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    New thread for the posting of muxtapes and other web mixtapes. Go to it. We want to know what you've got.

    -- W
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2008 edited
     (3161.2) - now featuring some 2008 stuff and four of the most uplifting songs in my otherwise-melancholy collection.
    (warning: almost entirely hipster shit.)
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    Current Playlist (7/31/08):
    "Viking Metal"

    Alestorm - Of Treasure
    Korpiklaani - Metsämies (Lumberjack/ Forest Man)
    Amon Amarth - Gods of War Arise
    Eluveitie - Primordial Breath
    Týr - Lokka Tattur
    Ensiferum - One More Magic Potion
    Svartsot - Spillemandens Dåse
    Turisas - A Portage to The Unknown
    Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Revenge
    Ensiferum - Blood is The Price of Glory
    Korpiklaani - Northern Fall
    Svartsot - Havet's Plage

    Previous playlists can be found on my blog at
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2008
    I move stuff on and off of so it's various sorts of things at any one time.

    Saul Williams will probably stay on there for a bit, though.
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    If I'd realised there'd be a new thread within hours, I'd have sat on this post. So...

    My own, which I intend to change completely over the weekend, so poke it now if you've not yet heard Chrome's On It by Telepathe.

    My current favourites:
    GIMMETINNITUS (good noise, Made Out Of Babies are going to be my new favourite band)
    britpocalypse (Hefner! Baxendale! Arab Strap!)
    mrpillywonk (excellent hip-hop stuff I've never heard before)
    peachmelba (minimal techno/electronica stuff)
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    Made Out of Babies new album is great. I have Invisible Ink stuck in my head pretty often:

    Made Out of Babies - Invisible Ink
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    My Triplicate Lass - Triple is the new Double Muxtape

    A mix of old and new rock, punk, post-punk, hip-hop and other stuff. A lot of Canadian indy acts.

    If there was a Freak Angels themed song on this mux that I think most White Chapeller should expose themselves to, it would be We are Wolves playing Fight & Kiss (third song down)
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2008
    yeah, Made out of Babies is sweet.
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    random noise and strange, some of it even aggravates me.

    edit: considering opening 12 browser windows and playing them all at once..
    • CommentAuthorbrcrth
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2008
     (3161.10) for mine, great "noir" stuff in there, but I'll change this week or the next.
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    My last one was months ago, all J-Pop stuff, and I'm gonna set another J-Pop one up soon enough. For now - regular pop:
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    And here's the J-Pop one.

    WARNING. This muxtape may contain tracks with a weaponised degree of catchy.
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    • CommentAuthorMason
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2008 edited
    I got into punk at 13 and well... That was the beginning of the end for me.

    I love the idea of muxtape, but it doesn't seem like you can change the sound when viewing a muxtape page. Well you can change the sound of your entire computer, but I just want to change the sound of the page. Hmmm...
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    i suppose, at the moment, mine is my own version of a summer dance party. really, what dance party is complete without a little bitta cheap trick?

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    I updated mine, but kept the Telepathe track because it is weapons-grade AWESOME.
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    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2008 edited

    my ex made this for me in March, listen to "Anthony and the Johnsons: cripple and starfish" at the very least, it's unbelievably weird.

    This is how I was introduced to the Mountain Goats, Field Music, and Of Montreal, all good stuff.

    EDIT: her comments:
    (6:53:09 PM) Emily: it's "anthony and the johnsons" cripple and the starfish
    (6:53:19 PM) Emily: hiro and i used to lose our cool over that song
    (6:53:29 PM) Emily: it is amazing and also the gayest most awesome song ever
    (6:53:52 PM) Emily: we would do interpretive dance, with tiny french flags
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2008
    muxtape made a random button. links are now irrelevant.
    • CommentTimeAug 8th 2008
    Tony Moore's Southern Fried Muxtape.

    got a smattering of goodies in there... some old Country Western Swing, murder ballads, covers, and Shel Silverstein's band Dr Hook & The Medicine show.

    best served with bourbon whiskey and something barbecued.