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    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2008 edited
    I'm taking 4 days off from my internet day job next week so I can go be a fire performing carney at Bonnaroo, a 100K person arts and music festival in Tennessee. I have a staff pass and VIP camping and catered meals and a circus tent of friends. Willie Nelson, Pearl Jam, Tiesto, Sigur Ros and more are there to be heard. I juggle, hula hoop and spin poi. on fire. This is my crew:
    fire juggling
    Here's a link to a video of me spinning fire hoop:
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    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2008
    Rendal's Ravings-The Power of words

    OK something I did where I ranted about why some words still seem to hold more power than they should over people.
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    Here's a photo from my trip to the beach last month. It was such a nice day that my friend Peter started levitating.

    The rocks in the background (Haystack Rock, at Cannon Beach in Oregon) are very distinctive. Not only where they used in Goonies, they were also used as the model for the entrance to the Lost World in Frank Frazetta's old Thun'da comic from the 1950s. Which backs up my gut feeling that day that there must be dinosaurs on that island.
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    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2008
    This is from my waste of space I call a blog.


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    Drawing from a few years ago:

    Graffiti, Oxford gardens
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    A tweaked picture of my buddy Hans in Russian.

    A simple picture of my friend Hans edited with Picasa.
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    Onderon Party" alt="Obviously, I am a social butterfly." />

    My friends call me Dov. I am pretty much obsessed with my Star Wars role play on My characters name is Darth Nagual, and he is a Lannik dark jedi. I pretty much spend most of my time on Secondlife in the Star Wars sims like Vjun, Korriban, Onderon, and quite a few more. I absolutely love it. Its like improve theater with a dark sci-fi theme. I never really liked the Star Wars movies. Mainly because I cannot stand muppet type characters who ended up more annoying than entertaining. Jar Jar Binks for example, was like Who Framed Roger Rabbit on a bad acid trip.

    Walkin the droids" alt="Taking the droids for a walk." />
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    Coming this August, I'm releasing my webcomic series on a bi-weekly basis, 5 pages at a time. I've had to teach myself a good deal about art, but the writing is what will carry it through. Finding an artist that will 1. design an entirely new culture, 2. do it consistently for around 300 pages, and 3. do it for free is just asking a bit too much. So I did it myself.

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    I have been up to my ass in alligators with my bill-paying job and life in general for months now, and I'm consequently suffering through the creative equivalent of someone who hasn't gotten well and properly laid in a long LONG time as a result. But I want to share, so...

    There's this audio piece, titled "Angry (that's all it is)," produced back in late '04, when I was becoming well and properly pissed about the war in Iraq and the rise in armed militancy in general. Music from Ani DiFranco and The Chronos Quartet.

    And this piece, me reading a passage from my book Covenant Spring, available for free in serial form or .pdf on The Ninth Music from Michael Brook and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

    Thanks, y'all. Off now to get well and properly buzzed before bed...

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    Since it is still officially Sunday somewhere... (sorry to my lj friends who have seen this already)
    contour zucchine

    Um, I have more better ones that are posted in other threads.

    edit: I just took this glorious camp photograph and am still on a photo high.
    Glorious Camp.2
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    @zoem: I quite like the first one, you're doing quite ok! :)
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    Yes so, anyway, sitting here nursing a soggy case of bronchitis, here be page 2 of a script by C Visser I'm working on.....Hunters
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    @James Puckett

    Typefaces! That one is beautiful.


    Thank you! I'd love to trade for some bits of colored papers. Studio is slated to be officially set up by August - we still have to have a space cleaning party and order/set up all equipment.
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    My wife and I keep a bound journal in the bathroom we refer to as the "Log Log." It was her idea, and yet I seem more committed to our pledge to contribute something, anything to it whenever duty calls.

    Yesterday morning I wrote something short enough I think I can recite it well enough:

    Said the Leper Heron to the Cancer Turtle:
    "My arse it would be leaking
    just as your head is peaking
    had it not rotted shut its hole."
    Mouthed the turtle barely speaking
    to his crabbed ears like a shrieking
    "Be glad you're full something save your disease,
    full of something, save your soul."

    My wife was especially fond of it, more so than pieces I thought worlds above it.

    Yesterday afternoon I also dropped 75$ on a microphone because I lean left when it comes to gods, economics, and my wife's favored hand, thus I thought it about time I start a money show for people who want to be less perturbed by money and less bored by money shows.
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    My girlfriend and me publish the second issue of Openhaüs comicbook anthology last month, heres the cover by yours truly:
    ::openhaus.02 cover::

    Interior page from a short story by Nektarios Chrissos and drawings by me (published in Openhaüs.02):

    Openhaüs is published in a country with no real comics medium, yes, theres a lot of fanzines, translated comics and a few original titles. The great mexican artists (Ladrönn, Carlo Barberi, Tony Sandoval, Paco Medina) are working for european and american market. Openhaüs is trying not only to publish "mexican comics", we search good comics from Mexico, US, France or another fucking country with good artists. With a policy of absolutely no censure we are open to submissions, just drop some words to openhaus[at] For the records:
    1.- We translate texts english-spanish.
    2.- Openhaüs is published in Mexico... in spanish.
    3.- 5 copies are send to our collaborators.
    4.- More interior art and information on our Flickr site (mmh... Im working on a blog).

    Oh! by the way, I was hired as colorist for a mexican comic/movie project called Ángel Caído (Fallen Angel) and heres a preview of my work (art by Rodrigo Tobias):

    Sorry, I dont have music or photos this time... :(
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    I just started up a new blog. I'm reposting a bit from my MySpace journal, and the latest is two links to posts I did for The Inside Flap (a book blog), a year ago. Why so long ago? The subject, Soon I Will Be Invincible, is newly out in paperback. I opened the boxes just this morning for my fine bookshop.