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    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2007
    Doktor Sleepless and Criminal are my current favorite floppies. Particularly since, like Fell and Local and other such wodnerful titles, they give extra value in floppy format over the trade.
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    I just ordered subscriptions (from the DC website, which was probably a mistake) for Robin, Nightwing and Brave and the Bold. All ahve (or will have) sound creative teams, and will hopefully put out good work.
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    booster gold has actually beenkind of cool in a disposable fun kinda way (thats not some sarcastic comment either, its just the best i could come up with)
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    If you like The Boys (like me), you will certainly love Garth Ennis' Punisher Max. It's Marvel, but has no superheroes at all. It's an adult title. And it's magnificent. It's in issue #52 right now, all written by Ennis. All excellent.
    • CommentAuthorsacredchao
    • CommentTimeDec 24th 2007
    I got the first volume of Powers. It's pretty awesome. Lots of dark comedy. I bought DMZ vol 1, but it's still in the mail. I read issue 1 of Casanova, but didn't care for it. Also got Walking Dead vol 1. It's OK, not great, but pretty good. I've caught up on The Boys. Had to buy 4 or 5 issues all at once. It's not Preacher, but still pretty funny.
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    Punisher by Ennis is brilliant. I recommend the Baraccuda story arcs.

    Black Summer

    Doktor Sleepless

    Y: The Last Man (great series, but a really quick read.)
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    Punisher by Ennis is brilliant. I recommend the Baraccuda story arcs.

    Finally! I never understood why so many people didn't like the "Barracuda" arc on Punisher Max. It's not as clever as The Slavers, but fuck is it good fun, cohesive and with an interesting plot (Punisher finally hitting Wall Street). And "Barracuda" had me laughing all the way from part 1 to 6.
    • CommentAuthorMr. Pants
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2008
    Non Cape Recommendations

    Ramayan Reloaded - I like Epic Fantasy and really have enjoyed Virgin's retelling of this myth. It's both mythological and futuristic at the same time and is just a very entertaining read.

    Pax Romana - Or quite frankly anything by Jonathan Hickman.

    Usagi Yojimbo - Probably one of the best books every month on a consistant basis. If you like historical japan this book is for you. Just Great Stuff.

    Walking Dead - Quite simply the best zombie story on the market. In truth what makes this series is how the main characters try to survive in a world without many of the amenities we take for granted, Robert Kirkman creates some of the most fascinating characters I've ever read.

    One last suggestion and it's capy but...

    Blue Beetle - Probably consistantly the best superhero comic month in and out. Two of the best things about it is that it virtually has little to do with the rest of the DCU and Blue Beetle and company are probably some of the best characters in comics. Why this book isn't read by more people I'll never know. (Actually, I do know. Bad marketing.)
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2008
    I agree with a lot of these...

    Blue Beetle is very good...i mean really good.
    Jonah Hex, phenominal.
    Conan still great..
    NORTHLANDERS was a pretty good first issue, it will take getting used to, the modern slang quips i mean.
    USAGI YOJIMBO seconded
    IRON FIST!!!
    ALL STAR SUPERMAN, never liked the character but ive said it before...WOW...this is what superhero comics should be...
    Morrison's Batman also very good....very enjoyable
    THE SPIRIT has been excellent...underrated and under-read
    im sure i'll think of more
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    I got Northlanders 1. It was cool. I'll try to keep up. Unfortunately, my spending has to decrease as we've decided to start saving for a trip to Europe summer 09. Makes me sad, as Im on vol 5 of Walking Dead and Powers, as well as vol 2 of DMZ.

    The Spirit - you mean Eisner? Isn't it generally considered classic?
    • CommentAuthorabkosher
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2008
    Randy74, I think you have my pull list. Well, a lot of it anyway. Randy's list is great. I'd emphasize The Exterminators which doesn't get nearly enough love - it sounds like a bad superhero book, but the title is literal. C'mon, ancient Mayan bug gods, dirty tenements, war criminals, corporate conspiracy and the unadulterated slaughter of nature's tiny monsters? Killer.

    Speaking of love, I was very skeptical about Army @ Love at first, but I'm totally addicted to it now. Incredible satire and a sharp read. Rick Veitch's last Question mini was pretty wonderful too and horribly ignored.

    I'd also like to add Greg Rucka's Checkmate which takes some DCU supporting players and makes them very interesting, combining action with political intrigue. Like the Alias TV series with capes and more women, this series is best when it doesn't have to tie-in with a cross-over event.
    Another DCU title (I'm trying to pick the sort of far-out cape stories sacredchao might like, though my taste might not always be as dark as his) I love is Gail Simone's All-New Atom (though I don't think she's got much longer on the title, unless that newest solicitation is a guest story). So brilliant and original and fertile with great ideas.

    Eric Powell's The Goon, anything by Jeff Parker (X-Men First Class is the first X-book I've bought in decades and his Walk-In for Virgin was great too), a little levity goes a long way - speaking of which, though it comes out irregularly (only 3 issue so far), Michael Kupperman's Tales Designed To Thrizzle from, um, Fantagraphics (?) is hilarious, a real favorite. Casanova has plenty of humor and plenty of wonderful ideas too. I'm enjoying a lot of Matt Fraction's work. His ingenuity reminds me a little of Warren's.

    The Spirit and that new Shark-Man title from Image are both very much in the mold of the old serials, but with a more modern sensibility - a lot of fun to read. In the same category, but on hiatus until the next chapter is Frank Espinoza'a Rocketo which I recommend at every turn. An incredibly original painting style for graphic literature and a tremendous sense of wonder in the writing - think the old classic strips, but with more depth: Flash Gordon, Dick Tracy, Terry & the Pirates.

    There have been some awesome Westerns these last couple of years - Jonah Hex, Streets of Glory, Loveless, Deadlander (just beautiful to look at).

    Also on that list above and very deserving of the attention it's getting is Jason Aaron's Scalped which should still be read by more people. Looking forward to is Ghost Rider.

    As far as ass-kicking (with some original ideas thrown in for good measure), you just can't beat the Avatar stuff. Ellis, Ennis (and soon Delano) are doing some really wonderful work, but the artists on these series, perhaps eclipsed by the bigger name writers, are their secret weapons. I have to admit, the art was an acquired taste for me - the extensive gore, slightly blocky anatomy and snapshot-style action initially came across as juvenile to me (though I don't seem to make the same judgments in film). But now I love it. The amount of detail here is just amazing, Juan Jose Ryp on Black Summer, Mike Wolfer on Streets of Glory, Raulo Caceres on Crecy (even more detailed and perhaps a bit different in his style when placed beside the other Avatar artists (I can't bring myself to say Avatartists)). I relish every drop of blood, every square jaw and flat top, every lick of flame in these pages. And those wraparound covers!!! Doktor Sleepless wraparounds should be made into posters - the black and white ones into color-by-numbers posters.

    You're already reading Brian K. Vaughan. There's nothing very POMO about his Dr. Strange: Oath mini, but it's so damn good (and good looking) that it deserves a mention.

    OK, that's it for now.
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    The amount of detail here is just amazing, Juan Jose Ryp on Black Summer, Mike Wolfer on Streets of Glory, Raulo Caceres on Crecy

    ... and Jacen Burrows on Chronicles of Wormwood. One of the best visual narratives I've seen in a long time.
    • CommentAuthorabkosher
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2008
    Yeah, I didn't mean to leave Jacen Burrows out.
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    Yeah, I didn't mean to leave Jacen Burrows out.

    Hey, I know. Just thought I should add him, because I'm a fan of his art. Actually, I'm a fan of all the Avatar artists I've seen so far. Mike Wolfer, Juan Jose Ryp. Raulo Caceres, Jacen... they're all incredible. And, of course, the colorists, all excellent: Greg Waller, Andrew Dalhouse and Mark Sweeney. Those are the ones I know, and I'm constantly impressed by all of them.
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    You could visit your local library for trades borrow and read.
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    Yeah, but I've read almost everything good the local library has. I've only got one friend who's into comics, and he just reads cape shit.
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2008
    I forgot:
    Black Summer
    Army @ Love
    Crossing Midnight
    Dok Sleepless
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    My current list. Some are not monthly, but this is what I get when it shows up at the comic shop, which in the case of the Morrison Wildstorm titles and JMS's Book of Lost Souls is probably 'never again'.

    Crossing Midnight
    The Vinyl Underground
    Desolation Jones
    The Authority
    The Authority: Prime
    Book of Lost Souls
    The Boys
    Doktor Sleepless
    Black Summer
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    Emily The Strange
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    I've read almost everything good the local library has. that case, have you talked to the librarian(s) about bringing in specific titles? They always seem (here anyway) to be open to suggestions. And it never hurts to ask.
    • CommentAuthorMr. Pants
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2008
    Book of Lost Souls is coming back.