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    • CommentAuthorabkosher
    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2008
    I think that new Ponytail album, Ice Cream Spiritual, is just amazing, like proggier Melt-Banana or something. Sooooooo good.

    I'm with TAcopunch on the new Notwist. While Belle and Sebastian have slowly been turning into the Dave Matthews Band, the Notwist have made the sequel to If You're Feeling Sinister. Somehow. But Notwistier.

    Sybris - Into the Trees
    Frightened Rabbit - Midnight Organ Fight
    Mogwai - Young Team reissue (I forgot how amazing Like Herod sounds)
    Hidden Cameras - Ban Marriage (just pulled this one out for a mix and it still sounds so good)
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    Hah, I saw Ponytail play a show in the living room of a third-floor apartment a couple of months ago. People were dancing so much I was seriously worried that the floor was gonna cave in. That band rules.
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    KING GENERATOR-12" ep (still- this is the only new record ive been able to afford lately and it kills. dave witte= drum machine full of blood and meat)
    TRANZMITORS-st 12" ( seventies as fuck power pop)
    HYSTERIA v/a compilation ( basically a who's who of hardcore circa 2002- DS13, ESPERANZA ((probably the most underrated HC band i can think of)), DEATHTHREAT, LIMPWRIST, E150, LIFES HALT, SIN ORDEN etc)
    LEFT FOR DEAD/ ACRID split 10" (angry face punching vs sludgy/screamy fuzzed out-edness)
    SEX/VID-tania 7" ( cannot fucking wait to see them on sunday night!!!)
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    I see your enjoying those Automation Records CEX albums?

    I have a weekly comics/music podcast with the one man head of Automation Records, Jeremiah Smith. I know that a bit of a tangent but soon will be be having an episode featuring Rjyan himself as well many other artist coming up

    as for me

    Deterioration Yellow Swans
    Ghost Town - Dan Friel
    Ice Cream Spiritual - Ponytail
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    I saw a band called Quitzow at a bar in town the other day, and they're a fantastic experimental rock band. My expectations weren't high going in, but as part of my hermit-rehab I'm going out with friends to see any live bands that look promising. It was a great surprise. They're good folks and tremendous live musicians, so if you get the chance, go to the show. They're touring in classic broke young musician style, and have a myspace with tour dates, it turns out. Their opening band, Setting Sun, turned out to be all the same people slightly rearranged, yet managed to be a completely different band. Setting Sun had a country-rock sound, with a strong cello and violin. They were both good, but Quitzow was better, and improving fast, considering their second album is noticeably evolved from their first.

    Other listening lately:

    Okkervil River
    The Hold Steady
    The New Pornographers
    Katie Todd
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    Hawkwind - Orgone Accumulator

    Great, and awful, for so many reasons...
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    Quite acoustic and melancholy summer soundtrack at the moment on England's south coast.... Bon Iver , Juana Molina , Ali Farka Toure and , er , Nurse With Wound. But it's a mellow and humorous Nurse With Wound album ( A Sucked Orange).
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2008
    I've been listening to lots of fast load stuff while cycling to work this week. Mostly Skinny Puppy, KMFDM and Front Line Assembly.
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    wrong thread duder.
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2008
    D'oh, wrong week - I see!