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    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2008
    I have just started colaborating with a friend of mine, a talented artist who has so little time to pursue his art because he lives in the real world too. So I am throwing together a comic story for him to illustrate to satisfy our mutual artistic cravings.
    A nice preamble and here is my question:

    If I want to post this material online, in a similar fasion to FreakAngels, is there a free online source anyone can suggest?

    I have a freewebs account, but the "photo album" option is lacking in quality retention : )

    Any suggestions welcome!
    • CommentAuthorKosmopolit
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2008
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    When I was starting out I checked out Webcomics Nation and Comic Genesis (which I think is the same as Keenpace) and found them too fiddly and complicated to set up. Ultimately I found the easiest way to do a serial webcomic was just to get a blog. Blogs have rss feeds to keep fans notified of updates, archive old posts, and can be visually customised to some extent. Everything you need.

    I started with a free Wordpress blog. Wordpress is particularly good as it does pages as well as blog posts, so when I built up a backlog of pages of the comic I could archive them in batches and make navigating the archives easier. It also seems the most customisable in terms of appearance of the free blog hosts. The only comics-specific customisation I did was to use photoshop and html to make a navigation bar with "first", "previous", "next" and "latest" buttons on it, which could be copied and pasted into each post, just changing the "previous" and "next" links.

    Once I got going I installed Wordpress on my own website and transferred everything over there. You can do a bit more with Wordpress on your own site than you can with a blog - themes and plugins and so on - but you need your own domain name and hosting, which costs money (the Wordpress software is free). Garen Ewing and Klio (to name two off the top of my head) use LiveJournal for their webcomics The Rainbow Orchid and SPQR Blues respectively. Can't think of any comics that use Blogger offhand, but you might find some.

    Anyway, have a look at my site - - and see what you think.
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    I just got a website and posted some pretty easy javascript myself. If you or your friend has a domain and want the code, I'll paste it for you.
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2008
    Wow! You guys are great! 3 different solutions for 3 different skill levels! I'll probably start with the easiest and work my way up!
    Brendan, can you paste the code you use? That would save me time when I get to that phase :)
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    @pKone also wordpress with the comicpress template is extremely easy to setup and use. Domains are cheap. Upshot of webcomicsnation, keenspot etc. You have a built in audience; for someone just starting out this can be huge. Also.. there's drunkduck ... but it's yucky and owned by Platinum who are.. at best questionable.
    • CommentAuthorKosmopolit
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2008 edited
    pkone, I'm speakign entirely from theory here but I think Steve is spot-on.

    ComxGenesis (which used to be keenspace) and webcomicsnation are the easiest way to get started both technically and in terms of getting people to notice you.

    If things go well you can start to think about getting your own website.
      CommentAuthorJeff Owens
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2008
    @pKone, @PatrickBrown - I use Blogger and I love it. Don't know that it would work for any comic, but it does for mine.
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    Sure, here goes. Though webcomicsnation has a terrific interface and a built-in audience if this gets frustrating. Change all the ### and *** to karats when you actually run the code, and delete anything in bold and you have a working code. You'll probably want to pull another code for pre-loading images, and find a good program to save images as small .PNG files without losing quality.

    ###SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"***

    var num=1
    img1 = new Image ()
    img1.src = "hann/hann0101.jpg"

    HANN is the subdirectory where the HANN0101 filen's located, just to be absolutely clear. You don't need to sub your files, but it helps keep things tidy. Then I repeat for the number of pages I intend to use.

    img2 = new Image ()
    img2.src = "hann/hann0102.jpg"
    img3 = new Image ()
    img3.src = "hann/hann0103.jpg"
    img4 = new Image ()
    img4.src = "hann/hann0104.jpg"
    img5 = new Image ()
    img5.src = "hann/hann0105.jpg"
    img6 = new Image ()
    img6.src = "hann/hann0106.jpg"
    img7 = new Image ()
    img7.src = "hann/hann0107.jpg"
    img8 = new Image ()
    img8.src = "hann/hann0108.jpg"

    The part below commands the slideshow to go up when you click on the "Next" link. It tells the slideshow to go back to the beginning if the NUM value is more than the number of IMGs referred to above. So as you add pages, change the 9 below to 20, 1000, whatever's one more.

    function slideshowUp()
    if (num==9)

    Same, but for back.

    function slideshowBack()
    if (num==0)



    Now for the actual image that will be the first page of our comic. I believe the NAME is crucial for the above code to reference.

    ###IMG SRC="hann/hann0101.jpg" NAME="hannibal" BORDER=0***

    Links to the JavaScript we just coded.

    ###A HREF="JavaScript:slideshowBack()"*** Back###/A***

    ###A HREF="JavaScript:slideshowUp()"*** Next###/A***

    And here's the preloading code. Put this part in the HEAD section of your page.

    .hiddenPic {display:none;}

    And this part at the bottom, just before the end of your BODY section. Change the dimensions and names accordingly:

    ###img src="/hann/hann0101.jpg"
    alt="Hannibal Goes to Rome" title="Hannibal"
    height="994" width="769" class="hiddenPic"***

    ###img src="/hann/hann0102.jpg"
    alt="Hannibal Goes to Rome" title="Hannibal"
    height="994" width="769" class="hiddenPic"***

    ###img src="/hann/hann0103.jpg"
    alt="Hannibal Goes to Rome" title="Hannibal"
    height="994" width="769" class="hiddenPic"***

    ###img src="/hann/hann0104.jpg"
    alt="Hannibal Goes to Rome" title="Hannibal"
    height="994" width="769" class="hiddenPic"***

    ###img src="/hann/hann0105.jpg"
    alt="Hannibal Goes to Rome" title="Hannibal"
    height="994" width="769" class="hiddenPic"***

    ###img src="/hann/hann0106.jpg"
    alt="Hannibal Goes to Rome" title="Hannibal"
    height="994" width="769" class="hiddenPic"***

    ###img src="/hann/hann0107.jpg"
    alt="Hannibal Goes to Rome" title="Hannibal"
    height="994" width="769" class="hiddenPic"***

    ###img src="/hann/hann0108.jpg"
    alt="Hannibal Goes to Rome" title="Hannibal"
    height="994" width="769" class="hiddenPic"***

    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2008
    Comicspace is really easy to use, and they let you upload as many strips or pages or whatever as you want, and make them live on pre-arranged dates.
    • CommentAuthorCatFang
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2008
    MyeBook is pretty good (although it has annoying "page turning" technology) but it is free and very easy to upload your content (remember to convert any CMYK files to RGB or you get a strange "glowing" effect on the colours).

    If you need / want to it lets you have live weblinks or even sound and video embedded within the book as well.

    It also auto generates code so you can embed the ebook in your 9or anyone's) webpage / facebook or whatever.
    • CommentAuthorSpenceball
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2008
    Check us out at Great Ape Press We're accepting submissions- check our forum for guidelines and compensation- that's right... COMPENSATION (read here, money at a future date.)
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    and why not go landscape to fit the screen?
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    i use a live journal. it's alright