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    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2007

    Piracy is Liberation 003: Wires
    Erica is a Slave, toiling away at her machine, and she is satisfied with it. She's got family, friends, food on the table. What does she want with freedom? But something is starting to grow within her. A voice calling itself Information, saying there could be more to life. But the Masters will not stand by as the Slaves free themselves, and Erica will soon find out what her machine really does...

    Still available through Previews! Order the book from your local comics dealer today using the order code: NOV07 3430.
    Publisher: C'est Bon Kultur
    Writer/artist: Mattias Elftorp
    Cover artist: Susanne Johansson

    »Courageous and effective.
    Simplicity justified by desperate need for expression.«

    Danijel Zezelj

    »Mattias Elftorp's stories are dark, nervy, fine, and edgy,
    as is his artwork. However as dark as the post-apocalyptic world
    he envisions appears to be, it is a world full of promise.«

    Carol Swain

    »Strange and disturbing and beautiful.«
    Ho Che Anderson

    »an art style that seems to me to combine Brian Wood
    with Ben Templesmith, to jagged, hate-ridden, nervous effect.
    I really like it, and I’m pissed off that my copy got mislaid.«

    Warren Ellis

    Sample pages available at:
    • CommentAuthorelftorp
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2007
    The thing is, I need more orders for the book to be carried by Previews any further than this issue. So if you think it seems interesting, please help me out by ordering it from your store...

    Here's a little treat to start you off:
    Piracy is Liberation 001: Information Wants to be Free at The Pirate Bay

    The first three books in the series are quite self-contained and can be read in any order. With book 004 (which I plan to have finished around April 2008), the story will begin to get more tied together. The whole thing is currently planned to be 19 books long...