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    Our guest list is shaping up pretty great. Of course Paul, but we will also have Christos Gage, Max Brooks, and Jacen Burrows there.
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    @LBA - That works, plenty of time between now and then.
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    @William et al
    Awesome! :) I'm looking forward to meeting you all and geeking out.
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    Hey Paul i have a question... im thinking of pre-ordering the hardcover (signed) but i plan on going to WWTX ... soooo my question is should i pre-order or should i hold out and buy it there... or can i pre-order and pick it up there... or... something else totally different like pre-oerder it and have a swallow fly it to WWTX and have it there waiting for me...(or perhaps two swallows)
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    Hmm... perhaps a question best addressed to William or Mark, since they'll know all the inner workings of this. I just do the pretty * inane grin*
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    ok then William, Mark .... what do you think... im really leaning toward just pre-ordering
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    I thought I'd bump this to the top quickly, since it's only a few days till I catch my plane and head over to the convention! :) Look forward to seeing some of you there.
    I seem to remember there being mutterings about a meet up of some sort too, did that die a death or am I remembering wrong?
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    All - We are desperatly trying to have copies of the FA Harcovers at the show. They are binding away, but we still need to get them from there to Dallas in time. It looks like we will have some, but not a bunch. Also, Paul is doing some very cool art classes that are free to people that buy copies of the FA TPB or HC at the booth. See the man work his magic live! The classes only hold 28 people, and he is doing 1 per day, so those will probably all fill up very fast.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing you all next Friday!
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    Edited - found my answer.
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    excellent!!! It looks like I am going to be able to make it and I'm looking forward to meeting some people there.
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    @Paul Duffield
    I seem to remember there being mutterings about a meet up of some sort too, did that die a death or am I remembering wrong?

    Nope, it hasn't died.
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    We found more of the FreakAngels and Grinder logo tattoos, so if you stop by, ask for some (free!) while we still have them.
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    @Spiral - The hotel bar is pretty small, but they also have an outside area. You should be able to find a place to call home for our posse for the evening.
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    @William Christensen

    Copy that. Search will commence upon arrival. Over.
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    when are people planning on getting there?
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    I'll be there after 9ish, Avatar peeps a little later. The thread is here.
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    excellent, I'll see you there a little after 9ish
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    Mr Duffield is in America, and the show is about to begin.

    FreakAngels Volume 1 and more
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    see you guys tomorrow...

    save a couple of those tattoos for me :)
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    Hello Paul!