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    ColSec. Holy crap, YES. Christopher, I'm glad we read the same books when we were kids, because I've been trying to remember the name of that series for the last six months, on and off. I'll have to remember to pester the fine folks at WC the next time I'm in a similar jam.


    Going with the theme of the thread, Alexander's two other YA series are very very good. The Westmark trilogy is basically Johnny Tremain thrown into pre-revolution France, and the Vesper Holly series has a Victorian high-society orphan getting into globe-trotting adventure a la Indiana Jones. Honestly, anything he ever wrote is well worth the read.
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2008
    @Lo, Animorphs was my time, too. i was so embarrassed about being excited when they turned it into a series, and then even more embarrassed about being indignant when they got Tobias's casting wrong.

    my contribution to this thread is that i've spent the last few weeks trying to dig up a certain Christopher Pike book - it's called The Starlight Crystal and the main character gets stuck in a spaceship which travels to the temporal end of the universe, only to see it all collapse and start again exactly as it was, so she goes back to Earth to rescue her old boyfriend. sounds cheesy, i know, and it mostly is, but there are passages i'm keen to read again. yet no public library system in my area admits to having a copy anymore, and i've taken to scouring the kid's book sections of thrift stores, which always have tons of Pike but not that particular one.
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    • CommentTimeAug 12th 2008
    Damn...I actually remember both the Young Wizards series and Animorphs. I thought the first couple of books in the Wizards series were pretty good but it lost me after a while. And Animorphs...well...I could never really get into it in the first place...always reminded me too much of Power Pack.

    I am currently trying to find this weird crossover book that came out in the early 90s. It was Tom Swift and the Hardy Boys. I dunno...the concept just sounds insane but no bookstore seems to have it.
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    I was always partial to goosebumps myself, but that was for the middle school crowd like the 6th grade age bracket.