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    Okay, Saturday nights on Whitechapel are about venting and screaming. Sunday nights are something else.

    Make a muxtape and link it. Or if you've got the storage, use the "video/mp3" button above to link an mp3.

    Show us a photo you took. Or a video -- Flickr handles short video too, now.

    Show a picture you made, show us your art.

    Show us something you made, or something you dressed up in.

    Play us your music. Or let us listen to your voice.

    Show us a comics page. The cover of a magazine you were in. The cover of a CD you made.

    Link to something you wrote. An essay, fiction, a blog, whatever.

    Tell us an anecdote. Tell us about an event you did, or went to. Tell us about your science. Tell us about your passion. Tell us about your madness.

    The Sunday Stomp is all about showing off. You're an incredibly creative and smart bunch. Show me.


    -- W
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    Here’s a one minute instrumental version of Neal Hefti’s Batman Theme, recorded on a wet afternoon about four years ago. Me on bass, my brother Gerry on guitar, soulless robotic drum programme on drums.

    There are five different bass tracks here, played in different positions on the neck and then doubled up, one in to each speaker to give it that weird sound. One of the bass tracks was distorted with an Electro-Harmonix Big Muff pedal, if memory serves.

    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2008
    A pair of small (3x4-inch) paintings, nearly finished:

    July 04 YIP

    And I'm also working on an Iron Man painting which I think I've shown here before. Last night I finally nailed the right yellow colour:

    July 05 YIP
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    right now i have access to one very, long messy poem and not much else. are about five or six characters in it that are not me. it is slightly insane but somehow it ends on a positive note. I've thought a lot about whether or not the last verse blows the rest out of the water and kills the poem but i think not. it feels more like waking up. if anyone actually gets to the end of it, thank you. and if you want to tear it apart, feel free. I'm always open to criticism.
    I'm having issues c&ping the link in properly:
    • CommentAuthorKradlum
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2008
    roundel (Underground)
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    i'm just gonna post my myspace, i feel a bit talentless on these things so here is Aberdeens premier one man drone band

    oh also howyadoin i don't think i've seen the ironman painting and wold love to see it :)
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2008 edited
    Working on my megamix / album thingy: The World Outside

    Finished a remix for a friend a while ago: Rennie Foster - A Commitment To Transit (A Skytrain Ride With Fractal)

    (Hoping I haven't posted these before. ; p)
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    @ Alastair Good zoning out stuff, man. I like.
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2008
    I was going to share something I had written, but as I'm working to get it published I figured it best to not do so right now.
    So while looking through my various photos for things of amusement to share I found this... I thought it was odd enough to share.

    Say hello to Disco Crane!

    Needless to say, at my old job I got bored... easly.
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2008
    Some benches that I made for a coffee shop.

    The green tape is just a patch and I wish I had better pictures of these things.
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2008 edited
    My drummer posted the unmastered demo we recorded. It was done in a rush without the benefit of a click track. I hate it, but the process showed us exactly what we need to work on. Most notably, our timing. He's recently moved to LA (w/ me in the OC) where he's using an electric set in his apartment. So we'll see what a month or two with a digital metronome does for him.

    My MySpace Space. Skip right over Field of Bones. Undisclosed Location (except for the end) and Assassin turned okay for straight ahead punk songs. Anchors & Anchovies is the direction I want to move in, but I don't think we captured it's essence this time around.
      CommentAuthormuse hick
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2008

    I have loads of new work up here covering various genres
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    I got sick of waiting for an artist to magically bestow their talents on my mystery scripts so this week I said "fuck it" and have started making a web comic series out of some of my scripts using images I've collaged together from around the internet. The process is actually very exciting to me, and there's a kind of relationship between me and the internet through this process that is pretty fascinating. I may eventually just do a credit on the title bar that says: Internet, just because there is an extent to which this vast database of random information is acting as a collaborator to my creative whims.

    Anyways. I'm super excited about it. The next step is finishing up the first issue(they'll be six page installments) and then finding a good place to host them where it's most easy to click through and read the pages.

    God bless you photoshop, you beautiful bastard. You keep crashing my computer, but I keep finding my way back to you.
    Cover for Ophelia

    Page 1 of Ophelia
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    It's my first time posting here so please, be as brutal in your hazing as possible. In my indecisiveness I've paradoxically decided to just throw some stuff up here and see what comes of it.

    A story from my blog (

    Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a knife named Ol' Stabby. He stabbed and stabbed all day but was never satisfied. He'd wake up in his sheath every morning, stab his way through the daily grind(ing stone) and then stab his way back home at night. One day on his way to the stab factory, Ol' Stabby came upon a pair of conjoined muskoxen who had fallen out of their perch high above in the Muskamusk trees. His first thought was to get to work, maybe even clock some overtime whilst carving up his find, but after looking into the face(s) of the cross-eyed wonder before him, he decided it might be better to grant them a reprieve. After all, Stabylon wasn't built in a day. And it didn't fall in a day either. It took nearly a complete lunar cycle for that. So Ol' Stabby bowed his hilt in prayer and anthropomorphically asked the Great Blacksmith what he should do. Soon there came a thunderous crash as if a monstrous blast furnace had exploded and molten iron rained over the land, covering everything in sight with liquid fire. Ol' Stabby heard a shrill scream from the direction of the muskoxen but when he looked for them all he could see was a pile of charred flesh and muskymeat. Ol' Stabby shouted praises to the sky. He had been granted a great victory over the deformed ox-brethren and decided to take their skulls as proof of the Blacksmith's infinite power. He still tells his story to this day, though his trophies were traded long ago in exchange for a new forging at the local anvil for his second wife Linda, who had become depressed over her brittle metal body, signs of her years of reheating and flash-cooling abuse. And there still stands one lonely Muskamusk tree in Deathiron Forest as a reminder to all of the infinite wisdom and awesome power of the Lord.

    Some pictures of varying tone:

    Gunpowder River near my homestead.
    Alone, listless.
    Microalien landscape recently discovered underfoot.
    The Dark Shores of Loch Raven.
    My pal Jesse, playing the part of Tough Guy, glowing.

    Some noise making on guitar:

    Umm...what else? I guess that's it for now. Check out my MySpace page as it has all of my photos, digital art, some music, other know, life stuff. I'm in the process of moving it all to something better like Flickr or a homeless shelter or a moon crater where everything will be viewable by everyone and the videos will work most of the time.



    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2008
    He had it coming

    A recent article of mine over at, "The 7 Most Hilariously Mismatched Superhero Battles"
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    Ah right, no that is not me playing Tough Guy in the photo above. That is my friend Jesse, he of the neon motorcycle and sketchy goings on in shady places. This is me, here, below in some sort of pensive mood lacking some color but with some rather distinct linework:

    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2008

    Hazing? I don't think that's something we do around here. Well, unless you count the arse eels.

    Sweet photos. I love the moss shot. It makes me think of a teeny hobbit kingdom.
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    I've never posted on one of these threads before, so I'll start out by just giving you a general link to my blog, which is here. It's mostly focused on music but I occasionally write about other elements of pop culture. And in the spirit of Warren's most recent post on his website, it is content-heavy; each entry tends to run 2,000-5,000 words. What can I tell ya, I have a lot to say.

    And specifically, in the spirit of Warren's mention of muxtapes in the first post, I'll point you to two different posts I made in the last week or so (the first one is here, the second one is here), in which I posted mp3s of various favorite hardcore songs of mine, and short to medium-length descriptions of each one, and why I feel they're important to the evolution of the hardcore genre as a whole. [Note for anyone who may be confused right now: I'm talking about hardcore the subgenre of punk, not hardcore the subgenre of techno/electronica.] If you feel like taking the time to download 25 or so different files that are individually hosted on Mediafire, you'll end up with what is in my opinion a pretty great mix CD.
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    @ Ben

    Thanks. Most of my board time has been accumulated debunking LOST theories. Because I'm, you know, that kind of guy.

    I have a couple other moss shots like that. I always imagine tiny little creatures there, or newly discovered planetary terrain or something like that. Sometimes you've got to put your face in the dirt to see what life has to offer.
      CommentAuthorJeff Owens
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2008 edited
    Edit: It only took me about a half an hour to figure out how to put an mp3 up properly. But now I know!

    This is my latest song. It's just over a minute long. This one is under the moniker Satan's Monk, as most of them have been over the past six or seven months.

    SJO 7/5/8

    That's the latest panel from Screw Jeff Owens. I still feel stupid for taking that long to figure out how to get an mp3 up here.