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    • CommentAuthoraragszxki
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2007
    inspired by the "social networks: what are you on" thread, i started searching for a social networking site about books, something similar to (, anyone?). here's what i've tried so far: looks very beta. flash tag cloud made firefox beg, explorer crash and me puke. still, i really wanted to like it so i think i'll go back to this one one day. things work fine but there isn't much to do. friends & groups features are not really integrated with anything else, not much of a recommendation system. text-heavy interface, looks dead serious and sophisticated. however, it's not completely free. while the charge is at pocket-change level and only kicks in after adding 200 books, i still couldn't be bothered to sign up.

    and that's where i gave up and turned to whitechapel. what does whitechapel think?
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2007
    i have a full account Library Thing, but forgot my password. Just contacted them about that.

    I wouldn't know which site to recommend though. I was fairly unsuccessful in figuring out a social network that would best suit for books.
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    aragszxki, I haven't tried it yet myself, but someone recommended in a thread here last week.

    Thanks for posting your impressions, I'm interested in looking into this category of site also.
    • CommentAuthorrobb
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2007
    i like goodreads as a way to review book criticism before deciding to buy books. it feels like early days of amazon when the reviews were written by those people who really cared about their opinion and educating other readers. now the reviews, like netflix and itunes, feel useless and cluttered. maybe it's a change in grammar? maybe it's a shift in people getting used to writing about everything online. there's something a bit more quality and honest about the early goodread adopters' reviews. i can't place it. hopefully it stays that way. better than 'it r00lz!'
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    Caution about Shelfari: it tends to scrape all your contact addresses from your webmail and sends them all invites.
    • CommentAuthoraragszxki
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2007
    i'll second that warning, shelfari has a very sneaky way of asking your email password at sign-up. even though common sense dictates that no one should ever mention their email passwords in polite company, we all have our naughty days. or two gremlins.

    see how i drifted off-topic there? that's how sneaky shelfari is. ha!
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2007 edited
    yeah thumbs up to goodreads. as well as getting recommendations from others' tastes, it's a nice way to keep track of your own reading, if that's your kind of thing (i've been keeping a list of books read for the last couple years and it's a nice thing to reflect upon in future times).

    They have nice somewhat customisable widgets for yer blog if you're that way inclined, too.

    if you're thinking of signing up, i'm here - we can be booknerd budz if you like.

    One problem I have is that lots of people add books to their lists without reviews - i'm much more interested in what people have to say about the book than simply knowing what they've read. It gets a little too acquisitive without the mediation of criticism (ooh! "it gets a little too acquisitive without the mediation of criticism!" la la la!), but then there's the other end of the stick where reviewers simply post their reviews from other sites on goodreads as well. a bit spammy...

    the other thing that's nice is if you're an author, they'll give you an author page as well -providing you have your books listed on their database. and you could sort that pretty easily by requesting library status (i got it just for the asking) and adding your own work.