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    So how was it for you attendees? Any good stories? General thoughts?

    -- W
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2008
    I didn't go, but some minions of mine returned with a bounty of comics stuff. Spike from Templar, AZ was very gracious, and made a sketch for me for free.

    Twitter over the weekend was a bit interesting. But all in all I'm glad I didn't go this year.
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2008
    As stated in the closed sdcc thread, less of a crowd. I met Ted Brandt and some of the avatar peeps. Spent way too much money and got a neck tattoo.

    The Comedians of Comedy show was great except for Sarah Silverman who's performance felt phoned in compared to everybody else.

    San Diego's public transportation kicks ass, by the way. Gives me some small glimmer of hope for Southern California.

    C'ya next year!
    • CommentAuthorHarlotbug3
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2008 edited
    I've some photos I'm surprisingly proud of considering they are crappy cell phone quality.

    I do not regret that I did not take a picture of myself meeting Tori Amos for the first time....or of myself crying directly afterward.

    So yes, best con ever.
    • CommentAuthormehfisto
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2008 edited
    TOO CROWDED. They are simply incapable of managing the insane volume of people that show up. The security company is a fucking mess, they don't know what the fuck is going on from one end of the hall to the other. They need to send all the starfuckers packing. I say cut the attendees back by at least 30%. I'd gladly pay more money to go to a show with less people.

    I did see some awesome panels (The Goon with the Reno 911/State guys) and pick up some amazing artwork. I was there Wed-Sun, way too long. Next year Fri-Sat only.
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2008
    @mehfisto - yeah, it was crowded, but you've got to admit it wasn't nearly as bad as that one year where we all lost each other 15 seconds after hitting the floor and the surrounding cell towers were overwhelmed. Still, I endorse your 30% cutback proposal.
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2008 edited
    It gave me a rash. And diarrhea. And now I can't get it up without special pills and a well-worn copy of Omaha the Cat Dancer. Please shoot me.

    ps: We all missed you terribly.
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2008 edited
    @theremina - I actually did get a rash from the temp tattoo that got me into the [adult swim] party.
    All told, I actually had a really good time this year.

    @Egon- Our public transit is only really good for getting you to downtown and/or the border. You're screwed if you want to go anywhere else.

    @warrenellis - Looking forward to seeing you there in 2017.
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2008
    Saturday wasn't as awful as I expected, there were actually places where you could walk ten steps without getting crashed into by a baby stroller. Bumped into Joss Whedon at the California Browncoats booth, got a free sketch from Michael Ryan, and said hi to Jerry Robinson. Good trip, overall.
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2008 edited
    I agree with the too many people and I'm all for even a 15% to 20% cutback.
    In years past I've been able to get into panels in a reasonable amount of time.
    This year I didn't even try, it just looked that bad.

    Comic Con is odd for me, because I know and go w/ industry people, but I'm not actually in it.
    The best time I had actually was dinner later w/ a bunch of good folks, but that's usually true.

    I bought a book from Wil Wheaton, who is pretty damn nice and cool.
    Met Phil & Kaja Foglio of Girl Genius fame, who are also great.
    Got to talk to the good folks over at Kingdom of Loathing.
    Saw the guys from Penny Arcade, xkcd and Bob the Angry Flower. Picked up Crecy from the Avatar booth.
    Purchased some Cthulhu related stuff, some small art prints and a yoyo, which brought me great joy.

    Twitter made the entire Con experience a little more surreal, especially when I was getting only 2/3 of the messages.
    The only thing I missed that I'm bummed about is Kim Evey and the Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show peeps.
    It's my favorite show on teh internets.

    I was only there one day this year, and spent most of it on the floor.
    Though a panel or two would have been nice, it was good to be able just get in and out.

    My pics are here: Elmo Martin - Comic Con 2008 Pics
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    I went all 4 days. It didn't seem as crowded as in the past, altho it was difficult to get where I wanted to get to, with people stopping right in front of me or throngs of people crowding around skantily clad women. (since when did a bra and panties together with a cape represent a costume?)

    The most awesome experience for me was sitting in a Ray Bradbury panel, (Yes he is still alive) He is a literary legend and a personal favortie of mine, being the first sci-fi author I read @ 13 years old.

    I was hunbled in his presence.

    I bought lots of comics, TPB's, and a very cool Freakangels T-shirt.

    I think it was my best con.
    • CommentAuthorbuzzorhowl
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2008
    Wow, Ray Bradbury and Jerry Robinson both in the same place? That's outstanding. Those guys are real troopers to still be hitting the cons at their age.
    • CommentAuthorNeil Kleid
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2008
    Had a crazy first SDCC... still processing through haze of drunkeness and exhaustion. Had two things announced (one for IDW, one for and firmed up a few things that had been simmering for a bit.

    My one cool story happened at the EW/Sci Fi party: amid the food, drink and folks I managed to grab some time with HEROES' Masi Oka who was kind enough to call my seven month pregnant wife (who was unable to attend SDCC) at 2AM NYC time to say hello and wish her a healthy pregnancy. Ten minutes later, after saying goodbye to him, my wife (exhausted, apparently) texted me to ask who the hell she had just spoken to. I called her in the morning to clarify and her response? "Really? DAMN IT. I would've said more to him!"

    Ah, Comic-Con
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2008
    I actually spent most of the weekend 10 blocks away at a Star Wars memorabilia auction, and the balance drinking White Russians in the Mariott lobby with other sci fi geeks, which seemed a good choice. HOWEVER, I agree 10,000 million bajillion percent with the "too dang crowded kept getting ankles gouged by baby strollers" crowd. And, nearly beheaded by those Conan inflatable swords. BUT, I met Chris Sanders, and he's SUPER-nice, and he drew me a Stitch, so my life is now complete. Yay.
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2008 edited
    Through the fog that is the past few days, I remember that the exhibition floor on Wednesday night was packed but there were other times throughout the weekend when it was surprisingly manageable. I think that many four day people got their shopping done early and then stayed away from the exhibition hall. There were people who were only there for the freebies and hung around the Warner Bros/studios/gaming areas and didn't linger in the comics areas. Many day pass people cleared out before the hall closed.

    On Saturday at about 6pm, I decided that I would go to the Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Artschool and went to go buy a sketchbook and pencils in the exhibition hall. I couldn't remember where it was but was able to walk from Artist's Alley (totally not seeing the Blick's art supplies booth) down the back row all the way to the browncoats booth at almost full walking speed. It made me understand in a whole new way how vast the exhibition all really is.

    Sunday morning seemed pretty quiet. I overheard one of the back issues dealers say that the collectors didn't seem to be there. Less people doesn't necessarily make it easier to walk around, though. I had to step around a couple of kids sitting on the floor in one of the rows eating pizza slices. People were stopping in the middle of rows to chat or answer their cell phones or just stop and try to get their bearings, all oblivious to the many people logjamming behind them.

    The new checked luggage fees made me more hesitant than in past years to buy tons of stuff. I put together a care package for my 12 year old cousin who likes anime and mailed it on Saturday. In addition to all the anime-related freebies and some toys I bought for him, I tried to include other comics that he might capture his interest. At first, I was going to send him ALL the freebie comics I picked up but then I realized that not all of them had content that I would find appropriate for a kid and, just as important, that a lot of it wasn't all that good.

    Great question: what would YOU buy a twelve year old to expand his comics horizon? From one of the half off graphic novel guys, I bought a Jim Lee Batman, a forget what else...and then cheaped out and resolved to start sending him books from my own collection.

    I didn't see a lot of panels this year. Sometimes, it was because the lines were too long. Other times, I just got distracted and skipped them. I saw the Spotlight on Al Jaffee aaand I think that (I'm choosing my words delicately) perhaps sometimes Mark Evanier isn't able to create a dynamic dialogue with the person he's interviewing.

    I saw the "Repo! The Genetic Opera" preview with Paris Hilton and Ogre. Yes, I admit it. Highlight: Alexis Vega (Spykids) is really good at telling interesting anecdotes. She explained that her management company had wanted her to have nothing to do with the project and hadn't forwarded her the script but the director contacted her via myspace. He told her he was the director of the Saw movies but Vega's sister was in "Saw I" and didn't know who he was so Vega thought he was a creepy liar until she googled him and found out he worked on the sequels.

    The director's best anecdote was that when Paris took an initial meeting with them, he was surprised at how different she was in real life and she used words that even he didn't know what they meant. He didn't elaborate what words they were.

    Paris said something about being glad to be at Comic Con and added (without enthusiasm, I thought) that Comic Con was "hot". Her fans clapped wildly.

    After the panel, the Paris fans rushed the stage and the rest of the audience rushed for the door but THEY WOULDN'T LET US LEAVE. I guess they wanted Paris to make a safe getaway first but she wasn't in any hurry to leave the stage. After a few endless minutes, the person in charge decided that people could exit from the right side of the room and the security guards finally stepped aside and let people escape. I used my precious freedom to see a few minutes of Lost Boys 2. Sometimes, people make bad choices. I don't know what else to say.

    Best panel I saw was Larry Marder. It was delightful and nostalgic revisiting Tales of the Beanworld. He had interesting things to say about how Beanworld was influenced by Duchamp's Bride Stripped Bare. I've always liked the piece but I didn't understand it until he explained it.

    I arrived home safely with some new good titles and a shopping list for the upcoming year. It was tiring and not the best time I've ever had but I'm damn glad I went.
    • CommentAuthorlonestar
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2008
    Personal highlight: Torchwood's John Barrowman (Captain Jack) and Naoko Mori (Tosh) belting out an impromptu duet of "The Last Night of the World" from Miss Saigon that brought the lot of us to our feet in ecstatic spams of giddy joy. During the Torchwood panel John mentioned how he and Naoko had worked together years before in a stage presentation of Miss Saigon. This prompted one adoring fan to ask for an on-the-spot duet. And they DELIVERED. IN SPADES.

    Didn't bother with WATCHMEN panel as one would have had to slumber on the concrete outside Hall H the night previous in order to have the remotest chance of attending it. And I suppose the ticket for the free t-shirt (which one had to redeem at the DC booth in the midst of the swirling human vortex) was intended as a reward for their unwavering dedication.

    And just who in their right fucking mind takes their babies and toddlers to this madness? You people should be hauled away by Child Protective Services for abuse. Good God Almighty, for the love of Christ, don't EVER,EVER, EVER take the most precious persons in your life, tiny and defenseless as they are, to this clusterfuck. Leave them with responsible trusted caregivers or stay the fuck home.

    San Diego's nice, but it's good to be back home in Texas.
    • CommentAuthorlonestar
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2008
    For anyone interested, here's John and Naoko's duet from an intrepid individual (manicstar 78) who posted it to Youtube - many thanks manicstar78!!!!!

    Search Terms: Torchwood Comic-Con 2008 Torchwood John and Naoko duet
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2008
    Working working working...

    It was a mess--there were parts of the convention floor that were a 5-day train wreck; there were booths (or pavilions) that butchered walking spaces--and let's not get me started on the hellish piles of trash that lined the streets advertising tons and tons of garbage that no one was truly interested in.

    I calculated the total amount of walking I did at about 29.5 miles (or 47.47 km for you folks who aren't ignorant Americans like myself).

    As a fan--I'm no longer a fan of this con; as a journalist--it's a good payday for me. I doubled up on the money I spent coming out to visit. As a professional who is trying to "break-in" I think this convention must be the most impenetrable of the bunch...because everyone is either hung over, sick with Con flu, or hungover and sick and/or busy dodging the miscreants who aimlessly wander the con floor search for "con loot" which amounts to pieces of paper and little scraps of metal usually.

    It was a blast!

    Woo Hoo :P

    Well, It had a couple of high points. Frank Miller being the key note speaker at the Eisners was inspiring--even though it seemed he was intoxicated.

    And Newsarama won an Eisner--it's cool to be apart of a winning team.

    Now--I don't want to see a comic book for a week...and I need a flu booster shot and a nap.

    Have a good one.
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    My husband and I only went on Friday this year, and the crowds on the floor were disheartening. Still, we got to see panels with lots of '70s guys, Lynda Barry, and Grant Morrison. On the floor we got to visit Eddie Campbell, Bernie Wrightson, Lynda Barry, and a reasonable number of small press folk. We also almost got crushed when I decided to try for a Battlestar Gallactica bag. If life is ever lost on the convention floor it will be in that crazy Hollywood middle section and it will be over a free bag or a pin.

    The bad part of it all is that since we were only there for the day and were overwhelmed by the crowds we never managed to find artist's alley, or very many indie comics people. I think the Con could be fixed if they cap enrollment and, since this is a non-profit comics event after all, set aside and subsidize a Large area of the floor for small press and artists. If Hollywood wants to come they should pay through the nose for a limited amount of space, and that money should be funneled into making everything else happen. I think Hollywood has overwhelmed the convention. For instance, I love Judd Apatow, but what exactly does Pineapple Express have to do with anything? Fine if they want to come, but if they come stick them in Hall H and on one end of the floor and charge them more for everything. Wouldn't that solve it?
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    And speaking of Con Flu, yes, I have a really bad cold right now. Hurray, San Diego!

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