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    Because you demanded it (months ago), every week I open a thread for discussion of the comics you bought this week. I don't want a list of what you bought. I want to know what you thought about what you bought. Use the "hide" button to disguise spoiler material, if you can, please -- people use this thread to decide what comics to buy on a weekend visit.

    This week, please divide your purchases into the following categories:




    -- w
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    I picked up every book you've published w/ every avatar in the last two months today, Warrren. You're that much closer to affording your very own lead lined oxygen chamber.
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    THE SWORD still consistently solid all around. typical easy on the eyes Luna art, and a story that is getting more interesting as each issue hits. one of my guilty pleasures each month. plus, unique water torture.

    BOYS This is the issue that tied many things together for me, although perhaps i am just slow on the uptake. most notable for the fact that when ennis stays away from scat in this series, he hits an odd note of eloquence.

    ASTONISHING X MEN Havent followed many of the X books in years. But have faith in Ellis to make it interesting. As it has been discussed in length on the other thread, let me just say it was one of the more truly enjoyable reads in recent memory

    PLAN 9

    THE STAND PREVIEW / SKETCHBOOK Meh is the sound less than nothing makes.
    • CommentAuthorpi8you
    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2008

    Astonishing X-Men #25 - Excellent bits of dialogue between Beast and Armor, and Storm and Emma, loving the inclusion/expansion of the graveyard for giant hulking monstrosities, and yeah, another Ellis book for the monthly pile.

    Batman #678 - Clearly there's no stopping the wierd train that Morrison's got us on, but for me that's not a bad thing. I do have to wonder what a Bat Radia is though, and the Black Knight on a motorcycle deserves a mini of its own.

    Manhunter #32 - A fun little superhero quasi-fight, characters acting their age, eeeeeevil robo-puppy, and
    attempting to play the race card on a black man with invisible flesh,
    what more could I want?

    Northlanders #7 - Some of the best Wood dialogue I've seen in a bit, the line
    Hurry the fuck up down there! Do I need to remind yeh this's an invasion? Like with pointy swords and people dying and shit?
    completely cracked me up.


    Trinity #5 - Okay, the super decompression is getting to me, let's pick up the pace a bit here and make lots of smaller things happen over the course of the book instead of a few extended bits.
    • CommentAuthorNameless
    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2008
    Astonishing #25. As cool as X-men get.

    Fables #74. I love this book month after month. The devious interactions and surprises never stop.

    And a slew of Warren's Avatar books at Wizard World I couldn't find locally.
    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2008 edited
    The Boys #20 The current story arc is very promising, as opposed to the last two, particularly the Glorious Five Year Plan which read like the worst of Ennis' Punisher...

    Hellboy The Crooked Man #1 This 3-issue mini-series concerns an early episode in Hellboy's career. Being a big Hellboy/BPRD fan I would have picked it up anyway, but I'm also a sucker for Rich Corben's art so...Dave Stewart's colours really suit his artwork and give a nice overall look to the book. Some nice scenes and touches here and there and very smooth pacing.

    Exterminators vols 3, 4 Awesome stuff. One of the best Vertigo titles in a really long time, with equal amounts of graphic gross out madness and acute social observation, and a great story, Exterminators always reminds me of the good old Vertigo days...
    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2008 edited

    Astonishing X Men 25 - Said it elsewhere on the forum, but this pisses all over the other X-books for the last 6 months from a very great height. Back up to a similar par as Carey achieved in Supernovas. Except its Warren, so its even better than that... more science and better jokes. Exceeded my expectations, and reminded me of why I love the X Men (and Warren) so much.

    The Boys 20 - A nicely done conspiracy issue. This arc is building a major head of steam. Darick Robertson's work is a joy to behold. Bring on the Brooklyn Bridge issue, that's all I'm saying.

    American Splendor 4
    - Great art, weird humdrum stuff from Pekar as usual (how's that elbow?) and yay! there's Darick again. Love this series. It's the comic book equivalent of having a really cool Grampa.

    Northlanders 7 - Have to disagree with pi8you - that particular line felt out of character to me. Are the Saxons from north London? But why nitpick, this series is pure brilliance. Seems to me like Wood will structure this a bit like Criminal, with each 8 part arc looking at a different character. I absolutely love this series - a brave departure for Wood. Felice can draw one hell of a battle scene too.

    The Walking Dead 50 - A suspenseful, dialogue-light issue. At least one heart in the mouth moment. Kirkman kicks all kinds of ass in this series. It is utterly compelling and I love it. Letters columns are pretty funny too. I can't believe people are writing in to say they're leaving the series because Rick's fictional baby got shot... a testament to the bond readers feel with Kirkman's characters I guess.
    I keep expecting the book to
    do a ten years later thing where suddenly Carl's this really badass zombie-slaying ninja
    ... who knows, may happen.

    Casanova - Book One TPB - Still reading through this, but on the strength of the first two issues, I absolutely love it. Gabriel Ba's art looks exquisite in 2-tone, and Fraction's managed to pack in everything including the psychedelic kitchen sink. I can see why people have been haranguing me for not reading this.

    Tales of the Fear Agent TPB - The backup strips from the Fear Agent monthly. Had a few already, but this trade was worth it for the Eric Powell cover alone. For Fear Agent completists I guess - only buy if you have already got the trades of the series... that said, the story by Steve Niles was pretty sick. Yeah, buy it for the Niles story. And because Remender rules.
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    @ nigredo you didn't like the last arc of the boys? It was a little disgusting in places but I enjoyed it overall, esp., after the nuisance that was the previous arc. I read 19 and 20 yesterday and wasn't overly impressed but I have faith in Ennis. This seems to be going somewhere interesting.
    Also: I wasn't able to pick up my books for two months, yesterday I did so. Last night I got very drunk and ready a shitload of comics. I think I passed out while reading an issue of jack of fables. I'm still digesting.
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    • CommentAuthorpi8you
    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2008
    @texture - I didn't say it wasn't out of place, just that it cracked me up ;)
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    THE SWORD: best issue yet, the confrontation feels superbly tense, and the cliffhanger makes me want to hit things until the next issue sfalls out of the spacetime.

    AXM: the one x-book i read thankfully keeps up the quality. frankly, i hate discussing some of warrens books on here because i feel like im kissing ass, but im not. the character interaction is fucking priceless.

    JOKERS ASYLUM: JOKER: yeah, these smell of "cash in", but to see some lesser known writers get cracks at some of the best corporate characters in self contained stories kinda suckered me. this is good, funny, bleak stuff. and ive never seen anything by this artist- hope theres more where this came from!

    BATMAN: yup. the morrison insanity train speeds through the night, with grand results. how come i havent noticed anyone making a big deal about

    showing up so frequently and with little or no explanation throughout this run? it seems like a blatant clue.

    PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL: this book (maybe just this story arc?) feels like it is losing momentum fast. i may not stay on for much longer.

    unread as of "press time": i picked up the first three HOUSE OF MYSTERY issues on a whim and some good word of mouth. here's hoping.
    • CommentAuthorrenerodr
    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2008 edited
    Orson Welles

    Dark Tower- Long Road Home- the mini series drew to a close and I was actually quite satisfied, especially being a Tower Junkie, it's akin to being a Warren Junkie.

    No Hero #0 This was a surprise because I wasn't expecting this at the shop till much later. A nice way to bring in the 4th of July is with an Ellis comic commenting on Superpowers and it really does make you wonder if you'd be willing to change You, every single aspect of you, in order to be a superhero. Made me rethink all those wonderful ideas of flying and kicking the crap out of villains. If you don't think so, check out the panels with the retired superhero and all the scars he's got.
    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2008
    @ pi8you - apologies, i read that wrong... I also laughed at the line, it reeked of Warren Ellis to me LOL!
    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2008
    @ Jeffrey Whitelaw

    No, the last arc wasn't as bad as the one before, but the book still drags sometimes...It's picked up with the new one though.
    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2008
    At the moment all I have to say is that Mignola and Corben really need to collaborate more.
    • CommentAuthorJohnymitsu
    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2008 edited
    Astonishing X-men: Most X-books juggle too many characters for me to bother, so astonishing has always been the obvious choice for me after the demise of Morrison's new x-men. I loved Ellis's first issue and am looking forward to more, although the colouring seemed to be very dark, it's probably no coincidence that it's the same team that did the colouring for the (horible in just about every way) Ultimates 3 debute issue, which was similarily dark.

    Batman: I love me some Grant Morrison. Seeing all the threads hes started since he run all be tied together for this has been great, and leaves me wanting more each month. Tony Daniel's art hasent been on par with the artists Morisson usually gets teamed with (Frank Quietly, JG Jones, Andy Kubert etc.) but he's definately doing an adequate job on RIP.

    Jack Kirby's New Gods HC Volumes 1 and 2: This is the first time i've read this stuff, and it's just freakin awesome. Having a better understanding of the new gods seems to be only imporving the quality of Final Crisis, and Kirbys art is just plain win. I can't wait for the other two volumes.

    ED WOOD:
    Spider-man: Although the art was nice, the stories found here just aren't very good, i'll probably drop this once JR JR has finished his run.
    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2008 edited
    Tony Daniel's art hasent been on par with the artists Morisson usually gets teamed with...
    I never saw the point of collaborating with mediocre people. It just reflects badly - makes it look like you support crappy art.

    Case in point: the recent Ryan Benjamin issue of Batman. Dear Jesus...
    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2008
    Case in point: the recent Ryan Benjamin issue of Batman. Dear Jesus...

    Which was weird, because I really enjoyed his Grifter/Midnighter work (even if I was no fan of the story)...
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    O Welles:
    Vinyl Underground - is anyone else reading this?! I loved the inter-spliced flashbacks and splash of violence in this issue. The art just pulls me in every time.

    Northlanders - Ditto re the artwork - the battle scenes are outstanding. Little disconcerted about the change of pace - after several months of crows and a strange scottish girl (sounds like a dream holiday in the highlands), lots of things happen at once (or within a few pages).

    Hellboy - The Crooked Man: Mignola and Corben - who could resist?! Nice how the hillbilly folk were so undisconcerted (concerted?) by the big red fella and the art + story combined to chuck willies all over the place.
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2008
    Walking Dead 50 felt like a nothing issue to me. Zero progress, y'know?
    Rick's still not dead-- or IS he?? Carl is not scared-- or IS he?? No one else survived-- Or DID they??
    Seriously, why even write it?

    Only other book I got was Warren's X-Men, which was exactly the awesomeness I needed to cheer me up after TWD. I'm excited to see what else Warren does with these characters; Beast already sounds like a little bit of a mad scientist (to me), which is awesome.