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    Just recently found 4chan, and I find it like this smattering ot crazy shit in one place. Somethings stick and something don't and yay I wasted some time.
    I think the anonymity thing helps people just speak their mind a bit more earnest, hence all the heinous shit on there, which is necessary for the internet to have.
    Also in certain things like Gun Pron, Papercraft, and FUCKED UP GIFS it is a great resource...
    I mean where are we gonna get our HELICOPTER-MAN GIFS? WHERE?!?!
    • CommentAuthorVetes
    • CommentTimeAug 16th 2008
    Imageboards are very odd. In one way, there are some great discussions (look at the /co/ board, comics & cartoons or /fit/, health & fitness on 4chan.) and then turn around and have the insane mumblings and incoherence of /b/.

    Personally, I love Imageboards. Information flows quick and is also visual because of the speed of a board like /b/. The sharp, and very quick, wit of some people on these sites is fascinating as well.
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    I have to agree with the various comments above about the *chans being likely to remain the birthplace of much of the internets' original content.
    A good example of this would be the colossal thread on /zom/ wherein hundreds of people wrote their own fictional accounts of a sudden zombie outbreak, any single entry wouldn't qualify as a work of fiction in its own right but the collective effort gave the genuine impression of groups of survivors desperately trying to help each other survive, better yet a narrative formed.
    Each contributor included their own elements into a story, different users gave different definitions for the behaviour of the threat, some tried to work all of these together into a viral metamorphosis. Innovative defensive measures caused others to write of their struggles to implement the same, it created an entire fictional world in the space of a few hours.
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    I have a certain fondness for the chans. I don't visit that often any more because I primarily do the interwebs through my phone now, but I've always found it to have amusing content. The fact that it's the asshole of the internet just makes it better; it's interesting to see what people do when given a forum that's completely uncensored, with no culpability whatsoever.

    The real surprise, to me, isn't when people scream around in their underpants griefing each other; it's when they post genuine content. A lot of people act like anonymity and non-culpability automatically equal buckets of arse-eels, and by that reckoning there shouldn't be any redeeming content on the chans ever. Yet despite that, cool little gems like the /zom fiction mentioned above crop up.

    Also, on the chans, it's pretty much a given that people will be dickweasles. When someone isn't a dickweasle, it's a pleasant surprise. Compare this to the rest of the internet where, due to modship, rules, restricted membership, common etiquette, the sudden appearance of a troll can be unexpected, and is often genuinely upsetting and disrupting, causing thread closures, hurt feelings, and all sorts of shenanigans. Sockpuppets, pseuicides, hostile in-game corporate take overs (hello) are all much more complex than the petty flaming that (I've seen) appear(s) on the chans. The dickweasles on the chans still exist, they just have to be more sophisticated in their trollery to hold our attention.

    ...I hope this came out right.
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    @starsunwanted: of course. Imageboards are like giant petri dishes filled with antibiotics. You add a huge sample of bacteria, and you get out one or two resistant strains. Imageboards breed uber-trolls.