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    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2007
    I have encountered a problem as I try to write fiction. Well actually I have encountered numerous problems. But I have at least one that I cannot solve on my own.

    That is the problem of a good idea. There are two aspects to this problem:

    1) Is it really a good idea or is it just me? This problem I just deal with and get over my own insecurities.

    2) Is my idea original??? This question I cannot handle. With all of the books, movies, comics etc... out there how do I know if my idea has not been done to death. I am not arrogant enough to believe that I have read enough to know what is or is not original.

    Any advice? Or is this just another doubt I will just have to learn to live with until someone says: nice book, but its been done to death.
    • CommentAuthorharchangel
    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2007 edited
    Pass the idea by people you trust and respect. Also make sure they are honest and objective. That's the surefire way to make sure a good ideas at least doesnt suck.
    • CommentAuthoradrian r
    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2007
    You're getting concerned about things that are at least partly outside your control. A story will be as good as you write it, and the more you write the better they will get. As for originality, it's a tough call. Someone once described a radio script I wrote as being an updated take on Turn of the Screw. Only I've never read Turn of the Screw, and only since the comparison was made have I found out what that story is about. According to some people, there are only seven stories in the world anyway, at which point originality is out of the equation anyway. What matters is the way you tell your story. And that means writing it, rather than imagining what other people might make of a story you haven't even written.
    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2007
    Thanks harchangel and adrian r. I guess originality will have to come from my style of writting rather than story itself. Fortunately I have some very critical friends I can bounce ideas off. They love me, but if its crap they'll tell me so : )
    • CommentAuthorsacredchao
    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2007
    I have the same kind of problem, compounded by a complete lack of will power and utter laziness, so I know what you mean.

    Anyway, as Jean-luc Godard put it, "It's not where you take it from, but where you take it to." Obviously, Godard's word shouldn't be taken as law, and that sentence could easily turn into an entire course on story structure, but I think he makes an interesting point. Namely, since "there is nothing new under the sun," one shouldn't fret about that, but instead attempt to use one's predecessors as a spring board of inspiration.