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    Since Warren brought this up on his site today, I have to say I watch Revision 3 shows a lot. Basically it is a lot of people from the old TechTV days doing shows online now, everything from question and answer shows to pop culture shows.

    I wish the folks at This Week In Tech (also former TechTv alums) would also start showing up as video. I hear they are working on it.

    Digital Life TV is good as well.

    Even with BoingBoingTV, pretty much everything I watch online is tech centered. Although, I do tend to hunt down shows on YouTube and watch those such as Doctor Who.

    Oh, just remembered as well, Soccernet has online soccer centric Sportscenter clips I watch, but they are so short I hesitate to cal them actual tv programs.
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    I can't believe that there is anyone here who hasn't seen TED talks. Short little brain bursts, some good, some not so good and many astounding talks by rather smart people.

    For some reason I can't stomach BoingBoingTV, which I realise makes me some sort of heretic for not worshipping at the church of BoingBoing...
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    Ted Talks has a brilliant discussion by Steven Johnson well worth you 10 minutes.
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2008
    YES for TED talks! - (The place I learned how scarily smart crows are) - although, is that really "net TV" or just a series of filmed lectures placed online?

    BoingBoingTV doesn't quite work for me either but I don't know why yet.

    I caught the teaser for Joss Whedon's made for the 'net short Doctor Horrible this morning.....I'm an unashamed Joss Whedon lover but what I saw left me a bit cold.......

    To be fair there's very little given away about the actual piece but the vibe it just looked like a really well made fan boy video.

    As you can tell from all the .....'s I don't know what to think BUT - it is a musical which is a good idea to draw people in.

    The trick with YouTube generally is that it has stuff you can't see elsewhere. Everything on there has an innocence to it - everything feels like a "find" - from school bus crashes to old BBC Docs. It's a one stop shop for all kinds of crap.

    The South Park Studio's site is amazing and is something I can see being used as a model by the major studio's and networks.

    It's interesting that Quarterlife, a show that started with an online world - (weekly well made episodes, a community centered around a creative theme) before moving to NBC (I think) was something of a failure while Skins in the UK and Gossip Girl in the States made more of a success of launching on both platforms at approximately the same time.

    Having said that Sofia's Diary seems to be a great success for Bebo without them ever going near a broadcaster.

    It's hard to judge that success against anything else because Bebo is in complete control of how it's users view their content and even here there seems to be a learning curve because Sofia's Diary has garnered more success than their first show Kate Modern.

    Outside of a closed environment like Bebo I can only imagine netTV working as a podcast where your ten minute show arrives in iTunes without you having to remember to go looking for it.

    Proper serialised stories with a really hot chick, a laugh out loud joke in the first thirty seconds and no credit's at the top (A beautiful thematic title card like on Batman:TAS early seasons and credits on black over a decent bit of music that comes in on the sound track before the credits break.)

    I think the internet is to big to get people into viewing routines - you can schedule a comedy at the average family's dinner time but when people are online they'll go where they want.
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2008
    Leo from This Week in Tech does a lot of live video now (20+ hours/week) at
    That includes this week in tech. I don't think you can download video of TWiT though, you can download audio only or watch it live. Bad part with that is it's recorded Sunday afternoon when I'm usually not in front of a computer.
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    Yeah, its why I wish Leo would take some inspiration from Kevin Rose and his other cohorts at Rev3. I find it to be a happy thing that a lot of the crowd though from the last incarnation of TechTv did more so well over to the internet.

    MLS also does an online show I watch sometimes. So basically soccer and tech news is most of my online viewing.

    I love the Berkeley Lecture/Course Physics for Presidents, and also the MIT OpenCourseWare lectures are nice to watch.

    By the way, anyone ever read John Rogers on 4GM? sort of pertains a lot to Internet Tv.