to myself "am i fucking retarded? this book OWNS."

    NUMBER OF THE BEAST- wildstorm's very own mini crisis, without the retarded fanfare of the blindingly omnipresent big two marketing. it sucks knowing where this is generally heading, but its a surprisingly good ride.

    CRIMINAL- i dont really need to extoll the greatness of this on here anymore, as almost everyone seems to read it, but hot damn these three "stand alone" issues have been better than i expected. this one was darkly sad while still waving both middle fingers at everyone.

    FUTURE-ISH (like next tuesday)

    DETECTIVE-smartly differentiated flashbacks, the riddler in his new good guy role AND his old bad guy role in the same story. broken people, sadness, catwoman acting like a (holy shit!) ACTUAL PERSON in a book not written by brubaker-this is the stuff.

    JSA- total, non apologetic superhero-ness. 8000 characters, good luck if you dont know them- geoff johns somehow still manages to nail the shit out of this book and its legacy aspect. the inverted pyramid of worlds? remember the 52!

    PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL- punisher versus ninjas, dialogue by fraction and remender. yup.

    INVINCIBLE IRON MAN- not as ass-beatingly good as the first one, but the little exchange with stane jr was awesome, as was the internal monologue where tony calls himself "T", haha.


    AMAZING SPIDERMAN- last one i will be buying, even though i liked this 3 parter a lot. slott and martin are a perfect team for this book (that i just dont care about normally). these are the only spidey books in my house from post 2002, and probably going to stay that way unless these two get back together.

    SECRET INVASION- im not the audience for this, but its ok. much better than i expected from a marvel "BLOCKBUSTER EVENT EVENT EVENT!!!!"


    TRINITY- wanted to check it out rather than just dismissing it. whoops. done.
    • CommentAuthorpi8you
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2008 edited

    Detective Comics #845 - Bruce the Chatroom Nerd was fantastic, Detective Chimp is always fun, and a great exchange between Riddler and Bats at the end.

    Invincible Iron Man #2 - Beautiful art and Tony's internal monologue are all I really need, but the rest delivered as well(and quite a bit going on at that). Stane Jr.'s a great little psychopath, can't wait to see what happens when Tony actually has a moment to pay attention to him.

    Manhunter v4, #31 - Caught up just in time for the relaunch and aside from the change in art teams(both strong in their own ways) and the dense little recap at the start of #31, it just kept on rolling. Very much enjoying Kate Spencer and the rest of the cast that's been built up around her, plus there's just something fun about Superhero Lawyer, especially when your clients range from Dr. Psycho to Wonder Woman.

    Trinity #1 - On this side of the line because, if nothing else, it was a much better opening than last year's start to Countdown. I'm not sure that the [apparent] villains of the story are ones that can carry it for the next year though, so I expect that part to shift around some. Really though, its a clever way to sell 4 extra Batman books, 4 extra Superman books, and 4 extra Wonder Woman books to their respective fans each month, is it not?


    Astonishing X-Men Sketchbook - Despite the fantastic art(love Piotr's new costume), its still just a sketchbook and missing all of Warren's writing.