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    • CommentAuthorWiseEyes
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2008
    Yeah, what's really the point of living forever if you don't bloody remember any of it?

    You thought Bottom and Robin were had to connect to? Those two were my favourite! Ultimately, Bottom wins out for me, but Robin is hard to let go of.

    @johnmuth - yeah, I've compiled a mental list of eternal present themes on three separate occasions, but never remember them when I sit to type something. Rather annoying...

    @prof k - Thanks for your contribution to that beautiful piece of internet!
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2008
    <blockquote>Yeah, what's really the point of living forever if you don't bloody remember any of it?</blockquote>

    Isn't that the point...that if you don't remember aren't living forever...from my perspective the main motive to escape was more around oppression than it was for the right to die...they were dying all the time. wormy gas was death really - processing was a re-birthing concept...our minds dying is far more significant than our body dying...
    • CommentAuthorWiseEyes
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2008
    I was speaking in terms of the question "endless existence w/ memory loss vs. finite existence and continued memory"
    But yeah, I get yah.
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    I loved Bottom's awkward autograph seeking scene, but the parts with the mechanicals were not as appealing to me. Felt a little too performative. But, then again, could have been on purpose. That musical number was damn near perfect though.

    And it wasn't Robin on his own that bugged me, the Robin/O'Brien dialogue was just too.... trying to be a Shakespearian lord and master, but falling a hair short.
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2008
    Yeah, I get that. I mean, they were conversing normally with everyone else... Its like a subliminally homo-erotic boys club thing they had going on between them :P
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2008 edited
    DVD is up for ordering now. Just booked my copy, fresh for the infecting of unsuspecting friends and colleagues. Let the contagion spread!

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    • CommentAuthorTriska
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2011
    By a physiological stand point. Robin's behavior is something I would imagine for someone who had shifted his mindset to keep sanity. In the beginning you can't expect for the safe and danger zones to be known. That is why I think Robin may be immune to the nixing. (or he just kept a mask on till it got known.) It may have a different effect on him. People do react differently to things. You all have gone over how hard it would be for people to watch others start over again. And to ease your own pain have yourself nixed. But what if you can't? I also think that he wanted it to come to an end, but felt that it had to come from another to lead the people out.
    <div id="hide">I found it rather puzzling that Robin had to take Sam on that rather long detour to reach the spot where he last saw Tania. And the last spot he saw Tania was the same spot those other guys last saw her. All he had to do was ask where she ran and he could have tracked her down himself.</div>
    The style of the song that Bottom sung made me think of the 80s. Anyone up for the idea that there was progression as people stumbles into WN? And that not everyone came from one time frame? If you were wondering around a field and came across a shack, what would you do?