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    Because you demanded it (months ago), every week I open a thread for discussion of the comics you bought this week. I don't want a list of what you bought. I want to know what you thought about what you bought. Use the "hide" button to disguise spoiler material, if you can, please -- people use this thread to decide what comics to buy on a weekend visit.

    This week, please divide your purchases into the following categories:




    Interpretations of categories are, as ever, entirely up to you.

    -- w
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2008

    Spike: After the Fall from IDW - The Angel comic is the main reason I visit the comic store, now I have another reason. I'm gonna go ahead and say this one is strictly for Whedonytes. If you love the Buffyverse and the Angel show, then this is a big treat. This is a mini-series focused on what happened to SPIKE after the final episode of the show. I'm just happy these characters are surviving in the comics world and their stories are official canon.
    • CommentAuthorasim
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2008

    ANNA MERCURY: PREPARE FOR LAUNCH and #1: Aside from my first comic purchase in months, I'm also sticking in a caveat on the New. Since the Fictionaut idea from PLANETARY may not get followed up onto the last issue, I suspect this is more along those lines, and thus "new-ish". Also, "pulp-ish", which is a win for me. I especially like Mercury's sacrifice of a pawn, showing there are greater stakes than the lives of the people in this Fiction (assuming it is such.) And yet, that twinges thoughts of YE OLDE MATRIX, so we'll see how that works. First issue sold me, so for now, I'm buying -- and it's only 5 issues!
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    Something New:
    Rogues Revenge by Johns and Kolins. Geoff Johns can do anything apparently. This book is really good, as you'd expect since Johns sort of made his name on the Rogues in Flash. What's terribly great about this book is how it ties into Final Crisis. Crisis's central theme is that Evil has won. And when you take that into conisderation, this book gets very interesting for the Rogues. The Rogues are once again inexplicably, on the wrong side of the Universe's karma. The phrase, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't seems to apply here. And the developments involving Zoom and Kid Flash I won't spoil here, but they are pretty horrifically great. Pied Piper is out of his freaking gord in this book. And the rest of the rogues are at the end of their rope. Very good stuff. Much better than that mediocre Martian Manhunter tie-in from a week ago.

    Mighty Avengers-Yet again proving if you want to follow Secret Invasion, you can skip the main core book, and just read New and Mighty Avengers. The writing and art once and story points once again trump the core Secret Invasion book. This book is everything the Batgirl book released this week should have aspired to.

    Trinity #7: Busiek is doing some cool stuff in this book with the tarot and the whole concept of trinity. And he nails Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. They are all doing things that they do best in this book. It's not great great right now, but when you figure how long the haul is going to be for this book, I think this is a book that it's worth keeping up with. There's some pretty cool stuff going on in it.

    Incredible Hercules: Not as good as it was before it had to deal with Skrulls. Not baaad. But the whole God Squad concept has gotten very muddled. I don't really recommend it.

    Eesh I read a lot of superhero comics.
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    ANNA MERCURY: PREPARE FOR LAUNCH and #1: Aside from my first comic purchase in months, I'm also sticking in a caveat on the New. Since the Fictionaut idea from PLANETARY may not get followed up onto the last issue, I suspect this is more along those lines, and thus "new-ish".

    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2008

    punisher max #59 - not even read it yet, but i'm willing to bet my shoes that it's going to be just as powerful a chapter as every other chapter in this amazing run so far. not that you'd want my shoes. i love ennis' punisher, for taking a ridiculous character and making him what he should be. parlov's art is really really something, too. really delicately balanced between serious and simple.


    secret invasion #whatever the last one was - why, why? as said above, the mighty/new avengers stories have been much better reads. it's half way through the main story and it doesn't feel like anything's happening. i'm not a huge superhero fan, although i do like bendis' writing, but this just feels a bit empty.
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    It's things like this that make me curse getting comics mail order once a month!

    By definition, therefore, anything I say is something old but, in the spirit of things - and since Mr. Ellis allows interpretation:

    Vinly Undergound #10: an ex-DJ junky celeb solving occult crimes. I keep expecting this to be hideous and falter but after 10 issues I find myself more and more pulled in. There's something about Vertigo stuff set in the UK that seems to work better on a realistic human level for me, even though I'm mostly a superhero reader (maybe it's because I feel the US is the land of the superheroes). Whilst I still don't feel the comic has entirely decided where it's going - there may or may not be an overarching plot - it has decided on its characters and uses and defines them well. Violent and foul-mouthed, it also has intelligence, borrowing perhaps a little from Moore/Cambell's "From Hell" with its geographical, literary and historical references and sits between supernatural and noir detective comfortably. Not sure there's anything else like this about.
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    This is something old:
    I really need to be reading Vinyl Underground. Sheesh.
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    Oh, and it also has this rather brilliant apology:

    "I was a brat back then - noshing cock for lines of charlie and setting fire to anything with a heritage and a whiff of authority"
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    THE VINYL UNDERGROUND is cancelled with #12, by the way.
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    AAAAAAAAGGGHHH! I am cursed.

    Looks like I just ordered my last issue on mail order, then. Jeezus, I'm glad I have some red wine.
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    Actually thinking on it, maybe I'm thinking of Suburban Glamour as the book I'm not reading and feeling guilty about not reading? It's probably that one, because I checked and Mckelvie has nothing to do with Vinyl Underground. Actually I think I missed all of Suburban Glamour entirely, huh? Sigh. I don't know what I'm doing with my life with regards to the comics I'm reading.

    This is old:
    I have a crush on McKelvie's art. And what the hell, if his twitter posts are any indication, I also have a crush on actual Jamie McKelvie.

    I also read Captain America this week. Good stuffish. It's really slow though. It's really dense and interesting, but it's hard to get into and out of every month. By the time you're back and excited about the book, the issue is over.
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    McKelvie comes through here every now and then -- probably more often when PHONOGRAM 2 gets up to speed.
    • CommentAuthordahveed
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2008
    Something New:
    War is Hell #5 (of 5)
    Though I'm not as big a fan of Chaykin's art as i am his writing, his art seemed to really fit this Ennis story about an American pilot flying with the British in WWI. I'm a sucker for Ennis war stories, and WWI war stories in general, and this was a great read.

    Something Old:
    Scott Pilgrim Vol. 3 (Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness)
    I've read it before, but when i went to buy all 4 of them, I couldn't find vol. 3 at the store, and it's taken months for them to get it back in stock.
    • CommentAuthorbuzzorhowl
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2008
    @mercurialblonde--This is probably a terrible strategy, but since I agree with you about Brubaker's work on Captain America, I tend to accumulate half a dozen or so issues and then read them at one crack. Which, yes, means I could just tradewait and probably save some money. But anyway, yeah, when I read them one issue at a time, I can't keep up with what's happening and just have to start over at the beginning of the arc every month, so the policy I adopted is strictly to keep me from reading the same issues over and over.



    Thirteen Steps #5: The end of what I sure hope is the first story arc of an ongoing comic and not a 5 issue limited series. I've really enjoyed this one as it's gone on--Phil Hester is really good at getting inside characters' heads. I enjoy the plot of this series, too, and slightly more than Robert Kirkman's somewhat different but somewhat parallel Astonishing Wolf-Man. Which, don't get me wrong, is still good enough to follow. But it isn't this good. I can relate to this werewolf main character a lot more, and I like the way he's dealing with his werewolf-ness. Especially in the righteous turn it takes in this issue.

    Moon Knight #20: This is the first issue of this new Moon Knight title thus far that hasn't involved Charlie Huston, and as much as I like his writing, I think it might have been the best one so far. I love the Saltares/Texiera art team, but I'm glad to see Mike Deodato back for this issue, as I think his art works better for this title (I wish Saltares/Texiera had stayed on Ghost Rider--they were the perfect artists for that title). Also, I think what made this story work so well for me was the flashback aspect, back to before Marc Spector was a broken shell and Khonshu had such a malevolent attitude towards him (assuming the spirit of Khonshu that we usually see talking to him isn't just him losing his mind and seeing shit). I enjoyed the whole "Moon Knight is even more nuts than before!" stuff for a while, but at this point I kinda wish he could get things at least a little bit more back to normal. If things continue in the vein of this issue, though, it's gonna be awesome.

    Powers #29: OK, it might have been a couple issues too long in coming, but this significant development in the powers-virus storyline was well worth waiting for. Also, I've missed Deena Pilgrim, so it was good to see her having a bit more screen time in this issue. Now that Bendis is mostly doing marquee titles over at Marvel, it's easy to forget how much I love his writing--so much of the Marvel stuff (other than Ultimate Spider-man, of course) is so restrained. It's nice to see him cut loose and be 110% Bendis on this title. And the interview included in lieu of a letter column in back helped me to get a new perspective on some of the Marvel Universe stuff he's been doing lately, and see the interesting and original elements of some of his more subtle recent work.

    Scalped #19: I'm really into everything about this new story arc except the new artist. I sure hope R.M. Guera will be back for the next arc--he's an outstanding artist who has defined the look of Scalped for me to the extent that I don't think I'll ever be completely comfortable with any other artist's work on the title. But whatever--it's good enough to satisfy, especially when Jason Aaron's writing is still this fucking awesome. I've been looking forward to learning a bit more about Dash and Carol's relationship, and I think I'm gonna get even more than I bargained for with this arc. Hell, I already did in this issue, with
    Carol's drug use
    being fully revealed and out in the open now, where before it was only hinted at. This can't be going anywhere but down, and I think I'll love every minute of it.
    • CommentAuthorpi8you
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2008
    Excellent choice of categories as I failed to post in last week's thread, this'll be longish...


    Detective Comics #846 - No more fable-themed crimes? Ah well, fun while it lasted. Hush seems to be reasonable here compared to the apparent distaste for the character.

    Final Crisis Requiem - A worthwhile tribute, far better than it could have been, and lots of nice little details strewn throughout.

    Green Arrow-Black Canary #10 - As much as the storyline's begging for a more serious tone, this is probably the cheesiest romp in the DCU right now and I can't decide if that's good or bad.

    Huntress Year One #5 - And it continues on, I'm enjoying it, but this one was a bit perfunctory, and overall it's been nowhere near as inspired as the Diggle/Jock Green Arrow Year One.

    Invincible Iron Man #3 - I'm really enjoying this book, Fraction's dialogue is as sharp as always, and really making me want to go back and grab The Order to check out what I missed.

    New Exiles #8 - Oh, how redundant dialogue burns. I'm wishing for the pre-reboot team to come back, both cast and creative, as this just hasn't been doing it for me.
    Teleporting 17th century warships was nice though

    Trinity #6 - I really wonder how that brainstorming session went to find how many ways the could tie the trinity theme to the titular trio, but it was enough to talk me into sticking with it for a bit more.

    Wolfskin Annual - Freshest fruit indeed, another one well done Mr. Ellis, definitely looking forward to more if you ever find the time.

    Young Liars #5 - Somehow I missed reading this one, I'll have to rectify that shortly.


    Batgirl v2 #1 - That's one messy infodump, but considering the last two years of her appearances, it wasn't going to be pretty at all. Still, I'm glad she's back in her own book even if they writing's not what I'd hoped.

    Birds of Prey #120 - Mr. Brian Bullets still make me laugh, Manhunter feels like Manhunter even outside her book, and reanimated villians hooray.

    Final Crisis Rogue's Revenge 1 - Quite tasty, this. Even though I haven't followed them much at all, I think they're probably among my favorite DC villians and this only reinforced that idea.

    Helm #1 - Getting a bit of an Empowered vibe from The Helm, crossed with a touch of Megas XLR, minus any of the trappings of those two. Yes, that sounds wierd to me too, but it works(for me) and I look forward to more.

    Moon Knight #20 - Can we please include Dedato in the list of artists to clone so they can make us even more pretty things? And Moon Knight vs post-Ellis Thunderbolts next issue, this should be fun.

    Sky Doll #3 - And that's that, such gorgeous books. Too bad it has a fairly open non-ending and wasn't(to the best of my knowledge) continued, would have liked a proper resolution or further hijinks, but alas. Now if only Marvel would get around to giving us the Loisel Peter Pan that Soleil ran some time back.

    Trinity #7 - And things slowly start to happen, managing just enough each week to keep me coming back. Hoping that sooner than later it becomes something I'm actively looking forward to, but it still has a ways to go.

    Universal War One #1 - Haven't gotten to it quite yet, looks mighty pretty though.

    X-Force #5 - Hooray for infighting among the zealots, providing the required daily dose of bloodshed and decapitations.

    Christ I've started to read a lot of capes, how did that happen?
    • CommentAuthorRoss
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2008 edited
    As far as Hercules goes, I disagree. I thought this issue was excellent, and well worth the read. particularly the last line. "He's here. And he loves you." This is probably my favorite SI tie-in so far, although Captain Britain and MI-13 has been a surprising bit of glee for me.

    Helm #1 was also an unexpected surprise, and something I'll be picking up regularly.

    ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction #1: Ok. I love Red 5. and ZMD has not disappointed me. It's giving a promising start. I wish the company would put out another ongoing beyond Neozoic though. So far everything else has been minis.

    EDIT: oh also.

    Pilot Season: Urban Myths. This book. Was amazing. And I hope it wins, because I want to see more. That is all.
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2008

    Tank Girl: Visions of Booga 3 - Loved the psychedelic colour washes in this issue, the special guest star was awesome beyond belief (if a little underused), and this also featured a rather nifty piece of cop death. As satisfying as a bacon roll after a hangover. Where do I buy the action figures, and when does the film come out. Sorry, lame joke.

    Simon Dark 10
    - Read all 10 issues back to back and I have to say I love this story... and the fact there's been no Bat-cameo makes it even better. Very mysterious and eldritch. Weird, hallucinatory semi-photo art. Lots of demons. Feels like an old-school Vertigo title in a way. Niles, I'm hooked.

    1985 3 - Oh wow, it all really kicks off in this issue.
    The appearance of Modok was very disturbing. Count the dead kids in this issue too, it's crazy....
    Millar is brutal. I'm loving this. Can't wait for the pervert-suit brigade good guys to show up. The plot is very convincing for me... I am taking it seriously, like as seriously as I took crappy mid-80s Superman comics when I was a kid... which I'm pretty sure is part of the point. Plus I never read the original Secret Wars. I think that is a plus here... anyone else agree?

    X Force 5
    - Some really beautiful, dark splash pages here. Although the plot seems a little belaboured and the dialogue overly portentous, I'm starting to warm to this comic's mix of elaborately painted violence and brooding emo-centric versions of the X-clan's pointy-clawed favourites. I even like Warpath now. Plus it's currently pretty self-contained, which I'm enjoying.


    No bad comics for me this week. But I couldnt find a copy of ZMD, which I was pretty gutted about. If Ross says its cool, I'm buying.
    • CommentAuthorMark Datik
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2008
    pi8you -

    Sky Doll hasn't ended yet, the creators are working on a fourth volume right now. They talk about this in the first issue's interview section.
    • CommentAuthorpi8you
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2008
    @Mark Datik - Really? Clearly I missed that part, but glad to hear it nonetheless.