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    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2008 edited
    FREAKANGELS is recommended for mature audiences, due to some OH MY FUCKING GOD DAMN.

    Happy Friday, Whitechapel. I don't, well, I'm not sure what I did this week. You?
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2008
    Hard, and indeed, core; that transition from the close up on the gun under one of the assailant's chin to the pull back on the kill was really excellent.

    Stirling work all round this week - beautiful and visceral - a wonderful clinical attitude to Jack's movements.
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2008
    My week was pretty shitty at first, but has ended up pretty, pretty good, thanks Ariana.

    Wow, that was brutal? But hey, Jack appears to have dealt with them all swiftly enough so ... oh, shit. Cliffhangertastic.

    'Mudlarks' is officially the best gang name ever. Although I expect to see at least one of them wearing a battered stovepipe hat at some point soon.
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2008
    Brutal. I like page 5 panel 2, very dynamic.
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2008
    Cliffhangertastic indeed!

    Nothing like a bit of ironically delivered violence and a promise for more Freakangels action to start the day.
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2008
    this makes the friday 9to5 grind worth it...

    Paul Duffield + blood = thumbs-up
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    That was unexpected and nice.

    Also I love the name of the gang - It's the name of one of my WoW characters for much the same reason that I suspect these people are called Mudlarks.

    ...and, you know, being a Londoner it's nice to see some of our history coming back. Although *nice* perhaps isn't the right word...

    And I love the difference between page one panels 2 and 3, simple but *very* effective.
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    Remind me not to doubt Jack.

    Also, remind me still not to trust Warren. He'll off someone important before you know it. :)
    • CommentAuthordeckard
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2008
    Ok - I thought the bubbles might hatch
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    Oh, fuck yeah. Needed that shot in the arm to get my day started.

    School is a PIA right now, no matter how much I like Parasitology. Finally got the specs for a paper in my computer class that is due on Wednesday. I'm like, thanks asshole, some of us would like to have a life this weekend. First exam in the good class is on Tuesday, followed lab practical Wednesday.
    • CommentAuthorhank
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2008
    At least my commute wont suck that bad.
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2008
    I don't think I need to finish my coffee after that rush.

    helluva way to start the morning (which is good)
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    I'm really enjoying the direction this is going in! I've been gripped since Week One and I cannot wait until the next instalment hits!

    I'm hooked Mr Ellis. I am hooked and you are my internet crack dealer.
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    Mudlarks... that's quite cool, makes it all seem a little Dickensian...
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    that was some hardcore shit! :)
    • CommentAuthorMidweeker
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2008
    Wow, that one really got my heart beating, probably because it's been relatively sedate up till now.
    As much as I've been loving Black Summer & Dok Sleepless, this is the one I'm enjoying the most...
    • CommentAuthorkyu915
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2008
    Loved it. Can't wait for a trade of this to sell in my store.
    • CommentAuthorpisgah
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2008
    When will you ever learn? Trust not what your eyes have seen, but what your eyes can see.
    This is what makes the dramatic confluence. It's what makes every thing work. You thought that...but you were wrong. Because you saw, what you thought you saw...and that is past. Now it's like this: KER-POW!! Very good. Excellent work boys. Drive on.

    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2008
    Wow. Thats all I can say. Jack can handle himself as confidently and efficiently as Jet Li at his most refined - such perfect, precise movements. Looks like he's very quickly about to find himself in over his head though - I don't see a single Freakangel being able to hold off against THAT many gangbangers, even with that level of prowess.

    I spent half the day freezing my tits off on top of an awning on Chapel St, bitterly cursing stupid vacant-eyed shoppers passing by underneath who clearly believe that safety cones are purely decorational, and don't in any way demarcate an area that should not be walked through. And then they glare at me so virulently when a screw I accidentally drop nearly lands on them. "I am shopping at noon on a weekday, purchasing items from high-priced boutiques that you could never afford. Therefore, your OH&S requirements clearly do not apply to me." No, but a screwdriver through the shoulder might. AND I got rained on half the time I was up there.

    Time I got me a lazy office job.
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2008
    The movement in this episode, both art and writing, was fantastic and ohh, yet another cliffhanger.

    Heh, Mudlarks. I was drinking in The Mudlark off Tooley Street recently, explaining to my workmate what exactly a mudlark was...

    My week has...been swings and roundabouts. At least it is drinking time in T minus two hours and forty minutes...