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    I had me a hankerin' for some blues and jazz the other day so I nabbed a bunch of torrents of Ella Fitzgerald and Satchmo, Dizzy Gillespie, and Howlin' Wolf.

    I imagine the Devil looks somewhat like The Howlin' Wolf, black as char and looming over a microphone, with a voice created from gargling bleach whiskey with a gravel chaser.

    Anyway, sucks and Whitechapel dwellers seem to know what's up with just about everything. No one likes fucking Weather Channel jazz, soft jazz, Kenny G, or any of that shit. It's not music, it's background noise, please don't post it.

    What do you all recommend?

    In return, Howlin' Wolf groovin' like no tomorrow with fever in his eyes.

    • CommentAuthorbuzzorhowl
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2008
    Where jazz is concerned, I'm mostly into the 50s era stuff leading up to the "new thing" aka free jazz, and then a good bit of the free jazz stuff as well. I'd recommend checking out Miles Davis's "Kind Of Blue" and "Sketches Of Spain", John Coltrane's "Giant Steps", Tadd Dameron and John Coltrane's "Mating Call", Sonny Rollins's "Saxophone Colossus", Art Blakey's "Moanin", "Thelonious Monk Quartet With John Coltrane At Carnegie Hall" (an amazing live recording the existence of which was unknown until 3 years ago), Ornette Coleman's "The Shape Of Jazz To Come", Albert Ayler's "Spiritual Unity", and Pharoah Sanders's "Karma". That list progresses from the late 50s into the early 60s and into free jazz as it goes on, so be forewarned of that if you are one of the many who stops liking jazz when it hits the free jazz era.
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2008
    EEEEEeeeeeeiiiiii Jazz. :)

    Thats the noise I make when I think/talk/feel/listen to Jazz.

    This is parts 1 and 4 of Coltrane's A Love Supreme and its fucking breathtaking (some of y'all can't handle parts 2-3 though heh)

    Brilliant, and anyone who says different is a Communist.

    And some Miles for those of you in the softer-Blusey mood:

    Also there's a classic vid out there of the two performing So What together which is pretty tight
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2008 edited
    Thanks for the recommendations! I've heard the Chicago label Chess had a bunch of great artists too, anyone know who?

    Edit : Damn. Coltrance breaks it out at 3:40 in the last Coltrane video above. Normally hate saxophones (I'm a brass kind of guy), but Coltrane makes love to his. Hot. Hard. Rocket love.
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2008

    good list there mate, have you heard ornette's 'On Tenor'. It's awesome, like in the literal meaning: you listen to it in awe. it's one of those albums where the more you crank it the better it sounds... and it's free as fuck!
    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2008 edited
    How many instruments has Orenette mastered?

    I see violon/fiddle being played like a fucking saxophone, a trumpet, and a saxophone being played like a trumpet all in the same set. Amazing.

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    Now that jazz has been covered, what about THE BLUUUEEESSSS?
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    Robert Johnson
    John Lee Hooker
    Skip James

    All you need to know about the blues. Or at least that's where I'd start. Skip James has the most hair raising voice ever. You might remember him from the record they play in Ghost World. Robert Johnson is the original, sold my soul to the devil for otherworldy guitar skills, guy.

    You can also explore like Son House, Muddy Watters, annnnnnnd Blind Willie McTell....also Blind Lemon Jefferson.

    And if you like Satchmo you might also like Jelly Roll Mourton
    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2008 edited
    Jelly Roll Mourton sounds fantastic and I haven't even heard him. I remember liking the record they played in Ghost World too. Thanks for the recommendations, I love blues artists with otherwordly voices (hence my fascination with Howlin' Wolf and Satchmo).

    EDIT: Skip James croons like an angel about shooting and burying his love. Wowzers.

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    It's actually spelled Jelly Roll Morton I think. Which may help. He credits himself with inventing jazz. He's quite the character.
    • CommentAuthorWakefield
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2008 edited
    You might be interested in Pre-War Revenants, which showcases singers that recorded before WWII and then essentially disappeared.

    My personal favorite are the Nugrape Twins. Historians don't know if they were paid to shill for Nugrape soda, or if they simply sang about it because they were big fans.

    There's also Tommy Settlers and his Blues Moaner. He's great, he basically just honks everything out.

    The booklet that accompanies the CD gives some historical bg and insight into the music.

    I like Mississippi John Hurt too. He sings that badass version of Stagger (Stack O') Lee.
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2008 edited
    Some of my favourite Blues stuff:

    Robert Johnson

    Lightnin' Hopkins

    Big Bill Broonzy

    Mississippi Fred McDowell


    Freddie King

    Albert King

    Jazz stuff worth checking out:


    Bill Frisell
    The Bad Plus
    Medeski Martin and Wood
    Uri Caine
    Flat Earth Society
    Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
    Dave Douglas
    The Blessing
    Polar Bear
    Brad Mehldau
    Esbjorn Svensson Trio
    Steven Bernstein
    John Abercrombie
    Tim Berne
    Thomas Chapin
    Adam Rogers
    Chris Speed
    Critters Buggin
    Lounge Lizards
    Pat Metheny
    Matthew Shipp
    Henry Threadgill
    Bobby Previte
    Wayne Horvitz
    Zony Mash

    Eastern flavours:

    John Zorn's Masada Projects
    Renaud Garcia-Fons
    Rabih Abou-Khalil
    Paradox Trio
    Hasidic New Wave
    Taksim Trio


    George Benson before he started singing. His CTI albums are gold.
    Django Reinhardt
    Art Ensemble of Chicago
    Eric Dolphy
    Charles Mingus
    Max Roach
    Kenny Burrell
    Andrew Hill
    Ramsey Lewis
    Freddie Hubbard
    Herbie Hancock
    Chick Corea
    Miles Davis (post 60s)
    Wes Montgomery
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    For myself, there are many of the old fascinating legends that i enjoy.

    And then there's 1 name from today whose blues really reach out and grab my attention more than anyone else.

    Otis Taylor.
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    AAAAAAAH! Great posts here, so far, so awesome.

    The one thing I could contribute is probably a little more modern BUT incredible nonetheless: Kieth Jarret is an incredible musician, more experimental and improvisation , he has an mazing of taking you places with his work. The best album I can recommend is the Koln Concert, which you can listen to form one end to another.

    Listen to 10 minutes of the concert, and tell me what you think...
    • CommentAuthorBdeB
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2008 edited
    I have a bias toward sax players and singers....
    (and apparently can't figure out to have video post here....
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2008
    i recommend Rune Grammofon. seriously, i don't care what you think jazz is, go get some In The Country, Supersilent, and Jaga Jazzist.
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2008
    Buddy Guy is pound for pound the best blues guitarist in the world. Go pick up Damn Right I Got the Blues, it is excellent.
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2008
    Don Cherry, with John Coltrane.
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    Django Reinhardt for all your jazz guitar needs. Thelonious Monk. Charles Mingus. And for something outside the box, the soundtracks to Cowboy Bebop....
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2008
    the Cowboy Bebop movie soundtrack has some interesting jpopjazz kind of stuff on it.