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    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2008
    Autobiography: Thank God for not giving it wings
    (from my preferred sig line, which is apparently a saying somewhere: Don't curse god for creating the tiger, thank him for not giving it wings)

    This is me (at least online) and my explanation for why I like that quote:

    Yes, if there was an option to actually look like that, and it wouldn't get me branded an utter freak and shunned from normal society, I'd look like that. With a tail. Maybe not with the wings. At very least I'd have grey skin and white hair (I know there's a way to get grey skin, but it's not very smart.)

    I had no computer on Saturday. I haven't really had a computer for a few weeks. It was screwing me up because my keyboard is where I put all the things I need to deal with - bills, people I need to call, shit I need to file, etc. It's been piling up and getting old because, well, no computer. I thought I just needed to replace the CPU, get a bigger HD, and install some USB ports. Turns out the motherboard was dying so I'm installing shit on my new computer. Grarrrgghhh. Actually it's going easier than I expected. I started reading Good Omens while I was waiting for it to do its thing (I've given up on finishing To Green Angel Tower. It's just too fucking long. I will be donating the entire series to the thrift store.)

    Anyway, me and my dad went to the computer store. I was wearing yukata. This one actually:

    I made my dad do all the lifting. We got no odd comments. I rarely do when I'm wearing kimono. It's strange, I think.

    My new computer had Vista. I wiped the drive and installed XP. I managed to get all the updates installed and now can start installing actual software.

    My mom and I went to a swap meet Sunday morning. I got a metal cart from the 50s or so for my kitchen so I can get the counter space back from my microwave. My sister is going to be jealous - it's her yellow. I'm going to paint it blue. I also got a framed program for Man of La Mancha. It's really nice, but I had to clean the glass on both sides. The front ripped a bit because it was stuck. Oh well. And, I got a type drawer in REALLY good condition. I've never seen one in such good shape. I'm going to fill it with type and hang it in my office.

    I hate my sister. I don't want to get into it. It's friends-locked on my journal, but you, Mr. Ellis, are on the list. If you care. (I doubt you do. Why should you?)

    My work computer now has a nice new keyboard to replace the one with the 'E' worn off. It was also dirty and wearing out. The new keyboard is from my new computer - I like my ergonomic keyboard at home.

    My digestive system is fucking with me again. I need to change my diet - or rather add some diversity and start actually eating three meals a day. And cake for dinner doesn't count. I get this thing where I'll have to stop eating in the middle of the meal or start gagging. It SUCKS. It's usually for things that are kind of bland, but I don't know. It had gone away for a long while, which was awesome. It's not that bad yet so I'll just do something.

    I started taijitsu two weeks ago. I'm not being as sore as I thought I would. The sensei already wants me and my mother to move up the leadership class, which doubles the cost. I don't really like how they sell these things, but I do enjoy the class so I'll end up doing it. My mother might not be able to afford it - she just got a new car and money is tight. I may end up paying for her. I dunno.

    I bought a new yukata. It's pink with arrow designs and flowers. It's shipping from California so it should get here soon. I'm considering buying a few other ones that I'm watching on eBay (they're in stores, not as auctions, so I have time to think about it.) I don't have very many yukata, and even less unlined kimono. I still need to find a kimono-dressing class so I can learn the knots for the formal obi.

    I need to stop farting around at work. I need to finish betareading for a friend and to do fanart for another friend. I've actually got several projects, but those are the ones that people are counting on me for.
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    What the FUCK is wrong with my generation and younger? You come of age, you move out and you STAY OUT. I went to college and kept fucking moving. Bill Hicks moved home to live with his parents in the last stages of the cancer that killed him. That's when you move home, when you are near death. Anything short of that is simply childish.

    I admit, I'm still quite angry at this.

    I think because both my parents are dead. When I have kids they won't get to see them. They won't be there when I get married. They weren't there when I signed my first book contract or when I got my graduate degree. I'm more than a little jealous of people who still have mom and or dad around. Jealous because I really would have liked to show them that all the hard work they put in bringing me up had some pay off.

    So when I see people using their parent's as a crutch. Extending adolescence well into a third decade, I call bullshit.

    @orwellseyes has a point AND the circumference to trace it. Thumbs up.

    My wife didn't have half the familial support I had, but has accomplished twice as much. She and I still agree that, lazy as most people seem when you're working hard, 80s/90s children were told two things by their elders every waking moment:

    Being a grown up sucks/adolescence is the happiest time of your life & Get a college degree or you'll be stuck in a shitty job.

    Who knows how much we salted either one.

    I hope your project comes out well, and that you can mentor someone who thanks you for the rest of your life.
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    Autobiography Title: Arguing with the Retarded: A Life in Local Governance and Politics