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    Because you demanded it (months ago), every week I open a thread for discussion of the comics you bought this week. I don't want a list of what you bought. I want to know what you thought about what you bought. Use the "hide" button to disguise spoiler material, if you can, please -- people use this thread to decide what comics to buy on a weekend visit.

    This week, please divide your purchases into the following categories:




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    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2008

    [-] Scalped #18

    Scalped moves back to character portraits in issue #18, featuring reservation cop Falls Down. This is by far the best character focused issue and it moves the story forward.

    [-] Cthulhu Tales #3

    BOOM! Studios takes a slightly different angle with issue #3 of Cthulhu Tales with a twisted brand of humor working here. The best of the bunch is the wink-and-nod story by Messner-Loebs.

    [-] Anna Mercury #2

    Issue #2 of Anna Mercury begins to explain the mystery of New Atraxia. Given that it involves miniature universes, secrets beyond the clearance of a prime minister and mad secret agents, it's amounting to great fun.

    [-] Punisher #58

    Garth Ennis is wrapping up his epic run on The Punisher. EPIC.

    [-] Ghost Rider #24

    I haven't read a Ghost Rider story since Ghost Rider 2099 but I picked this up when I heard that Jason Aaron was writing it. Not disappointed, no sir. A interesting look at the ambiguity of morality, thrown into stark contrast by the contradictions of the Old Testament god.

    [-] Ex Machina #37

    Vaughan has managed to introduce a character with a mass of believable contradictions in his "Dirty Tricks" story line of Ex Machina. Trouble is driven, but irreverant, sexy yet ugly, anti-war but willing to do violence. I've never hated a character so much that I agreed with.


    [-] Red Mass for Mars

    A bit late on this one. I picked it up because I saw it recommended on this forum, but it ain't for everyone. If the creators behind this book can figure out what they want it to be, it could be really good. Unfortunately, this chapter moves between apocalyptic drudgery and absurdist humor. One or the other might have worked great, but swinging between the two extremes didn't.
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    Y: The Last Man Volume 10- Vaughn and Guerra wrap things up quite well. There's a death that "Shocked" everyone, though what good is a death everyone sees coming? The final issue, set in "teh future" doesn't work too well for me, but it's more a coda than anything.

    DMZ #32: Fuck, I love this book. Theres a bit with fires and thermal optics and Matty is FUuuuCKED. There's tension and smarts going into this book enough to slap a grown man.

    Kill All Parents #1: This is from Mark Smith, who did the fantastic Aqua Leung a bit back, it's a fun premise. Make all kids superheroes by...killing all parents. There's a great manic energy to the whole book. A bit crazed, and that's lovely.

    Wolverine: Old man Logan: Mark Millar writes superhero movies with unlimited budgets. He's on a very tiny list of writers who can pull me in to reading spandex. It's a fun little story, I liked fucked up dystopian superheroes. The retard hulks are quite funny.


    Genius #1: This book, part of that pilot season idea, not only managed to not be very good, the art is just sloppy and the story is shoddy all around the edges, it's more than a little racist around the edges. I've seen more realistic depictions of gang-bangers on very special episodes of "Family Ties". It's a shame, cause there's a nugget of a good idea there.
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    im using I KICK YOUR FACE for good things, because, hey lets face it: kicking things in the face is where its at.

    TERROR INC tpb: it was quite difficult to not buy this monthly, and i almost caved. i was drinking while i read this, which helped and hurt it: this is brutal hardnosed ass-kickery (which should be accompanied by some boozing) but i got a little confused by the time i was drunk (the last chapter, which im going to re-read sober tonight). like a punch to the gut- with the hand not belonging to the person punching you. lapham should probably only work in the MAX format when writing for marvel: it suits him quite fine.

    HELLBLAZER: grabbed this for aaron AND mucous membrane. as a hardcore kid, constantines days as a punk mixed with the newcastle incident are pretty much guarunteed to be my favorites: this short arc is off to a good start. nice drop of the "venus of the hard sell" song from older mucous membrane shows!

    yes, i remember the words to a fictional song. music wrecks my brain.

    ANNA MERCURY: i wish paul duffield did the whole book- i really dont like the interior artist. the crazy science on display here is pretty nice to get befuddled over (in a good way), the action is ok. i dunno, this book isnt grabbing me they way i thought it would after the awesome cliffhanger of number one. i hope it goes somewhere completely insane from here on out.

    TANGENT: SUPERMANS REIGN: glad i stuck with this, as it has greatly improved. i still think the inker has to go- she/he (name is robin, so i dont know) makes everything look flat and with almost the same line weights on all textures, it gives jamal igles pencils a sheen that doesnt work with it at ALL. i love this stuff, but i honestly cant see why anyone who doesnt read and love the old tangent books would care about this. a strange decision to launch this book, but im glad they did.

    soundtrack for comics: sex/vid, get destroyed!, hummingbird of death, the bayonettes.
    boozetrack: some newcastles and a double shot of rum.
    also had a sandwich. is this detailed enough yet? im rambling...
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2008
    Part 1 of 2


    Anna Mercury #2: This was some complex exposition for my tiny brain, but like the category, THIS IS WHAT I WANT. I want stuff that's a step up from the rest. Looking forward to seeing where this is going. The artwork was great. Especially Anna's insane facial expressions, but Paul Duffield's variant cover takes the cake.

    Wolverine #66: Mark Millar is a lot like flipping a coin. Could be good. Could be bad. The writing isn't that bad, but aren't there already 10 or 12 Wolverine stories in the future? I have to assume Marvel isn't actually heading for this future, just like the others, so why should I care? Oh right, Steve McNiven's art is FREAKING AMAZING. That's why!


    Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. #30: A Kick in the face would actually be more exciting than anything I read in this book. Can we have the Knaufs back, please?
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2008 edited
    all boyfriend's books this week.

    this is what they want:

    x-factor #whatever- new storyline coming up... the whole "manifest destiny" mini-event happening soon seems to be utterly useless, but in x-factor's case, it's going to make for some interesting stuff, i think.

    the punisher: little black book- it's not often i get interested in a punisher story. good work.

    i kick your face:

    the fact that i can't afford astonishing x-men vol. 4. goddamn it.

    and, thanks warren, for reminding me that i want the nextwave trades. i can't afford those either.

    (edited for grammatical fuck-ups)
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    Anna Mercury #2 -- the series is clusterfucks of awesomeness. Warren, will you continue this series after the first arc wraps or is this it?

    Sketchbook for Astonishing X-Men by Simon Bianchi. Beautiful costumes, can't wait.

    Young Liars 2, 3, 4 -- this series keeps kicking my ass. And David Lapham keeps taking my money.

    As far as I KICK YOUR FACE, I don't buy crappy comics.
    • CommentAuthorded jed
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2008 edited
    Anna Mercury 2- can of sci-fi wup-ass. thanks, pal.
    Ex Machina 37- i've accepted the fact that i'm on board for the long haul. i (heart) Trouble.
    Wolverine 66- buy it for Millar/McNiven, stay for the gamma radiated hillbillies.
    great stuff all around, but to nitpick, who does Millar think he's fooling with the whole "i'll never pop my claws again" crap? we all know Logan's gonna cut loose big time at the end.
    and why does he only hook up with redheads in the future? unhealthy obsession is really more of a Cyclops thing, no? Logan is probably one of the most emotionally well balanced characters in the Marvel U. drink beer, quest for bloody vengeance, repeat.

    Angel #9- loved the tv show, thought the last season stood up to the best of Buffy, was glad Angel was getting the "season 8" treatment. but i can't justify spending four bucks for this crap. the art is sheer amateur hour, the dialog is limp, the plot is nonsense. and i don't use the word "nonsense" loosely.
    fuck. just realized i'd probably still buy it if the art weren't painfully ugly. darn you Joss Whedon.

    this is fun.
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    Aspen Splash: 2008 Swimsuit Spectacular ( I didn't read it, just saw it on the shelf and wanted to punch myself in the face)

    haha, i totally agree- i feel this way anytime i see aspen books. just why?????
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2008
    haha, i totally agree- i feel this way anytime i see aspen books. just why?????
    Because Michael Turner just loves to draw impossibly thin women with massive tits, and metro sexual guys with rippling abs, and huge packages. Somewhere out there there must be a lot of confused teenage boys buying his crap.

    Oh, by the way. If any of you guys use facebook, check out the Comic Books Beta ap. It is brilliant, and help you figure out what comics your going to have coming out each week etc. based on your pull-list. It is highly recommended.
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2008

    Me again and just to be certain I am me; I will finish writing the rest of this.


    House of M: Incredible Hulk & Amazing Spider- Man, these are both character identity struggles- I think the underlying notion that strikes me about both stories is that somehow- someone knows that it is ‘but a dream.’ In Hulk, the leader of the True People knew and I think that in ASM it is Peter’s spider- sense going off non- stop because ‘it’ knows that something is wrong and that is what drives him over the edge finally.

    War Is Hell: First Flight… what else can I say except that this has turned from a ‘Boy meets War’ story into an open dialogue issue that Ennis might have with military protocol… I cannot tell if it is a really long- winded episode, or a fascinating discussion as the two central figures move thru life and War is what happens around them.

    Marvel Zombies: Dead Days & MZ: 2, if you like zombies- get the damn book and don’t make me explain why zombies are cool.

    WOLVERINE #66, we all know- that are I suspect that everyone else thinks as I do that LOGAN will be around long after most of the jackasses in the 616 have died. Therefore I forgive Millar for writing what could turn out to be an (cough) astonishing tale.

    Where the f*ck is ‘1985’ and ‘KICK- ASS’?! “Millar- HOLD FAST!”


    While I am waiting for the next issue of Mouseguard, I feel responsible to say that I do not appreciate the other anthropomorphized mouse title as much. One is beautifully rendered and has an older feel to it yet concealed in a youthfully exuberant media, the other… tries too hard. Nothing personal, just opinion.


    BPRD: War on Frogs #1 grabbed me, more from the very simple ‘Hellboy’ approach that the whole story underwent than from any individual part… read if interested! Ongoing stories of Hellboy, and the BPRD & Lobster Johnson are without a doubt some of the finest comics being made today.

    My guilty pleasure the JSA is going in a strange direction and I am curious enough to keep buying to find out- I like Earth 22 Superman. So sue me.



    Astonishing X- Men collected, the series ended- at least for me, strangely and sad and not at all what I expected so, Good job. But- I am eagerly awaiting the next story arc and the new team (nudgenudgewinkwink.)

    Finally bought the last issues of tBoM: Life During Wartime, and I am saddened by this sort of wet- fart for Tim Hunter who was and always will be the ‘wish I could be him’ for the secret 12 year old inside of me- an amazing series with a tortured ending… at least it ended though wish some others would get the hint and Shove off already.

    Have a wondrous evening, get outside and away from these soulsucking machines for a bit o'fresh air!
    • CommentAuthorpi8you
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2008
    Going with the I KICK YOUR FACE = GOOD line of reasoning

    Anna Mercury #2 - Egon nailed my thoughts, though it was the Felipe Massafera cover that caught my eye this go around.

    Birds of Prey #118-119 - Jumping into the floppies with this arc while continuing to track down the rest of the trades, I'm a sucker for the tough women and as such I'm rather defenseless against a whole team of them. The new arc's changing directions in a couple of ways, and I'm curious to see where it goes. I also think we need more intentionally terrible villains like Carface, but then again, I'm an odd one.

    DMZ #32 - I can has full family reunion plz? That's quite the pair of offers on the table now, should be interesting whichever way they go.

    Question: Five Books of Blood - Very tasty collection/mini, a bit of a SE7EN vibe to it, and I sincerly hope we get some continuation. The journal stuff in the back was delicious like cake.

    Trinity #3 - I'm enjoying it, but at the same times it still feels more than a little on the thin side. Hoping it gets some meat on its bones here, but for now, just gonna let it take its course.

    Y: The Last Man v10 - Lots of stuff going down, leading to quite the melancholy ending. I've no qualms though, as Vaughan does a fine job of it, particularly with things like that little inline acknowledgement of how inadequate the explanation for the Event was.
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    Where the f*ck is ‘1985’ and ‘KICK- ASS’?! “Millar- HOLD FAST!”

    You might want to have a conversation with your local store.
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2008
    Oh crap. I completely forgot the rules thee, and just posted a list. I officially suck. Let's try again:


    There was a Hell of a lot of Garth Ennis stuff out this week, if I had to pick the best I would go with:

    Streets of Glory #5 - I won't go into details on the plot, because I don't want to ruin it for anyone. The comic is a western with a twist, it is set at the turn of the century, right at the end of the time of cowboys. The protagonist is Colonel Joseph R. Dunn, one of the last remaining cowboys, who tamed the old west. Now industrialist are building railroads, starting trading routes, building up towns etc. and his kind are no longer needed. It is an extremely heartfelt story, narrated by an old man in a restaruant who met Dunn when he was very young. It is quite definitely one of the greatest cowboy stories I have ever read, due to it's unique take, and it's avoidance of cliche. Don't worry though, there is a lot of classic Garth Ennis gore in there, including a guy who gets his penis cut off and sown inside his mouth. Oh yeah, and it is drawn by Mike Wolfer, 'nuff said!

    Rasl #2 - Jeff smith has created a comic book as far from Bone as he possibly could. Which is a genius move. The series is about a man called "RASL", who uses an immersion suit that transports him into another dimension in order to steal rare art for clients. Part of this transportation has to do with his mindstate. When transporting somewhere, he must be filled with base drives, such as drinking and gambling and what not, and when he wants to return, he has to clean up his act and become almost zen-like in purity. Crazy yes? Apparently my LCS has tones of parent's bringing it back after it confused the Hell out of their kids :)


    Tangent: Superman's Reign #4 - This kind of gives you that blah feeling. More "Differnent" versions of classic DC heros interacting with ones from the regular DCU. The most interesting part is Ron Marz's back up features about the history of the Tangent universe, but even those are very cheesey, and feature things like a Government agebcy called Nightwing, and a covert Ops team caled "The Metal Men". Hmmmmmmmmm!

    Thats all from me, I am tired of typing.

    Oh yeah, Anna Mercury #2 was pretty decent too ;)
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2008 edited

    Ex Machina #37
    I debated droping this..Not that it wasn't good, it was I was just a little out of the loop, I just started getting it and figured I'd catch up in trade. I finally am clicking right with this title and Tony Harris's art is enough to make anyone flock to it. The politically charged atmosphere is very interesting and the way superheroics flit in and out of the story make for an engrossing read. This new vigilante on the scene makes a hillarious new mark and the final panel is a lark. Great issue, Great series.

    Scalped #18
    This title fills me with questions 1. Why isn't everyone buying this...#2. How come everyone hasn't started buying this yet? What an amazing title Jason Aaron is quickly rising into a superstar status on the merits of this title alone. The human drama and the everyday struggle of life on a corrupted reservation is some of the most interesting reading i've ever had the pleasure of enjoying. this issue focuses solely on Officer Falls Down a born loser whose been given a dead mans hand in everything he's fone in life. This issue is likely my favorite so far , snapping him out of his depression and giving his life a meaning and a Purpose. BUY THIS!

    American Speldour: Season 2 #3
    Another good issue, Pekar's ability to poke fun at himself and the world around him never ceases to astound. The small slivers of life on each page tug at your heartstrings on many different scales. Certianly makes me wonder about my future and how life and the world will be by the end of my time here. I like this comic for it's honesty and portrayl of the real life day to day dredges of an ordinary dude.

    Punisher #58
    Garth please don't leave this title. I can't imagine anyone filling the pages with such senses shattering violence and interesting plot twistsas you. Frank finally comes face to face with his pursuers and the ending isn't what you'd think. This is a great issue and a perfect middle part of the storyline and has me wanting more which is always a great sign.

    Madman Atomic Comics #9
    Every page of this issue was a double page spread of true joy. Allred's art is magnificent and seeing the story play out in such a grand scale was alot of fun. Madman's existential musings were very interesting and touching.I'm slowly learning more about thes eAtomics and can't wait to catch the trade of there origins. This title has the all the wonder and delight of a childhood adventure with the questions and trials of adulthood chewing at it's edges. A great great fun and enlightening read.

    War is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle#4
    There is nothing glorious about War. Ennis hammers that point home with each and everyone of us by showing the growing up of Karl Kaufman from an idealistic farm boy to a hardened soldier. His starry eyed view of life in the air becomes bleak and harsh with every fly by. This issue is bringing us home by showing Karl as the battle weary soldier we all imagined he's become. His past life is brimming to the surface and all eyes are turned toward next issues conclusion. Another Garth Ennis classic.

    Wolverine #66
    Once again i'm impressed by Mr. Miller. This title takes wolverine and launches him into a futuristic world were the bad guys won and everyone's just trying to survive. Logans bleak lifestyle and the bullying he recieves by the Banner's (inbred descendents of the Hulk) is saddening. This issue sets up the future of the series and any title that has an aging pacifist Wolverine and an 80+ year old blinded Hawkeye driving the Spider-Buggy cross country on a harrowing adventure has me as a buyer.

    Anna Mercury #2
    This issue has the pay-off I was hoping for, learning the true nature of Anna's purpose and where exactly she is was satisfying. I'm quickly loving this concept and can't wait to see where the maniacal Mr. Ellis takes it. A great issue to what's quickly becoming a great series.

    Rasl #2
    Jeff Smith is one of my favorite creators and this book is why. the diversity of going from Bone to Shazam to this is awe inspiring. This issue is an excellent continuation from the last and truly sets up a harrowing conflict betweent he protaganist and the shadowy group he seems to be at odds with. A darker Smith makes for an excellent read. Great title.
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2008

    Trinity #3
    Another meh issue, the whole main parter is just a drag down fight with this new alien powerhouse mopping the floor with the justice league. The ending panel of
    Superman getting taken down in one punch
    wasn't as jaw dropping as one might suffice. I mean the character is so damned overpowered that's it's almost nice to see him get his clock cleaned. The back up was boring but likely meaningful in the long run I just hope it pays off sooner than later.

    Amazing Spider-man #563
    There are alot of issues with characterization here that I've had a few problems with. Spider-man stumbles into the bar with no name. An event that should be pretty huge. He now knows where almost all his villains come to hang up their hat and under his code should likely lead a swat team there the next day...or at least alert the authorities. Instead he happily treads on his way not even really fighting anyone and the enforcers own OX is written like a total wanker and a piss poor villain giving himself up on principal. Sorry Gale....I don't buy any of it.
    • CommentAuthorbuzzorhowl
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2008
    Hah, yeah, Bob Gale sucks. It's sad, because there are some really good writers on that new Spiderman writing team... but he's not one of them. So of course, he's writing the lion's share of the issues.
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2008

    Rasl 2 - Jeff Smith can do no wrong in my eyes, and this bizarre little quantum entanglement adventure is darker and weirder than a bag full of Venom toys in a tar pit. Hard to figure out where it might go, but to see Smith attempting a less kiddie-friendly story is immensely exciting. I find this book really creepy in all the right ways. The sense of unease caused by a possible lack of Bob Dylan in the universe is odd and frightening. I love this book.

    Batman: Gotham After Midnight 1 - Bought this because I have an abiding fondness for Kelly Jones' hyper-gothic Batman, and the fact it was outside continuity (that's right Grant Morrison, I'm still not speaking to you.) This felt like an 80s Batman story - villains somehwere between spooky and cartoonish, Batman monosyllabic and shrouded in flat black ink. I loved the layouts - a notch above the fevered splash pages of most comics. I also loved the retro colouring. That said, I think I'll probably ditch this and buy the trade, mainly so I don't have to see any more ads for Final Crisis tie-ins.

    Kick Ass 3 - Oh my gosh. This comic is the absolute definition of AWESOME. Romita Jr - best work of his career since Wolverine: Enemy of the State. Millar - I find his characters very believable, and the direction he is taking this particulare protagonist in is fascinating. The last page - made me basically yell FUCK YEAH in the middle of a crowded train. This is, quite simply THE TITS.

    Wolverine 66 - Mwah ha ha. Emo Hulk. I'll bite.

    Fables TPB, vol 10 - This series is really pretty awesome - interesting to see the direction Willingham is taking in the lead up to its finale. Main draw is the characters - so familiar but played in such delicate ways. The guest art for the Wolf Cubs issue was great - I love seeing the Fables as Manga characters. It's old-school Vertigo, and so does not really fit with the rest of the stuff I read.... very Fairy-fied, very cod-literary... but I dig it despite myself.


    Ultimate X Men 95 - After a promising start, Coliete degrades this storyline into a rancid puddle of piss that makes no fucking sense at all. Why does Angel look like Beak from New X Men? Why is nobody freaked out by this at all, especially Dazzler, who he's supposedly shagging? Why does Colossus not know who his drug dealer is? Why the hell are they in Russia? Nice art and all, and you had me with Alpha Flight but... damn, this makes absolutely no sense at all. It's like a bad 80s marvel comic, like late period Generation X when they brought in Howard the Duck as a guest star. STOP SUCKING! Building up to Issue 100, and leaving behind the story of Apocalypse, this is a major, major letdown.