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    After the 2D Comics Festival in Derry this month I've discovered there are a lot more Irish comics creators than I thought, and I've been keeping a blogroll of links. Then I discovered someone called Erok has started an Irish Comics Wiki, and I've taken it upon myself to help populate it.

    Thing is, Wikipedia says Peter Milligan is Irish. I haven't been able to find any other biographic information on him anywhere else on the internet, and, well, it's Wikipedia. Anybody confirm or deny?
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    I seem to recall stories of him drinking like an Irishman, but I may have been drunk at the time.....
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    I have a bunch of Milligan trades at home and I'll check the bios once I get back from traveling.
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    im pretty sure he is- something in the press for SKREEMER mentioned it. unless my brain is fooling me-which is totally possible.
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    If he's not, then Skreemer is probably the source of the misconception - being full of Joyce's Finnegan's Wake.
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    Milligan also did Tank Girl: The Odyssey with Jamie Hewlett, which parodies Ulysses (oh, and by association that Homer epic no one has ever heard of). So either he's Irish or really, really likes Joyce.
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    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2008
    he also did hewligan's haircut and loads of things for 2000ad -- there's a bio on the 2000ad site. It's down at the moment so I can't link for you. Sorry
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2008
    Well, having seen him at cons, I can tell you that he doesn't talk with an Irish accent. And I'm reasonably sure he went to school in the UK (I'm sure I remember reading/hearing him say that he went to school with Brendan McCarthy... who DEFINITELY grew up on this side of the water, despite what the name may lead you to think).

    So, depends on your definition of Irish, I suppose...