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    Trust me, you've never heard anything like it.

    First, a little background: These songs were written at a place called, which is a traditional anonymous-posting text board in the style of 2ch. After a few experimental threads where the posts of the threads were the lyrics, the board decided to create a thread that was nothing but one enormous song, and The Really Long Song Project was born.

    And now, 787 days later, all 18 verses, 3 bridges, 5 encores, 2 choruses, 1 throw, and a mass-shouted last line have been recorded by around 25 different artists, taking up an hour and 41 minutes.

    The title of the piece was given simply as Title (thanks, >>267!), and here it is:

    The songs range from simply-sung guitar melodies to frenetic break-beat breakdowns. Don't go looking for deep meaning in the lyrics, through; DQN is often no more coherent than a random text generator, and reading the wiki might be required to understand such things such as "Under the moon loli to issho." On second though, that might not be such a good idea.

    Download it, give it a listen, and let them know what you think in the thread above.