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    From BBC:

    A citizens group in San Francisco wants to pay an ironic tribute to President George W Bush when he leaves office - by naming a sewage plant after him.

    The group, calling itself the Presidential Memorial Committee of San Francisco, wants the issue voted on at this November's election.

    "It's important to remember our leaders in the right historical context," said petition organiser Brian McConnell.

    The Republican Party thinks the plan stinks, and it will fight the measure.

    Mr McConnell's group has submitted more than 12,000 signatures on a petition to the San Francisco Department of Elections.

    If at least 7,168 of those signatures are found to be valid, the question of whether to rename Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant after the outgoing president will be added to the ballot papers in November.

    "In President Bush's case, we think that we will be cleaning up a substantial mess for the next 10 or 20 years," said Mr McConnell.

    "The sewage treatment facility's job is to clean up a mess, so we think it's a fitting tribute."

    More here.

    I loved the idea.
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    Genius! :)
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2008
    Does even raw sewage deserve this slur?
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    Upon initial reading of the thread title, I thought they wanted to name a plant that grows in sewage water after him, like Toxicalis dubyae or something.
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    I added my name to the petition for this effort. More leftist-minded friends refused to do so because they didn't want any public memorialization of the Embarrassment In Chief.
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    A sewage plant performs a vital and heavily under appreciated function in everyone's daily lives, completely away from the spotlight or any form of public attention. You're right Stefan, sewage doesn't deserve this slur!
    I think he should have a range of executive ties named after him. He'll think it's a compliment, but we'll all know it's not...
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2008
    I agree that it's an insult to sewage plants, but they get an A for creativity.