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    One of the best comics I've read by Warren was Desolation Jones. It was dark with a drug addicted detective In Hollywood I eagerly looked forward to every issue. It has been over a year since we've seen an issue I read the resent artical were Warren updated the news about it . I used to think May be Daniel Zezelj might have a little to do with lack of an issue except we have seen 2 books drawn by him with in the last month from Vertigo. What I'd like to know is when we will see more issues. I'm not one those guys who get angry over late issues (I bought The Unfunnies ) I just wondered. This series seems like the type of book that gets a new art team every story line I would like to Recommend Richard Case
    good day
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    Didn't I do this already?

    It's on hiatus while we stockpile and retool some. Relaunch next year.

    -- W
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    Yes Warren, but remember that there are unbelievers who do not see all of your pronouncements. Come the day of the glorious revolution, they shan't be the first up against the wall - but they *will* be watched closely for signs of disloyalty.

    ...and used as slave labour for erecting statues in your honour.
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    I'm sorry. I read the artical on newsarama I just thought maybe there was an up date. just know I am looking for ward to it And I'm not the only one

    good day