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    I dug around to try and find if there was a previous thread this could go under but failed. So rather than start a new thread every time we get a new sim and knowing there's a few members of the Army of Filth present in the Wastelands i thought i'd make mention of some new arrivals that are in development:

    The Rot
    This is the void sim of Wasteland developer, Gutterblood Spoonhammer. Still in its early stages this region of trash and scrap and decay and earth will prove to be very awesome as it evolves, knowing what some of you may already know of GB's skills.
    It's located west of Kronbelt.

    Bloodmoss Swamp
    This is a very new arrival stemming from alot of demand. Still in its embryonic stages, it will be another residential swamp sim similar to Malady Bog. It will be north of Malady and west of Burnt Oak.
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    Huh. I haven't been inworld in a couple of weeks, at least...
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2008 edited

    Though, in my internetless state (apart from forum access at work) I feel I am missing out on a lot of interesting and fun things going on.
    I know I haven't been in the Wastes as long as a lot of people, but even in my short time I have seen it grow tremendously. How many sims are we up to now? Thirteen? :D
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    Yep, thirteen it is!
    From 1 to 13 in a little over a year and a half i think? November/December 2006 or thereabouts was when the original sim was born.