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    I think Kieron's too buried in work to start this at the minute, so I will.

    We've got a new series of Phonogram coming out soon. Here's the postcard we launched with at San Diego last month:

    Phonogram 2

    I'll let Kieron fill you in on the particulars when he has time, but here are the basics. It's a seven issue series, starting in December. It's in full colour. Each issue has a 16-18 page main story illustrated by me, with 6-8 pages of back-up stories drawn by different artists.

    It's in Previews next month. IT WOULD REALLY, REALLY HELP US IF YOU PRE-ORDERED. Really. Not only do we need the sales, you may not be able to find a copy if you turn up at the store on week of release without doing so, as it might have sold the copies it had. We saw this with PG: Rue Britannia, and even more so with Suburban Glamour.

    Why go for the singles instead of the trade? Well, cutting and pasting from the Phonogram Blog over here:

    1) Commerce one first: We need the mini-series to sell so Jamie can eat. It’s in full colour now, so we need to raise the numbers on the issues a little. As lovers of comics ourselves, we both tend to wait for the trade when there’s no reason to do otherwise.
    2) And rapidly, we’re already on art. The “reason to do otherwise” had to be making a comic where the singles are ridiculously compelling, singular objects in and of themselves. These aren’t singles as a stepping stone to a spine. These are singles like… well, a pop single. A condensed blast of everything we give a toss about.
    3) I’ll admit, there’s a little bit of open perverseness to trying to make the single exciting. When the industry wisdom says one thing, turning our innovative energies towards an increasingly disrespected format is fun.
    4) But even without that: Once collected the main story changes its nature. Reading a single issue gives you a single story, that can be enjoyed in the context of the other back-up stories. In other words: reading the singles puts greater attention on each stories merits as an individual story. Reading the stories in a row puts greater attention on the novelistic connections between them. Having all seven in a trade, then having more stories afterwards breaks the effect. The story, once collected, needs to end, not to change into something else.

    So, to reiterate: The back-up stories and text WILL NOT be in the trade. If you want them (and you should, they are ace), please buy the singles.
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    And we'll be both hanging around if anyone has any questions. Ask us about the relative merits of the Foals and the Ting Tings. I dares yous.

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    I wouldn't wipe your knob on the Ting Tings.
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    You are on the right side of the war, Sir.
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    Shitty pop.
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    • CommentAuthorJo
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2008
    I will be buying the shit out of this, in multiples, as I did with the first series.

    Welcome back, lovelies. I'm so pleased to see youse.
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    So, Phonogram 2, ladies and gents, written by Kieron, drawn by someone who's not me...
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    cannot fucking wait. one of the best minis of, what was it last year? or the year before??

    whatever. as a music nerd, even a genre that i am not immersed in makes for better reading than 99.9% of stuff. especially since you can tell that it comes from a deep love of the subject matter.

    plus, i actually learned from the first one!
    • CommentAuthorScottS
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2008
    I missed Phonogram when it first came out, but did get the TPB and really enjoyed it. And then dug Suburban Glamour. So yeah, I'll be adding this to my pull list over the weekend.
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    Loved the first series (even though I came to it late) and the backmatter was one of the main reasons I bought the singles rather than the trade.
    Good luck with this, adding to pull list tomorrow
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2008
    Foals over Ting Tings, anytime!

    Can't wait to get my hands on the singles...
    • CommentAuthorSolario
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2008
    I am getting the singles like last time. And I might actually get some of the reference this time around since it seems at least a little contemporary in its soundtrack.

    (And I like the Ting Tings. Not brilliant or anything, but fine. It's not like they're fucking Alphabeat or something.)
    • CommentAuthorded jed
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2008
    Fuck. Yes.

    Phonogram made me dive into my dusty stacks like a hungry, hungry hippo and gave a whole new context to WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING ALL MY LIFE, namely music magic.

    Too bad I have no idea who or what those, I assume bands, are... Time to find out.

    Thanks, boys.
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    I usually trade-wait but I'm tempted to pick up the singles for this.

    And for the record, prog-rock is the worst thing to happen to music ever.
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    I didn't even know about Phonogram: Rue Brittania til the trade came out, so I had no opportunity to check out the backmatter. As someone who both loves backmatter and loves Gillen and McKelvie's work, I am ALL OVER THIS.
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2008

    The Ting Tings are what would happen if the movie Juno were a band, only Michael Cera's character had been replaced with a mute, pants on head mouth breather.
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    Great news!
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2008 edited
    The Ting Tings are what would happen if the movie Juno were a band, only Michael Cera's character had been replaced with a mute, pants on head mouth breather.

    i saw them on conan obrien and had no idea they were a band that people knew about. then again,im behind on pop music MOST of the time. i just heard this "katy perry" nonsense the other day for the first time. goddamn shes adorably sexy, but ugggggggh someone shut her up.