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      CommentAuthorRob Bass
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2010 edited
    The Goodman rant was perfect, not just some balanced Mamet blast of hate, but delivered in such a way that gave it total verisimilitude, like the character had actually written it for himself, as opposed to some of the best writers in the medium doing it for him. Those furtive looks over the shoulder, just perfect.

    And, man, every week, keep thinking they can't top the musical guests who came before, capping off (I thought) last week with Dr. John, then we just cut to New York and my favorite piano player of all time. REALLY can't see where they can go from here, but can't wait to see how they outdo themselves yet again.
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    They need to get the Cottonmouth Kings of New Orleans on the show (formerly the New Orleans Jazz Vipers).
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    Piece on the writer of tonight's episode. I used to go straight to his pieces in the paper.
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    So when are we getting together NOLA peeps? Might as well set it up here. I am good on weekends until the end of June (going to head to Jacksonville and go fishing with some friends that last weekend - if we can). I guess somewhere either on Frenchmen or Finn's. And guess we will have to set up some way to know each other. Maybe a can of Red Bull each.

    By the way, last ep of Treme, when Goodman said "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke," my wife looked right at me and pointed.

    Was talking with a friend at work who is just now going through season 1 of The Wire and we discussed the fact that Simon loves to put you in a good spot then punch you in the face and shows you the world is not happy. This is what I though of with the 2nd Line and Davis' altercation afterwards.

    I still say Davis is the Ignatius Riley of the show.
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    I'm heading out of town to catch two cousins' graduations (they grow up so fast...) this weekend, but i should make it back a week from sunday, so that is probably the best day for meeting for me. I'm pretty flexible on where we meet, although I am a bit partial to Finn's. y'all decide on a time and place, and if I'm back in town I'll be sure to stick my head in.
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    Let me know when you guys meet up. I'm in Lafayette, but I make the drive to New Orleans a few times a month to see family and friends, or to do events at some of the local shops.
    • CommentAuthortoby
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2010
    I still say Davis is the Ignatius Riley of the show.

    Davis is the Ziggy (or Ray Person) of Treme.
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    I'm down for whatever. Some suggestions: Saturday you can normally catch Beth Patterson in the afternoon playing at Cafe Negril. Wednesday is Benny Turner (Freddie King's brother) and the Real Blues at BMC. Saturday night is also Mike Sklar and the Hipshakers at Apple Barrel. Sunday has good country/western at BMC (I forget the name of the group but they impressed and I don't normally like country music). Jamey St. Pierre and the Honeycreepers play every other week Friday, Saturday night at Negril from 7-10. Friday nights at the back bar at BMC is Smoky Greenwell's acoustic trio. Tonight he's playing with his full band at Cafe Negril. I'll be heading out today back out that way (essentially where I live when it's not the weekdays).

    Davis is like a less buffoonish Ignatius. Not to say that he doesn't do buffoonish acts but that he can at least relate to some people. But then again, I might just be wanting to defend him more because I get where the character is coming from (except the rich aristocrat family...wish I had that).
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    If locals happen to come across this: I'll be out tonight at Cafe Negril from 7 till around 10 then probably will be at BMC. PM me for phone # or whatever if you want/can make it out.
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    bah, I'm out of town this week, terrorizing relatives in a suburb of ATL. otherwise I'd be there.
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    Anybody else read that quote Warren put on his site? Yeah, I was advised it would not be a good idea to send that to certain people.
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    Tim Robbins was out at Negril and it was an interesting time on forward of conversations with strangers.

    BTW, Tim Robbins is fucking tall. Like 6'6 kind of tall.

    If it makes it easier, I'm free to send my own phone # to whomever else may want it to organize whatever....just thought I'd give a shout out since I was going out anyways and it's generally a good time.
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    What the fuck??? Gonna have Creighton kill himself off??? That ain't how we do shit here. Especially not off a ferry. At least have him jump off the Huey P for tradition's sake.

    Fuck....Daymo is revealed as dead and Creighton offs himself in the river...there goes the show. :/
    • CommentAuthorPow
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2010 edited
    arrrrggggggg I wish I hadn't read that
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    God that was heartbreaking. As soon as my wife and I saw the signs we kept saying "No" even though we knew it was going to happen. And they got suicide right from a lot of what I have read.

    Platypus, not sure if you remember this, but my wife pointed out that the year or two after the storm, a lot of men Creighton's age died. Seemed as though they just gave out trying to deal with everything. And Huey P. jumpers - there is something we haven't had in awhile.

    The baby in a bar thing had my wife and I rolling. Both of us spent way too much time in bars as children. Also, we were at a party Saturday where Kermit Ruffins was playing and at the early part of the show there were a bunch of neighborhood kids in there (and this one girl sang and just was insanely great - couldn't have been older than 16).

    This week's Gambit has a piece on the real people behind the characters. Not online yet, but the locals might want to find it.
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    Wasn't in the city to have heard any of that. After I was displaced via hurricane, I lived in a few different cities before moving back. Sounds like a lot of broken hearts.
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    The piece from Gambit.

    It still kills me that happened. I understand it completely and it makes total sense for the character; but god it has torn me up.
      CommentAuthorRob Bass
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2010
    That finale flattened me. Have been a huge fan of the entire run, but they really cranked it up on the way out, here. So much to even process, going to have to go back through it to even begin a list of what I loved, but I will say that that scene when the tribes ran into each other on the street, man, if that had gone on another five minutes, I think I would have lost my mind, just could not handle the weight of what I was seeing. I was ready for Big Chief to be the prettiest, but not that face. Not at all.
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    That's our city. They get all the small things right which add up to the big things.

    David Morse really sells those small moments.

    I am more pissed this week about Creighton's suicide. While I understand it and remember that depression of will things ever be the same, the one thing Katrina should have taught people was we dig in and fight for our city to be better. Hurricanes, oil spills, wetlands eroding, government abandoning us: fuck it. Nola and her people are still here.

    And Tony's look at the end, knowing she will have to do this for Creighton even though he quit on them was heatbreaking.

    "Po boy's aren't sandwiches. They're a way of life." Fucking loved that.

    John Boutte singing Sam Cooke was amazing.

    The flashback had my wife in tears, especially when we started talking about the Saturday before Katrina.

    David Mills tribute was very nice and classy.

    Big interview with David Simon looking back at season one and ahead to season two.

    Apparently there will be a soundtrack at some point. Personally I could go for a box set for each season and be happy.
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    Ugh...don't know if I can watch that or not...I don't need any flashbacks.

    The suicide definitely pisses me off. It's not like as if he really had it hard or anything. He still had his job, he still had his family, and even had most of his house and still lived in the city. I finally got back (after living in Dallas, Orlando, and Los Angeles) but I'm not living in the city anymore, I'm out in Metairie.