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    I'm so in love but I think my boyfriend will eventually kill me!?
    Here's the story but it's a tad bit long... Plz don't judge after reading this and call me stupid but I'm just so confused! Well Im 22(He's about the same age) and I've been with this guy for 3 years. He was always protective with me. He stood against friends and family and everybody when it came to my safety. Lately we have started to drink a lot but one night I was really drunk and we got into a little argument and I started hitting him not a lot but enough. He didn't hit me back but he got angry. The next night I got really drunk and just started to hit him for no reason(Yes I know it's horrible) but this time he hit me back and I stopped!!! Remind u that was his first time hitting me throughout 3 years. But ever since then he makes threats about.. Like " Im gonna bat u in your eye if u dont stop" or "u must want a swoll lip" I always stop before he does it cuz I was pretty sure he was upset. But last night he choked and hit me for because I was drinking with his friends (Edit)

    They never give the obvious answer like "dump the asshole and buy a gun" but instead they usually blame the victim and recommend talking. Its fun. And they even answer the most inane, disgusting questions.
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    I've seen circumstances where the dude was on the receiving end of domestic abuse, and its not cool.

    Both of them more than likely need to be put down.