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    • CommentAuthorRen Garde
    • CommentTimeJul 20th 2008
    I stopped reading Punisher around issue 50-51ish or so, don't know why, I must pick up the TPBs once Ennis is done.


    Final Crisis: Rogue's Revenge

    okay wow where to start

    While the book 'Final Crisis' itself is a building storm, and still picking up, it's tie-ins so far have been wonderful. Between Requiem and now this, I wonder if this is going to overtake Annihilation or Sinestro Corps War as my favorite event in recent memory.

    Some wonderful characterization for the Rogues, some great dialogue ("Guns? Man made your ammunition. GOD made mine.") Piper's new role, Libra's transgression, Inertia's return and breakdown, Zoom's surprise, all of it felt well-done. Not a fan of Kolins' art, but it works very well in this kind of book. I'm very curious as to where this book is going, maybe even more curious than where Final Crisis itself is going.
    • CommentAuthorbuzzorhowl
    • CommentTimeJul 20th 2008
    Hey hey, more new stuff:

    The New York Four: This is an original graphic novel by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly, the team that brought you Local. I loved Local, and was glad to get this new tale from them, especially when I saw almost immediately that it had a very similar feel. It's the story of four girls who've moved into Manhattan to be freshmen at NYU. It especially focuses on Riley, a girl with overprotective parents who has learned to live on the internet rather than in real life. I hate to say it, because I could tell how pathetic it was as I was reading it, but I really related to the way Riley quickly developed a text-message only relationship with a boy who stuck his email address into her jacket pocket during a show. I could also relate to the way that all of the girls found their lives becoming much more complicated than they ever expected as they got more into the groove of college life. Same sort of stuff happened to me, and sometimes it was very hard to maintain focus on the things I was actually there to do. The way the story ended made me really sad--I saw the opportunity for an upbeat ending, and I assume Wood and Kelly did too, but they went in a very different direction and left things quite open-ended... though not looking like they're headed in a very good direction. I wonder if they're planning a sequel? I wouldn't mind if they did one, but in a way I think this version of the story was pretty perfect by itself.

    1985 #3: Whoa, things are kicking into high gear in this issue! Millar has the villains doing things that you might have found yourselves wondering about when you were younger and reading superhero comics; like, "if this villain is so powerful, why doesn't he do something REALLY messed up?" This time, some of them do. Really excited to see where he takes this series, which has officially moved into the top tier of my favorites currently going.

    Young Liars #5: Here's another one that took an already good title and kicked things up a notch. This is my favorite issue so far of this one, and if any of you out there thought, like me, that you were starting to figure out what's really going on in the minds of Danny and Sadie, guess again. Lapham twisted things in #4, and now he's twisted things again, and at this point I don't know what's going on. But that's OK, because I'm sure enjoying the ride!

    Ultimate Origins #2: I understand the griping of those who feel like this issue didn't tell them anything they didn't already know, but I have to weigh in on the approving side here, because I enjoyed this issue so much that I couldn't care whether or not I was mostly just reading stuff I already knew. First of all, that wasn't entirely true, and second of all, Bendis tells the story so much better than any telling I've read before; he'll make it enjoyable for me every time. I'm curious to see where things are going from here, as I imagine we'll be getting more into some legitimately new territory.

    Mighty Avengers #16/Secret Invasion #4: Really enjoying all the Secret Invasion backstory we're getting in current issues of Mighty Avengers. I just wish the actual current story in Secret Invasion would move a bit faster. It's not uninteresting, per se, I just think Bendis is dragging things out a bit much. I feel like this series should have been 5 or 6 issues instead of 8, and 8 just fit in better with the marketing plans. Disappointing. I mean, not entirely disappointing, but kinda eh. I'm giving my full approval to the Mighty Avengers issues, but Secret Invasion is going to have to do a lot towards the end to rehabilitate my opinion of it as a title. And I feel like it has a lot more potential than it's showing, which only compounds the disappointment.

    And something definitely old:

    Ghost Rider #25: I came very close to dropping this title while at the store buying my comics, but decided to give one last issue a chance. And now I'm sure: I'm dropping this title. Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but I think things have taken a definite downturn since Jason Aaron came onboard. I feel like the overarching storyline of Daniel Way's run was wrapped up too quickly and too neatly, and this whole battle between the spirit of vengeance and the angel Zadkiel plotline is not working for me at all. Also, I miss the Texiera/Saltares art team something fierce. Those guys just do Ghost Rider RIGHT. I hate to extend my disapproval to Jason Aaron, as I think Scalped is one of the best comics going right now, but obviously this title is not where his talents lie. Shame.
    • CommentAuthordot_xom
    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2008

    What If... This Was The Fantastic Four?
    I know it was released a while back, but it's a tribute to Mike Wieringo--and his work will never get old to me.

    The story was brilliant superhero fun, combined perfectly with such rich visuals. All the contributing artists clearly put in some of their best work ever here and deserve glowing praise. 'Ringo, obviously, shined the brightest, however. It should've been bitter-sweet, seeing new stuff from the man, then realising that we wouldn't be seeing more from him--but I didn't feel sadness, so much as wonder. The kind of wonder that his work has--and always will--inspire in me.
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    i have NEW YORK FOUR in my man purse right now since i forgot to read it...
    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2008
    So , anyway, I popped into the local dealer to hopefully find Anna Mercury #2..I did!! Hooray, I like the way the story's going and the concepts involved!
    And I found this 'No Hero' #0..well,well,well, this does look good!!!! Love the idea (knowing a few acid casualties meself-gets me wondering ;-p) fab artwork!
    Also scratched around the back issue bins and found Casanova #1, which i thought I'd give a bash..I'll nip around later this week to get the rest !! a new (well, for me) anti-hero!!
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    The loss of VU is depressing - yeah, I know it went off on that whole Sinclair/Moore occult London trip but I loved the Blakey refs and the characters and the art and the violence ...
    Time to invest in something else I guess.
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    If u liked Vinyl Underground, you should totally pick up the Phonogram collection, its really good stuff and I met both Jamie Mckelvie and Kieron Gillen at last years con, we started talking about their book but within 5 minutes they were asking me about the music I liked and normal conversation stuff like that. If you see them later this week, if you;re at Nerd Prom as Warren likes to call it, go over and introduce yourself, never met two cooler guys, who also just happened to write one hell of a comic.

    Something OLD:

    As I have given up on singles, I will always be putting it under old, Trades are so much better.

    American Virgin 1-3
    Good series, though I've heard the fourth volume wraps up the series far too quick due to ill advised cancellation of a fun series. Also one of the funnier attacks on religious seriousness in a long time.

    Astro City: the Dark Age
    Always a good read, and this isn't a disappointment. Other than powers, one of the few books that continues to look at superhero fiction as more than a reason to show increasingly more complicated fisticuffs
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2008
    Speakin' of Phonogram, there's a new series starting soon.
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    never met two cooler guys,

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    We are also hypersexy.

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    THIS IS OLD - is 1996 old?

    I picked up "the INVISIBLES" graphic nov. 1-9. A buddy of mine gave it to me, said its the only comic he's ever liked.(they talk about Lennon, I think thats why, he's a huge fan) But this graphic novel grabbed me from the beginings. The guys names John in the begining,mine 2, KING MOB running 2, Crazy kid mad at the system. Thats me to a tee growing up, still mad, but not that mad.

    And there is a drunken old man bum in these issues, that turns out to be a brillant all knowning social wizard of sorts. Mentoring this kid kicked to the streets showing him all kinds of brillant life lessons and how "cites" are virus's, and no one knows really where they started. Spreading all over the earth these cites, saying something I will never forget- SOMETHING LIKE OUR WORLD IS SICK, A VIRUS GOT IN A LONG TIME AGO, AND WE'VE GOT USED TO ITs EFFECTS AND FORGOTTEN WHAT IS WAS LIKE B4 WE WERE ILL. Holy shit, ain't that the truth. STUPID CITES! Fast, NOW, BUY, shit. Calming-Also there is some poetry in this thing, :) kind of suprising, Not a huge fan o'poetry, but good writing is good writing. never seen that b4, but why not. Thats evolution people, doing things that haven't been done b4.

    I kinda like it how they jump all around in the issue, 3 stories going on, BUTT, on the other hand, they use tons of wierd demon names ALL the time and 4 moons old stories or something, Its like Ximennaizia or Salimandorieiuos or Palierderioh-we-oh-we, I can read, but thats not worth sounding out. I don't have time for that. (i made those up_

    I'm 28, and I don't like reading words longer then 17 letters, I skip them and say, oh that S-word again guy thingy thing.

    Not Warren Ellis, but he's trying, theres alot of non-sense filler in here, maybe i'll find out why in the end.
    7 out of 10 - I'd say. I did really like it"
    5 more novels 2 go.

    • CommentAuthorRoss
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2008
    Haha. I was just over at the Red5 web site and saw my comment about ZMD over there. Awesome.
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