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    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2008 edited
    Hello, Everyone!

    This week 10 Worlds has a lot going on!

    I did my first podcast interview on Go listen to me stutter and rant about Lazarus, religion, and future projects. Peter Jaffe was great and very patient with me. A fun interview.

    Today or tomorrow at Newsarama ( there is part one of a two part interview with Brandon Thomas for his Ambidextrous column. Brandon is a great writer, and the interview was a blast.

    Then, the big news... LAZARUS: Immortal Coils hits stores this Wednesday, June 11th!

    We were all surprised to hear the news. We thought the book would hit the last week of June, but we received confirmation on Monday that it will come in this week. 10 Worlds will be in Manhattan Beach Wednesday (June 11th) at The Comic Bug (www. thecomicbug. com) from 6 to 9pm signing copies of the book, handing out cards, stickers, and whatever else we can dream up.

    And, chances are, it will be FREE!

    That is right! Usually, you go to a Con or signing and you pay extra for a signed book plus whatever they have available. But times are hard, and if you're going to support us by buying our $3.99 book, we'll give you as much extra stuff as possible. So, come down, show your love, and be a World Traveler (still trying out catchy names for our fans).

    And, we will be returning to Frank & Son Collectibles very soon with copies of the book.