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    Alright, since Warren has buggered off for a while, I thought I would start this thread up to see what everyone liked this week. I'm not going to be able to grab comics till the weekend, so I'd be interested to see people recommendations.

    Same rules as always, say why you liked the comics, and don't just list what you bought.

    This week, please divide your purchases into the following categories:




    - Ed
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    Oh it'll be arse eels for you :-)

    (edit to add a smily so I look less of a dick.)
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    Hah! I'm sure he won't mind :) Especially with my hilarious title!

    P.S. Try to be unbiased on No Hero, no butt kissing (Warren is off anyway). I'd be interested in hearing what people think about Final crisis #2. After the mess DC made of the first one. Is it full on classic Grant Morrison? Or do DC editorial have him on a leash??
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    uh, this is kinda off topic, but i dont see any possibility for "DC EDITORIAL" to put him on a leash with a 4 week turnaround shipping/printing time between issues. what do i know though?

    and warren probably wont mind, i already have been doing the listening thread for this week, so i dont see any differnece with this.
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    I meant more in terms of what he can and can't do. You know, you can kill this guy, but not that guy, this guy has to come back, oh and you can't touch that character etc.
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    oh, cool. that possibility is always open on these things. i thought you meant after the some people had with number one. whoops.
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    Picked up No Hero # 0 today it's badass especially the artwork. The compisition especially how it feels the page up and just the line work in general really. It helps the pages flow.The whole outlaw chemist makes super heroes concept is very cool and original. What I liked the best was the two page panel of a bad trip torwards the end of the book.
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    oooooooooooohhh SHIT! thought i would be too broke, but i wasnt.


    CRISIS- well, no shit its good. i didnt get confused by the first one ( though there were things i didnt catch at first, im looking at you vandal savage) and im not confused by this one. good stuff here- superheroes that you have to ACTUALLY PAY ATTENTION TO IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND THE PLOT? i see why so many people are upset. a lot of people are not into things like effort and reading comprehension from their comics. lots of great character stuff and the concept of turpin going where i think it is is classic morrison. the cliffhanger makes me want for july 30 to come tomorrow, like a kid at christmas.

    NO HERO- good start, any time people with superpowers are beating up the police im usually happy anyway. i love when a new book thrusts you into the world and forces YOU to catch up by reading and re-reading- this does that well. the cover design is awesome, it looks like my fliers. too bad theres a skip month before the first issue proper.

    FANTASTIC FOUR- ok, i was going to drop this, but a cursory glance through the book convinced me otherwise- an eeeevil (sort of)FF? nice. the character development with valeria? awesome. the last page reveal? what???? nicely redeemed from that opening arc which was just mediocre.

    NUMBER OF THE BEAST- while this has been really good, it has also kind of crept along slower than it probably should have. it looks like THAT wont be an issue anymore...bring it, on reapers. the wildstorm universe is about to get an overhaul that should hopefully jumpstart the stagnation that was setting in.

    HAWKSMOOR- more great character work with one of my favorites. this is still good but it probably would have read better as a trade. one of those comics that people ( lately) complain about "not mattering". if more people were reading it, they probably would, i guess.

    THE INITIATIVE- meh, its alright. i love this book normally, but it looks like the SI tie in is going to kind of derail this book. surprise, surprise. this would go in the "bad" column if it didnt make me laugh out loud at the skrull monologues within. its good, but still the worst issue of the series so far.

    KILL ALL PARENTS!- really smartly funny (in a nerdy way of course) oversized one shot, but its not REALLY a good standalone story. it shows the parents of older characters being killed on purpose in order to protect humanity. essentially an elseworlds that has a cool circular storytelling ending. i liked it, but wasnt blown away.

    THUNDERBOLTS- wrapping up the pieces from the run, last issue was pretty much the climax of warren's story, as well as the best written issue, i feel. that left this one with a lot to live up to, and it mostly does. doc samson got what he wanted, there is blackmail afoot, someone you may have forgotten reminds us all about the BRUTAL and a nice way of summing up songbirds powers, haha. i hope chris gage can keep up the pace as i like the characters interacting in this setting and hes a pretty good writer. dont let me down!


    GREEN LANTERN- ok, i think i get why this is structured the way it is ( the book cant really move forward until FC gets where it needs to be). i also do not hold continuity to be unchangeable. i like the little things johns is retconning into place, but they really account for, what, like 5 pages worth of new stuff? please just get to the next thing already.
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    I forgot Thuderbolts was out this week. Result! I'll be dropping it when Gage comes on though.

    Drop FF? Heresy. Mark Miller is bringing his A game at the moment, apparently FF, 1985 and Wolverine are gonna make one big story. Also, Kick-ass is mental!

    Every review I have seen for FC #2 has been good. I loved #1, as I was able to just think "Yeah, who cares" and just read it without thinking about continuity and all that bollocks. I am glad other people are ding the same now/
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    Hey edkaye thanks for starting the thread, im honestly addicted to it like crack and fizzwizz. Dunno what I'd have done if I couldn't share my thoughts on this week's purchases.... probably just told my reviews to my girlfreind, who wouldn't have thanked me. So ta. I bought a truckload today, so will do the post in two halves.


    Thunderbolts 121
    - A classy finish, esp. from an artwork point of view. The Songbird splash was simply amazing. Deodato does things with forced persepective that just make most other artists look like chimps. A more action-focused, restrained script from warren... tying up all loose ends (nice to see the Target-Headed One return). All in all I'm sad to say goodbye to this title, it has afforded me many hours of gut-laugh. I too will be dropping this when Gage takes over - as much as I enjoyed his run on Stormwatch PHD, I find his writing a tad generic. Especially now he's writing so many titles... I think as a writer he has spread himself too thin, and the T-Bolts one shots were kind of bland. I just know it won't measure up to Ellis' insane premise for the team. So... Bye bye T-Bolts!

    Runaways 30 - Another spectacularly late Whedon script. I did feel this ended the run better than Giant Size Astonishing did though. Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed Ryan's manga-tinged artwork, and I think Wedon had a natural grip of the characters' voices. Can anyone give me any hints as to how good they think Terry Moore's run is gonna be? Not sure if I've read him before. Basically I'm not confident that this title will continue to be as superlative as it has been without the talents of Vaughan and / or Whedon... so this may be dropped too. Sob! (NB. - Anyone who hasnt read Vaughn's run on Runaways, pick it up - it is a joy to behold.)

    Ubu Bubu 2 - Oh my days. Vomit-filled insanity. Picked up on recommendation from Warren - didn't disappoint. The most batshit concept I've seen in a funny strip, without a doubt. Great characters, bizarre imagination on the part of messr. Smart... My personal fave was the Sexy Nazi Pool Party gag. Honestly this has everything: cute widdle bunnies, small children being crucified, and a disease-ridden urinating Nintendo cloud. Where do I buy the Ubu Bubu t-shirts, cos I'm oficially a convert. I can see your bum.

    Fear Agent 22 - This is the best book on the stands this week. And dont worry if you havent read the preceding issues - that means you are a lucky bastard who now MUST go and buy the four trades and read them in one sitting. I envy you. Moore's work has never been better or more lushly inked. There's a two page section done in nine-panel grid which is just awesome. Remender manages to balance balls-out alien weirdo-killing action with genuine human drama. This book has it all - it's hilarious, exciting, involving and moving, often all at the same time. This is one of the rare books where I deem it necessary to own the trades and the singles. It's the first book I pull from the shelves to lend to folk who haven't enjoyed comics before. Honestly, buy it, it will enrich your life.

    Streets of Glory 5 - Meh. Ennis does Deadwood. As good as you would expect that to be, but not massively better.... This issue was good though, dude running around with no scalp being a mental. Wolfer's artwork is not massively to my taste either - everyone has these big, block-y heads and faces... Wolfer's work on the Gravel stories was much better IMHO. That said, the backgrounds are great. And it's a good enough Ennis romp to keep me reading, and I'd be a churl to criticise Ennis for merely being great. He regularly knocks it out of the park (The Boys, Dan Dare) so this one is allowed to be less than incredible. Terrible series title though.. Streets of Glory... awful.

    Batman: Gotham After Midnight 2 - Great campy gothic retro fun, a must for anyone who enjoyed 80's post-Miller Batman. Niles is writing this like Chuck Dixon but with a sharper sense of humour, and Kelly Jones' artwork is great. LOVE the retro colouring. Not much to add to last week's review of this. It's good.

    1985 2 - Not as great as issue 1... same thing happens basically... kid sees superhero stuff, no-one believes him... Good, but the story needs to move if it's going to go anywhere. The artwork is lovely, particularly the pages inisde the comic shop. It's all about the backgrounds - meticulously drawn renderings of old Marvel covers, an Indiana Jones poster... I'm sold on this title, this issue just felt like it sagged a bit.
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    BURN BABY BURN! (cont.)

    Wolverine Origins 26 - This strays back into the Nice pile, after languishing in the Naughty for too damn long with the awful, abysmal Deadpool arc. Now we get back to where we should have been before that - Daken's origin. Suitably nasty, it also sets up well for a confrontation with the mysterious Romulus. It's only been two bloody years coming, so hey. Cautiously optimistic about thhis title no longer being dreck. We will see.

    The Programme 12 - For some reason I didnt get this until after the trade came out. Which sucks balls. However, now it arrives, and Milligan pulls off a great WTF?!? moment at the end. I loiked the tone of this series, but thought the politics of it was a little confused. Nonetheless, a solid read that will probably improve with collection. I'm gonna go back and read all 12 and see how I feel about it. A very solid ending.

    Crossing Midnight 19 - I feel pretty ambivalent towards this issue, but will now go back and read the whole Sword in the Soul arc to see if I enjoy it more. It's a great story, handled deftly and with a light touch by Carey, but it feels like it was written for trade, rather than singles. I have to learn to spot these books on issue 1, and just wait for the trade... Fables was the same deal, and it's honestly much better collected.... Good though.


    X-Men Legacy 213 - A not bad issue but ARRRRGH where is Carey going with this? Dont want to give you spoilers but jeez, I just feel as if once he's done his whole Xavier arc, this title will have to be put to sleep like an old, cancer-ridden dog. I see no way of it going back to being an X-Men team book, and thus far the tacked-on Legacy thing just feels directionless to me. I can see that if you're a long-term X-Men reader, and have been with the team for a long time, and are nuts for continuity.. then this book might be really cool. But it just isn't an X-Men book, it's at best a Mini that I would have avoided. Seems so bloody pointless after Carey's damn fine run with Rogue leading the team. Feck.

    Ultimates 3, 4 - Pish. This is pish. Loeb hasnt even bothered to read the old Ultimate X Men books to see who is who in this universe. There's absolutely none of the realism that the Ultimate line is supposed to have a fraction more of than the regular Marvel U. The characters all talk like the same braindead Valley girl. Thor sometimes says Thee and Thine too much, sometimes not at all. Pyro's suddernly a bad guy, and has no facial scarring. Loeb introduces Gateway as a character. Apparently this is the second from last issue of the series, butit still feels like set-up, rather than reveal. And the reveal, when it does come, could have been dreamt up by a coma patient. God I hate Jeph Loeb so much. What a prick.
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    Final Crisis #2: Stronger then the first issue, seems more meaty. It takes longer to read through then the first one, more happens, more characters appear in issue 2 and more time is spent with them then in issue 1. Still mostly set-up, but done in a more exciting and engaging way then issue 1. Your standard Morrison strangeness starts to come through here, what with time traveling bullets and toilet seat brain damage. I'm none to excited about the last page and actually meh on what means for a certain character. Looking forward to issue 3, whose cover features the best rendering of the modern Supergirl I have ever seen.

    Trinity #4: Having one cohesive storyline is really a plus for this book. I never really bought the whole concept of Supes/Bats/WW being the Ultimate "Trinity" of the DCU, so I get kind of fed up with how heavy handed they get with making that apparent. The back-ups remain interesting and it's nice to see how they play out in the main story every week. The purple Hulk monster and his pal aren't terribly amazing villains, but I dig Enigma and Morgan Le Faye's interactions. Also, Bagley is amazing.

    Ultimate Spider-Man # 123: Venom returns. This is mostly a recap of the video game, which I played and enjoyed. I dig the Ultimate version of Venom so I'm looking forward to his return. Shame though, while I think Immonen is doing good work on the title, the previous Venom arc had, in my opinion, the absolute best Bagley arc the title had seen, and I miss it here. Despite that, Immonen's art is still awesome and I think his Venom is very very good, better then most people draw the character nowadays. For a recap, it was solid. Also, only Bendis book I still read and love.

    Thunderbolts #121: A pretty solid finish. I kind of wish this had been a mini instead of an ongoing so the results of Norman's insanity could have been all the more catastrophic and not so easily cleaned up. As another poster said, the previous issue was the real climax, this is mostly mopping up the pieces. I am really going to miss reading Warren's Bullseye and Norman Osborn, great great work he did with those two. I think it's the first time since Norman came back from the dead that I haven't wished he'd stayed dead.


    Runaways #30: Rampant lateness wreak havoc on this book. Whedon gives us an interesting tail of the Runaways but it's nothing amazing and certainly not worth the wait. I hate to harp on the lateness, but it really made an impact on my enjoyment of the book because I don't normally re-read prior issues when new ones finally come out so I spent a few pages trying to remember who the new characters were and what they were doing. With late books like this I always feel like I missed an issue. Overall, I think I'm done with this concept. I don't feel any of the new stories really touched Vaughan's first run, even Runaways 2 which he also wrote.

    Captain America #39: First issue of this book I haven't really enjoyed. Mostly filler leading up to the major confrontation. Didn't care for the fill-in artist either. Quick read, not a lot goes down. Looking forward to the rest of the arc, but this one wasn't so hot.

    Uncanny X-Men #499: Again, nothing spectacular. Some hints at a larger overall story arch begin to fall into place towards the end. The stuff in Russia with Wolverine/Colossus/Nightcrawler remains the best part of this arc. With Greg Land coming in for #500 I figure this is as good a time as any to leave this one in the dust.

    Green Lantern #32: I like this arc for the most part. But aside from the HEctor Hammond stuff, this issue is a whole lot of nothing. Also, I kind of hate how interconnected everything is becoming in this origin story. From Hal meeting John to Hector Hammond and he working at the same base and the new explanation for Hammonds powers. It's just irritating, not everything has to be linked, sometimes shit just happens and people who one day had nothing to do with each other suddenly are tightly woven together. I'm a huge fan of Geoff Johns, but that one aspect really burns my bacon and this issue is light.

    Superman #677: Very much like Busiek's run. A lot of time devoted to Metropolis and it's inhabitants/defenders who aren't Superman. Some of the bits with Krypto were fun, but other then that, more set-up with no pay-off. I'll stick around to see what else Robinson does for a bit. On a positive note, I really enjoyed the art.

    Whatever the newest issue of Hulk's number is: God, this book is awful. I read it off the stand because I needed to know how bad it was. I know opinions and everything, but Red Hulk telling the Watcher to shut the fuck up, punching him out, and then commenting about the view as he looks up his skirt? Are people really paying for this?
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    Final Crisis #2 (OF 7):
    Another great issue, I loved the first one and this one continues the slow descent into maddness. This series isn't supposed to be fun and bright with a bunch of heroes fighting each other, it's supposed to feel dark, disturbing and wrong. Evil won and the nature of existance has changed. The brutality of turpins assault on
    The Mad Hatter
    and the general feeling of every event so far including Sunny Sumos actions mirrors this. It's brutal and reading these issues really makes me feel that something is fundamentally wrong. An amazing read with alot of thought needed to process the events occuring, The Japanese Super Team is a fun addition and the reemergence of Sunny Sumo as a Hard as Nails Badass was excellent. The final page was just plain "Cool" no other word describes it. Excellent Read.

    Avengers Initiative #14:
    I actually really enjoyed this issue, The interchanging cast of this book is alot of fun and the new 3-D man makes for a great throwback and fun centerpiece to this issue. The Skrulls infestation has reached critical mass and the ensuring fight was eye popping with wonderful art. I can't wait to see the next issue with the cliffhanger they left us on. I'm happy Mr. Gage is on this book he really impressed me with his stand alone issue.

    Captain America #39
    Things are finally wrapping up with the death of Captain America story. It'll be nice to see this all get resulted so Mr. Barnes can get on with other adventures. A solid issue that progesses things well and putting all the key pieces in position for the coming endgame. With The Grand Director and the new Cap finally about to throwdown, I'm very much looking forward to the next issue.

    Daredevil #108
    It's really nice to see Matt's pity party go on hold for some actually court room drama. Don't get me wrong, i've loved everything Brubaker has done up to this point it's been a great ride but I'm just have to see some legal stuff poke through. Greg Rucka has made a nice addition with a very interesting story and even more interesting case to solve. Great story, excellent issue.

    Marvel 1985 #2
    A fun issue, a little slower than the last but that's expected to set up everything thats happening. Millar drops little crumbs here and there that really open up to the larger story and tease how much involvement the father really had. A good read and fun story.
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    New Warriors#13
    A good issue but I'm really getting annoyed with the trust Thrasher don't trust thrasher story. I wish they'd just wrap it up and move on it doesn't seem to ever end. That aside some good action and dialogue, the side story with the detectives is becoming alot more interesting, hopefully that trend continues.

    Runaways #30
    A great finish to Whedon's run. I very much wish he'd continue this title but alas it's not meant to be. This issue ties everything up nicely and puts everyone back where they belong with a new character in tow. The unreqainted Love angle was tearjerking and the throwaway gag of the Punisher was alot of fun. I hope another dude enters the mix soon, I love the line-up but would like to see a little more diversity.

    Secret Invasion Runaways / Young Avengers#1 (OF 3)
    This is actually good!, I'm as surprised as you. The dialogue is great and the characters feel exactly as they should. Heavy on the action and a solid first issue. I laughed out loud when the skrulls descended upon Manhatten and Molly looks up and say
    "It's raining Xavins!"
    , Hillarity!

    Thunderbolts #121
    Wrap this book up, it won't get any better than this. An excellent end to Warren's run with some amazing action and superb dialogue. The fight between Pennance, Samson and Moonstone was exactly what I wanted to see and the final throwdown between Songbird and Norman was genius. Songbird doesn't get enough recognition and this title shows why she should. The return of
    was much needed and him saving everyone without even meaning too was certainly the icing on the cake. One of the best runs out there and this issue proves why.

    Ultimate Spider-Man #123:
    This title continues to be alot of fun. I've been waiting an eternity to see Venom return and it's nice to see they're trying to fit the game into Ult Spidey Universe continuity. It's not really neccesary but nice none the less. A good issue and the final page was certainly worth the read. I'm looking very forward to the next issue. As far as I'm concerned this is the only thing by Bendis I feel is worth reading right now.

    No Hero #0
    A greta first issue. Ryps art is amazing and the attention to detail he gives is astounding. The history of the levellers and the front line was very interesting and the premise holds alot of potential. Ellis never dissapoints and this issues cliffhanger proves it's going to be an excellent ride.
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    Trinity #4
    I love Bagleys art but I'm probably going to drop this. Hopefully it picks up soon but otherwise don't bother.

    Ultimate 3 #4 (OF 5)
    My god this is utter crap. I feel as though i opened the shutters from a well slept night to have Jeph loeb on my lawn flinging copies of this comic lit on fire and covered in his own feces, at my face. Nothing makes sense and everythings a clusterfuck of stupid storylines and even stupider dialogue Captain America says "Come with me if you want to live", to the wasp after killing a cyborg, It's a good thing amongst the time he's spent in the current timeline he had time to watch "Terminator" inbetween saving the world. And even more ridiculous
    He's A robot duplicate replacing Cap while he was away

    you'd think Janet having been with him for years would have known that from that line alone....TERRIBLE!
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    So I'm not alone in thinking what dreck Ultimates 3 is. Jeph Loeb needs to be shot like Old Yeller. His rampant, foaming mouthed attacks on Marvel continuity and characterisation in both universes must be stopped at all costs. Forget the Skrulls, it's Loeb who is a threat to the Marvel U's.

    Anyone disagree?
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    So I'm not alone in thinking what dreck Ultimates 3 is

    HAHAHAHA, i have yet to hear one person say they like it, yet it still sells well. either people are buying it even though they cant stand it (why??) or people that DO like it arent saying anything online or in stores (when im there) for fear of ridicule.
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    people are buying it even though they cant stand it (why??)

    Guilty. I'm a huge Ultimates fan. Loeb's run is kind of like watching a fifteen car pile up in really slow motion.

    No, that would actually be cool... It's what Andre said. With the monkey poop.
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    fire! fire!
    probably maybe not getting comics this week, for i need to spend my money on more important things (sigh).

    fire bad!
    but i did get the first two issues of helen killer off of wowio (currently down for copyright re-tooling, apparently).

    nice. really clever idea for a story, well executed. have yet to read issue 2 though. i'll get on that, and my boyfriend's downloads of bump, eventually.

    (edited to fit the categories in... sorta)
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    Why are people still buying Ultimates 3 if it's so awful?

    "This cheeseburger tastes like shit. Normally, I love cheeseburgers, but I can't even stomach this one."

    "Didn't you say that last month."


    "And the month before?"


    "Why do you keep buying them?"

    "Because I love cheeseburgers! I mean, look at it! It's so plump and greasy and sweaty. I'd eat an entire collection in one sitting, normally. But once it hits my mouth it's like garbage."

    One Month Later...

    "One cheeseburger, please."