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    I'm just always stunned at the irony that the most addicting and mind-fucking drugs always are most popular in the midwest and not the cities like New York or LA
    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2008

    Crack and Heroin are pretty popular in LA. Go east into Riverside and you have tweaker central. South to OC the housewives are on coke and oxycontin.
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    Also the idea of the curfew isn't without precedent around here. I doubt there's more than a couple of towns in Arkansas that don't have under 18 curfews. I'm actually sort of curious how widespread that sort of curfew is in other states.
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    We have curfews here, too, but I've yet to meet the politician with the balls to try martial law. A police chief with the balls to tie one on and drive the police cruiser out to pick a fight with another police officer, yes. A permanent curfew, no.

    I just noticed this...
    "The citizens deserve peace, that some infringement on constitutional rights is OK and we have not violated anything as far as the Constitution."

    Isn't he saying that he both infringed upon the Constitution, but didn't, all in the same sentence? Or is he trying to say that they haven't done any infringing yet, but by God, it'll be okay when they do?

    Not that either is a good thing.
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    @Justineger oh I know it's a bit of a step but it certainly greases the slope for this sort of thing.
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    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2008
    There was a letter in a local paper out here(Colorado Springs) in which the person said he had seen soldiers standing guard downtown near the bars on a friday or saturday. Is this normal? Ive never seen nor heard of it before
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    Unless they were soldiers out for a night on the town themselves, no. Official Army operations are generally prohibited from being done on home turf, and you would have heard if the governor called out the National Guard.
    • CommentTimeAug 18th 2008 edited
    @SilentObjector-Many people who make the cheap shit can get away with it down here because the cops are addicted themselves or don't care. they don't have the money to get it to the big cities and are barely getting by with what they can sell and what they smoke themselves. You can't really have a meth lab in an apartment complex or crowded neighborhood, it really has to be somewhere where you can be by yourself.
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    I'm surprised how quick people here are in assuming this curfew is unconstitutional. I don't think it's that clear.

    7.12.01 of the Helena-West Helena City Code: Civil emergencies The Mayor, at any time a condition has arisen or is imminent, which in his judgment constitutes a civil disturbance, riot, insurrection or time of local disaster, may declare a state of emergency and impose a curfew for such time and for such areas as he deems necessary to meet such emergency. Provided, however, such curfew shall not extend for over a period of fourty-eight (48) hours unless extended by a majority vote of the members of the governing body.

    It just comes down to whether you think rampant shootings and gang violence constitute enough of an emergency or civil disturbance to warrant the curfew. I can see that viewpoint. Not that I like this, but it just doesn't immediately strike me as completely pissing on the Constitution. Emergency powers are a familiar tough spot for constitutionality, and I'm usually against this sort of thing, but I can see both sides this time.

    The other thing getting mentioned is the loss of protection against unreasonable search and seizure. That's not happening. That provision basically boils down to the police requiring a warrant or probable cause to search and seize your property or person. The only thing police are doing as mentioned in this article while enforcing the curfew is questioning people out and about. If there's a valid reason, they're cool; if there's something dubious about their response, it prompts further questioning. There's nothing search-and-seizure about this. There's a right to privacy thing going on, but that's preempted by a general violation of the (seemingly [to me]) legally-imposed curfew.

    I'm not seeing the violation here. It sucks, but if it's needed, it's needed. Are there better solutions that don't dick over the law-abiding along with the criminals? Maybe. But if people are getting shot day-in and day-out, I get it.