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    For me the thing that killed was a couple of things characters said that I have heard come out of my mouth. Especially the son when they are going to the airport.
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    "Never been safer...all the crime went to Houston."

    Yep...said that.
    • CommentAuthorlucien
    • CommentTimeApr 23rd 2010
    two small criticisms: not enough people saying "ya hUUrd me?" and no washboard chaz, yet.
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    @Casey Good to know I'm not the only Finn's regular bombing around on the forum here...
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    For those that want to know, you can listen to WWOZ online which is the radio David was a DJ at. Good weekend too since JazzFest is going on (sadly I won't be out there until next weekend). French Quarter Fest to JazzFest is the best times to visit NOLA

    And between platypuspracticus and shannon.gilly.3 I am thinking there needs to be a NOLA Whitechapel gathering - even if it is the three of us getting drunk somewhere.
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    Certainly more NOLA people than I expected anywhere online. Should go for a drink some weekend. Shame you guys weren't out this weekend. Beth Patterson was playing at Cafe Negril and her set is always fun.
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    yeah, she's on the list of people I want to catch but can't because of work. ah, the joys of working in the service industry. did catch the bingo show sunday night, though.
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    • CommentAuthorJarreddo
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2010
    I only moved to NOLA in late '06, so I don't remember the storm or the way things were before... But this show really does have a great vibe to it. Davis annoys the hell out of me(except the stripper song), but Albert and Antoine seem exactly like real New Orleans folks. By the by, I cook at a bar in the Quarter, but I dunno if I could make it to a Whitechapel meetup. Transportation is all on foot since my bike got stolen.
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    Davis is definitely like a lot of personalities around the city...but is based off of Davis Rogan, an actual resident/musician/former DJ.
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    @Jarreddo: What bar do you cook at?
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    @Jarreddo If the others could make it out, BMC would be an appropriate meeting place and within walking distance for you if you're in the Quarter.
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    BMC sounds like a good idea, although i'd be glad to provide a lift to you @Jarreddo if we decided to meet elsewhere. fair warning, I drive like a maniac.
    • CommentAuthorJarreddo
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2010
    @platypuspracticus Deja Vu. Not the strip club, the one at Dauphine and Conti. If anyone happens to stop by, the pot roast, pulled pork and crawfish corn soup are the best 3 things on the menu.
    • CommentAuthorsamishah
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2010
    The tumblr page with the songs is exactly what I was praying for. Thanks!
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    Also, if anyone is up for tomorrow night: Jamey St. Pierre and the Honey Creepers are playing at Negril from 7-10pm (I think 10...maybe 11?). Good blues, old school R&B, and funk.
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    You could play whose who with this show as far as musicians and writers doing guest shots on this show.

    This is the ep that was filming the week I worked on the show.

    Of course I go from watching Treme to turning on WDSU and seeing our fishermen being destroyed because of the oil spill.

    Loved Goodman's character's rant. I think we have all been there and go there a lot. I kind of feel the more the world hurls at us the more we embrace our city and culture no matter how fucked up it is.
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    I am soaking in this show. I have been to NOLA a handful of times. I need to get back. Maybe find some local WhiteChapelites and get the non-cookie cutter side of NOLA.