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    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2008
    First, the only picture of me I've ever liked. Its about four years old.


    I've decided to give up my Open University Law course.

    I found out that giving up thinking about things properly at eighteen then spending the next nine years drinking heavily and indulging in substance abuse (oh, I really want to name ALL the substances, but it'd look like I'm bragging) REALLY DOES FUCK YOUR (MY) BRAIN UP. And I am now unable to retain anything in my head other than usless trivia. My wife is upset that I'm failing, but she's said that if I really want to follow my dream, I can. As long as I actually do it.

    Fucking Ketamine has messed my brain up (yeah, like I should blame ONE THING).

    I attended the 'Mighty Boosh Festival' yesterday and had a fucking boogy to the Charlatans though, and saw Jarvis Cocker and the Kills which made me very very happy.
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2008
    It is now 3:20 am and I am cracking my fourth beer of the night. I've started working as a cook again because the main job wasn't cutting the cheese when it came to actually paying the bills. This means that Fridays I am now working with big black rings under my eyes and avoiding anything with a big spinning blade. Sundays I spend practising new mexican or gluten free recipes I've accumulated in the week. I sometimes get around to woodworking, but who knows how far I'll actually want to walk from the house. Sometimes the garage is just too much to bother when you know the flow isn't right.

    I had an idea for the self-portrait thread, but it'll have to wait until I remember to steal a certain uniform.

    I am utterly failing to go through with my volunteer hours with Vancouver's chapter of FreeGeek, as I prefer sex and beautiful women to warehouses full of recycled computer parts. Still, I need a new(er) computer. Damn you imac bubble, damn you.

    Anyways, the kitchen is good. My overchef is a fucking genius when it comes to food and not so impressive when it comes to his personal life. Such is life, eh? I find myself craving cocaine and nicotine when the crunch hits, but it always passes. I hope to god I never get to the point that I do a line in the kitchen bathroom, but part of me wants to try it, because fuck, I'm still young, eh?

    I've found that when I'm on, I'm on. I can be in the middle of a thirteen bill rush and suddenly realize how I want to make that certain chair just right. Or I'll be diddling around in the howling madness that is the spray booth and all of a sudden I see just the right way to plate that dish I've been daydreaming about. It's all about being active and putting everything you have into what you love. Who gives a fuck about what anyone else thinks if you can create something beautiful for a single moment.

    With that, I'm going to go make some goddamned three thirty in the morning tacos. You're goddamned right they're going to be amazing. No, you can't have any.

    And one oldschool photo, I'm the one on the left. All the cool kids are doing black and white, why can't I?
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2008
    first off. i terrified my boss at work yesterday he was berating a colleague (who is shit) and asked him "really why are you here?" i walked past the office to hear this and bellowed "FOR SCIENCE!!!!" i got a lot of odd looks for the rest of the day. i loved it

    these past two weeks are some of the best i've ever had. i went to glastonbury and saw 2 of my heroes (billy cobham and leonard cohen) cried during hallelujah and had a blast! i went out drinking with a journalist/photographer friend last night.we used to have sessions of just us and a succsession of pints and it was awesome to do that again. i'm going live again, i got the offer of doing ome gigs on thursdayso i just need to practice. its been over a year since i played with an audience and i've never gone solo. just me a mic my bass and i fuckload of effects...

    i love you whitechapel, you make me happy
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    Good morning, Whitechapel.