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    So, anyone watch the 2nd season premiere tonight?

    Anthony Bourdain is consulting on the restaurant stuff which really shines through. Still love the end of his post Katrina show: "I'm here. Why aren't you?"

    The NYC Jazz conversation ended the way I have wanted to end many a conversation about New Orleans withpeople who don't get this city.

    Nice to have it back.

    I do wonder when the show is going to have to address the tv/film production in the city. 2006 I was working on Benjamin Button. Plenty of other shows were going on as well. And things have only gotten busier.
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    This came back with basically no fanfare. Stupid Game of Thrones taking all the HBO Series coverage. I'm glad Sonny's not going to be the crazy vet who killed and cooked his girlfriend and then committed suicide. But definitely looks like this season is going to be a bigger downer than last.

    I always want to break out one of my trombones after watching this show. It's been far too long since I've played.
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    Clearly this was the setup episode for the season.

    I think Baptiste is going to get involved with one of the Band Projects for kids and that is whay we have been seeing kids playing music on here this season.

    I loved the daughter at the bar. Reminded me of New Orleans when I was growing up where if you could reach the bar they would serve you.

    I wonder if Davis and Annie are going to break up because she and his parents get along or if it will be simply because Annie is educated and Davis only really knows music?
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    Treme has been given a third season.