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    If you haven't read it already, do so now!

    The idea sparks something in me, possibly because a younger me was always amazed when I would stumble across a groupblog that contained nothing but things that those people themselves had made. I want to be part of something like this. WANT.

    What do you peoples think? Seven or so people, each person gets a day of the week and posts something they've created. A snippet of music, a picture, instructions on how to create your own Kegerator, whatever. Possibly only things that you would want under a creative commons licence? If you have a few things already set up, why not keep it as backlog? So when you're feeling too down or busy to make a new post, just put something from the archives up. It'd keep a steady flow of things going and I know most everyone here wouldn't have any problems keeping up with a schedule like that if they started with a buffer of four or five posts.

    So, am I nuts? Or does this seem like something you're interested in?
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    Ben, I'm moving this out of blogs and into the main forum. I'm interested to see how folks weigh in on this one.
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    my music skills are non-existent, but art-wise I'd find it an interesting prospect...
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    I'm in...
    I'm so in i'm almost out. I want to collaborate because i have so many ideas that get started and sit unfinished because i don't have a DEADLINE. I think having a once a week deadline would help me actually finish something for once...
    anyway, yeah... I'm in
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    So, am I nuts? Or does this seem like something you're interested in?

    hopefully yes, and certainly yes.

    like Lazlo said, deadlines help me get shit finished but I've got 3 or 4 short stories sitting in my head that practically demand I write them. I'm a solid photographer too, I really need to do more of that, and this could get me to get one of my film cameras up and running again. Hell, just hanging around here and seeing what other people come up with is a solid inspiration, you people are awesome.

    As far as group blogging goes, though they're only kind of a group blog, one of my favorite recent projects has been 365 tomorrows and/or Burt Fiction, though you could argue those projects don't need an imitator, another venue for very short fiction SF on a daily basis, it would be interesting to get a bunch of people together and hash out a particular universe in snippets, slowly building up recurring characters, organizations, plots, etc. collectively. There was a big project that produced a huge amount of content this way, something like an entire novel and a bunch of short stories, maybe even some scripts for radio/tv that the like, I can't recall the name though. I think maybe Warren posted about it a number of months ago. I'd love to do that sort of could get visual artists and musicians in on that too, you could have the artist's rendering places described in the stories and the like, a kind of gallery to the universe this group's making etc.

    hmm, all of this sounds awesome.
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    At the big fella's original post, I raise this excessively Russian white russian. I'm all antsy about commenting and never producing since I abandonned my band and moved around the world.

    At contributing to one of these wacky group blogs, I'm extremely in, in theory, but because of my work I barely have the time and energy to wipe my arse, let alone finish the dozen odd demos I've got knocking around. It'd take some serious shifting of priorities. But I'd love to.
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    I'd do it since my blog does generally consist of my rambling/ranting, drawing and photographs.

    edit: Does it have to be under a creative commons license?

    edit.2: I am planning on making masks and doing some bookbinding (and etc), so this would be something I could post that too as well.
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    This isn't so far off what I've been thinking about doing with a writer's portfolio site (don't call it an online magazine, 'cause that evokes things I don't want responsibility for), which we talked about in the SF Magazines thread. I'd love to see some "bands" form up and give this kind of endeavor a shot at busking at the internet crossroads.
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    I'm most curious how you would structure something like this.

    Deadlines? Set jurisdictions i.e. beats? Built around common themes?

    I experimented with stuff like this, but in a very loose environment, where the content was voluntary and coming from numerous backgrounds... and without some sort of mutual agreement on how the damned thing aggregates, I don't know how something like that can function in the long term...
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    god, i wish i could do something creative enough to be involved in something like this.

    there's something about this comment:
    I'd love to see some "bands" form up and give this kind of endeavor a shot at busking at the internet crossroads.
    that reeks of "whitechapel takes over the internets, mwahaha". which is awesome.
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    Not sure if Im weighing in where Im not wanted here, as this is about a site I have already set up rather than me speculating about future possibilities, but here goes...

    I run a site called Weaponizer. I publish stuff written / created by my friends, but also have an open submissions policy... I'm trying to encourage as many people as possible to contribute.

    The stuff up at the moment is mostly short fiction, video poetry, music downloads and linkblogs by different people. But I'm open to webcomics, essays, photography... anything really.

    No deadlines as such, but also no rules about types of content - I'll publish anything that takes my fancy. I'm still trying to figure out how Creative Commons works - I'm sure its right for my site but not sure how to set it up.

    I'd love for Weaponizer to become a group effort and expand beyond my circle of friends. I'd also love somebody to help out with the task of focussing it down, condensing it into a site which has something to offer, something people would take a specific and intense interest in, week on week.

    I'm also not doing it to make money... everyone who contributes has a regular job, and uses Weaponizer to show their creative work. Otherwise, it would just remain in notebooks, or on a number of blog sites.

    So I don't know if my site qualifies as a groupcast... But its not an e-zine, it's not a blog, and all the work on it is 'original' insofar as its not fanfic. I've already paid for the design of the site, and I update and maintain it mostly myself. I personally use it for stories I've written which don't fot into larger projects and commercial ventures.... basically, stuff I write for myself rather than for any specific audience. I think most of the writers on Weaponizer would say the same.

    The door is open, if anyone wants to join in.

    You can email me at if you're interested, or catch me on Whitechapel.

    : - )
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    Thank you for the link and the story, but I feel like that's something I most definitely do not want to be part of. I don't want to be in a magazine. I don't want to be part of something where my only link with my collaborators is my editor. The whole idea of a traditional magazine or newspaper layout makes me feel a bit like something's closing in around my neck.


    Hoo-hah! The idea here is collaboration with your neighbors to create something 'watchable' and I think you've got it. Something worth that extra peek in, whether it be short stories, pictures or dongly things. Perhaps even dongly things, pictures and short stories that are influenced by the people around you?

    My whole idea is a creative collective. People coming together to spout out that demon to like minds. You take the output of the others and then create what you will. Whether it be a blogging about how to weld this to that or something you just welded that looks like a cat XYZ just described.

    I think the deadline is a good idea. A week to think of something to create is more than enough time, especially when you have peers to help you along. Obviously no one would be expecting full hashed out love songs, but a plunky sound here, a beep there and a month later you have a melody.

    Perhaps seven might be too many, maybe five? That could still be a day a week, with no one having to spend their Saturday staring at the TimeSucker.


    I don't really agree with the idea of beats. Maybe someone is really good at writing a story, but who are we to stop them from drawing a chocolate starfish if they want to? If people have skills they really want to polish, they're going to do it. There's no need to tell people what they can or can't produce.

    As far as aggregation is concerned. I like the look of a lot of the groups Warren linked in his original post. They've almost all got the same functionalities, comments, cuts and images. They're all blogs, and blogging has become a powerful tool. If you were referring to the actual look of the site, I'd be more than happy to open up the designing to anyone and everyone contributing. We would keep the design in the family so to speak. An outside contracted site design would have to be agreed upon by everyone, and be shiftable. Every site needs a refresh now and then.


    *giggles a bit* Word! *fist pound* Busking sounds a bit too rough for me though. I'm not sitting in the street, and I'm not interested in this because it would give me a paycheque. I'm interested because I want to get better at the things I do and the things I don't know how to do. I guess in the end it would give me a paycheque, because the better I am at what I do, the more money I'm worth. I'm not waiting on that cheque from the blog company though.


    I would think that creative commons would be the way to go, if you were to want to draw off of each other. Creative Commons gives you the freedom to let other people use your intellectual property, but not make money off of it, or interpret it etc.

    Here's a little bit of reading.

    Obviously everyone involved would agree to the same degree of sharing and nothing more. No one's going to be *illegally* ripping each other off for millions of dollars or anything.


    Thoughts? Flames? Cookies?
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    Sharing within the group I think I'd be fine with. I'm going to have to read those links more to keep sure I'm fine with it, but my instinct is telling me to go with it.
    edit: I've read it and I think I'm ok with it.
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    @ Ben: i guess that's what i was getting at... i wanted my site to be more collaborative and less like a magazine. Having worked for magazines, i feel the same way about the editorial relationship as you do. i was appealing to you guys for ways of bending the concept a little, with what Warren's post said in mind. Anyway, i think i'll just lurk for a while now. You guys have got some great ideas. Will watch eagerly to see where it goes.

    @ Sarpedon: "it would be interesting to get a bunch of people together and hash out a particular universe in snippets, slowly building up recurring characters, organizations, plots, etc. collectively"

    This is something I've tried with a few friends before, it never really went anywhere but I think the idea is still brilliant. I'm gonna take your comment away and chew on it for a bit, maybe this is a way i could make my site more of a collaborative and less of a magazine.

    *props* to you all. You've given me plenty to think about.
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    If anyone's up for a music collaboration thang, I'm in!
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    @ Ben

    Ok, I really think you're working towards something now.

    The idea that you can pick up the other contributors' ideas and it becomes a looping, evolving, multi-brained beast-thing is just wonderful.

    And the idea of steering clear of beats, so you could pitch in prose, pics, music, sculpture, whatever you wanted to really punches my pleasure centre too.

    So with a little build up, a monday-friday updating schedule with at least five contributors, almost anything allowed... frankly that sounds pretty easy to pull off.
      CommentAuthormuse hick
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    skull cull
    fugue legion
    paul grimsley
    graf hick

    here are some of my sites to give you an idea of what i put out there. i am interested in being part of this -- hope i'm not too late to the table.
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    Would you like us to post samples of what we do?
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2008
    I think that won't be nessecary here, as most everyone I've seen in this thread I know. Well...not know, but you know what I mean.

    So whoever's still interested, fire an email at the address in my profile. If you want to link to something or send an example of what you'd like to do that'd be hawesome.

    I'd talk a bit more, but I just got two bouts of great news in the span of an hour and a half. My best friend from highschool is getting married and I just landed a dream job. I'm going to go out to freakin' dinner. Whoo!