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    Just got here and really enjoy Freak Angels.

    So, as a former Luddite, what other web comics am I missing out on?

    I'm pretty much a visual omnivore and serial junkie.

    Work for me , magic box, work!
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    Look here.
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    Whoops, sorry.
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    If you're particularly looking for serials, then I think we can continue this thread, making it more specific than the other one. Of course, you all know the only way of following serialised webcomics is via rss, don't you? Hie thee to Google Reader or Bloglines or something along those lines and subscribe!

    Two collective sites I subscribe to - ACT-I-VATE and Graphic Smash - carry a bunch of serials. Particular favourites are Simon Fraser's sci-fi blood diamond polemic Lilly Mackenzie and the Mines of Charybdis and Jason Little's contemporary road trip thing Bee: Motel Art Improvement Service on ACT-I-VATE and Tom Siddell's magic boarding school Gunnerkrigg Court on Graphic Smash, but there are plenty of others on both sites if your tastes differ.

    Klio's SPQR Blues is a good one - ancient Roman mystery/family saga/bodyguard procedural.

    Garen Ewing's Rainbow Orchid is pretty much essential. Globe trotting 1920s adventure in Herge/Jacobs-esque ligne claire.

    Then there's (ahem) my own The Ulster Cycle, a historical adventure series set in Iron Age Ireland, with a sort of Eddie Campbell-ish approach to the drawing.

    Any other recommendations? Remember, serials only.