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    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2007
    Looks decent and over the top like Versus, Full Metal Yakuza or Junk.

    Versus was really good though, i tend to like the serious japanese stuff coming out these days like Twilight Samurai, and the Hidden Blade.

    Anyone that hasn't seen those last two should really track them down, especially Kurosawa fans, both are great samurai dramas.
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    warren ellis has a website ?
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    warren who?
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    you know we love you. just not like THAT
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    Great...Give Ellis a complex so he can give us all lucid nightmares and disrupted bowels...He can, you know.
    • CommentAuthorBill Reed
    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2007
    I need to see this movie.
    • CommentAuthorpi8you
    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2007 edited
    Randy74 - more Battlefield Baseball than Versus, still Kitamura+Tak, both all kinds of awesome :)

    Edit - forgot to mention that the Limited Edition Battlefield Baseball DVD comes with a naked old lady Kubrick, displayed in a cutout window on the case.
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    Yes that is in fact the greatest trailer ever. Following in the footsteps of Meatball Machine.
    Thank Christ for who follow Asian cinema with a fine-toothed comb.
    They've been covering Machine Girl for a few months.
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    What, none of you read Fuckers

    I saw this late Sunday eve', but people were still talking about trannies with rat bikinis in the Monday WTF thread, even the day after this was posted. I thought i would just play along with the guy who posted it sans attribution. Who is to say he didn't see it somewhere else...

    Think of it this way, this forum lives and breathes beyond the first gasp you imbued in its pale frame.
    • CommentAuthormunin218
    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2007
    What, none of you read

    Apparently, not often enough....

    .....wait, i can read?
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    @ Munin

    Well, we know you can type, so there is hope.
    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2007
    sweet jesus!

    i hope this lives up to the trailer - unlike SharkSkinMan and PeachHipGirl. that movie was really disappointing.

    this trailer made my day.
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    I've already seen this movie.

    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2007 edited
    @warrenellis: Many apologizes, dear sir.

    @wingnut2600: It is true what you theorized. I generally try check Warren's site every day, but hadn't gotten around to it this week (I still haven't jumped on the RSS train). I was notified of the trailer via email from one of my friends (Lorin K), hence the lack of attribute in my original post (because he's a fucker). Hopefully he reads this.
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    I think I just had a joygasm watching that...