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    Because you demanded it (months ago), every week Warren opens a thread for discussion of the comics you bought this week. Only Warren's a bit swamped this week, so it's my turn.

    I'm a mechanic with a lot of holes in my comics knowledge, so just a list of what you bought is completely useless to me. Tell me what you thought about what you bought as if I've got no idea what you're talking about and you want to help inform me. Use the "hide" button to disguise spoiler material, if you can, please -- people use this thread to decide what comics to buy on a weekend visit.

    Lessee, categories... This week let's go with:




    (translate as you will)

    -- A
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2008

    [-] The Victorian Horrors of Old Mauch Chunk 1

    With The Victorian Horrors of Old Mauch Chunk's advertising and other seeming connections to the real town, it's hard to know what to make of it. However, the story inside is intriguing with a newly discovered steampunk-ish material, murder, racial tensions and lies. Damn lies.

    [-] Conan 2

    After a somewhat lackluster first issue, the second issue of Conan the Cimmerian wraps up the "Mark of the Wolf" story with a satisfying ending that had me feeling like I was on the receiving end of a rope-a-dope.

    [-] Scalped 20

    Just when you think that things couldn't get any worse for Agent Bad Horse, they do. Much, much worse as he realizes a psycho is the only one who knows the truth and he'd rather share his lover's addiction than help her over it.


    [-] Fear Agent 23

    Fear Agent 23 is down right confusing. Intentionally so, though, as Heath and his ex-wife have been mysterious transported to a town that's part Old West and part space colony. It's a bit like something out of Alan Moore's old Future Shocks. However, with laws against drinking and violence, chances are Heath won't last long. Because of, you know, the killing. And the alcoholism.

    [-] Ret Romanne 1

    A line in Ret Romanne reads, "Ret knew...he was missing vital clues. But clues to what?" After the first issue, I felt the same way.
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    hi ariana:

    trinity #12 busiek/bagley this weekly keeps trugging along. capes,more capes, so many capes! i keep buying is so can not yell to loud. the back story or second story if you will is interesting.
    the punisher kills the marvel universe ennis/braithwaite hehehehe, fun yet again.
    dark iory linsner/hopkins i don't know why i do this. it is hard to go beyound simply 'ok' on this one. one more issue and done. thats a good thing.

    air wilson/perker there seemed to be a lot of buzz on this on. i read it. then; i read it again. i really liked it, however, i'll be damned if i know why. i look forward to see where this goes. my gut says this is going to be worth the read.
    hybrid kwong/churin/lee this is well worth the read (imho). issue #2 was less of a saturday morning grade 'B' 1960's really fun sci-fi romp than the first issue, but; but; but, this is still so good that i just can not say no to the U$D 3.50; this looks like it will be creature of the black lagoon in color/print and you know what.(!) i can handle that. just not as well written as first issue.
    anna mercury ellis/percio oh my! this is just yummmmmy.
    the hair, just awesome and the walk away in the rain at the end
    was just a remarkable bit of story telling as it should be experienced. good,good,good stuff.

    other stuff money was spent on: gravel HB. wonderful; i also picked up the rest of the metabarons trades....can not wait to get into that. also picked up the wasteland book 01 trade. and, the 2 global frequency trades. it was a big $$$$$ visit to the comic shop, but, now i have plently to read.
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    ANNA MERCURY #3 - After the mind-bending exposition of the last issue, it was nice to have some straight-ahead action.

    SCUD: THE WHOLE SHEBANG! - $30! 800 pages! 1,000,000 laughs! I'll never leave my room again.

    1985 #4 - This series makes me feel like I'm watching The Goonies or Gremlins or some other kind of playful 80s movie where all hell breaks loose

    Air #1 - It was different. Also looks like it has a lot to say about the post-post-9/11 world. I'll probably wait for the trade, though.


    Iron Man #32 - The arc is over and now i feel like I can drop the series. It's not a bad series. I just don't care anymore.
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    ANNA MERCURY #3 - The
    Boomerang between worlds
    was spectacular, and...well...I just love the pacing of the book so much, ending it on such a calm and mysterious note was great, I can't imagine how the next issue will start which is freaking great.

    Doktor Sleepless Manual #1 (Some other kinda cover) - As I said before, Avatar got a bit of my booze money again, and I'm more than happy to fork it over; I'm not that interested in Alt covers, but this one does look damn cool, and If I can pitch in a bit extra every month by buying an alt-cover, so be it.

    CAPTAIN AMERICA #41 I never thought I'd be buying a Captain America comic, but 41 issues in, and I'm still enjoying the hell out of it. Such is the power of the Brubaker.


    AIR #1 - I steadfastly refused to buy this. Vertigo's new books have been spotty at best over the last couple of years, and the ones I really did like (other than DMZ and Northlanders) got canceled early leaving me a heartbroken mess of a man, but the Gaiman quote comparing it to Pynchon pulled me in. I'm not entirely sure that my first instinct was wrong, but it's definitely worth sticking around for a couple of more issues.
    Treating the sky as a space for waring groups seems interesting.

    1985 #4 Loved the last issue, so-so on this one. I do like the level of mayhem caused by Marvel villains spilling over into a non-superhero world though.
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    Uh I love Kelly Sue, but Fraction and Brubaker have just proved that they should probably just get married.
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    Well, Ariana, since you don't have as much comics-backstory knowledge as some of us, I'm interpreting the categories as "You can start reading with this issue and enjoy it" and "You will need some serious backstory to understand this." So, without further ado:


    MOON KNIGHT #21: The second issue with Mike Benson writing solo, first with him doing an ongoing story arc rather than a one-and-done. I hate to say this, since in theory I love anything Charlie Huston writes (basing this mostly on the fact that I fucking adore his Joe Pitt novels), but I think now that Huston isn't involved with the title anymore things are a lot clearer. I also think this is a good time to start reading this title. Moon Knight has been even more insane than usual since returning to the caped-crusader scene, and has killed or nearly killed a lot of people. The government has run out of patience, and they're after him. Is it possible that Moon Knight has lost his mind any more than he already had? If so, it looks like maybe he has... or maybe he's actually getting better. Either way, he's dressed all in black and appears to have shed the spectral presence of Khonshu, his god of vengeance. But Moonie's only in about 6 pages of this issue, the rest being setup for a major reckoning that's coming down the pike. I'm looking forward to what's coming, especially since it's going to look fucking gorgeous with the art team of Mark Texeira and Javier Saltares on the title. Love these guys' work.

    IMMORTAL IRON FIST: ORIGIN OF DANNY RAND: Other than a 2 page intro by Matt Fraction and Kano, this is a straight up reprint of Iron Fist's first appearances in Marvel Premiere #15 and #16, back in 1974. I'm one of those people who tends to think that any comics made more than a decade ago are utter shit 99% of the time, so I was surprised to find two issues obviously churned out by Marvel Bullpen regulars of the time (Gil Kane, Len Wein, Roy Thomas) to be pretty decent. Don't get me wrong, this isn't great writing, and it gets pretty cliched at points, but it's not the kind of churned-out crap I expect from just about anything this old, so that in itself is a compliment. I probably could have done without this comic--if I'd realized it was almost entirely reprints, I wouldn't have bought it--but having gotten it, I don't regret doing so.

    AIR #1: Never read anything by Willow Wilson before, but have heard good things, so I figured I'd check out her new Vertigo title. SO glad I did! This is excellent writing, excellent art by M.K. Perker, and something like 48 pages crammed in for a regular-comic price of $2.99. Great enticement to keep me sticking around on the title, and even though I don't completely understand what's going on, I love the character of Blythe the acrophobic stewardess, and want to see what happens next with her. It's really hard for me to tell which of the shadowy organizations using commercial airlines for their own ends in the post-911 world are really good guys and which are really bad guys, and I question whether any of them are 100% one or the other, but that only makes it more human and more interesting. Definitely on board for more of this. Also, I found out from Willow Wilson's afterword that she's straight-edge, which is cool because a lot of times in the world of comics, where everyone's either down the pub knocking back pints or doing hallucinogens and chaos magick, I feel like the only sober one in the pack. Nice to know I'm in good company there.
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    1985 #4: This is an action packed issue of a title that started out quite calmly, with a lot of exposition. If I'd gone straight from issue #1 to this one, I wouldn't have recognized it as the same title. The Marvel supervillains that have been unleashed on little Toby's town are running completely amuck, and most of this ish is nonstop action as Toby and his dad try to avoid the chaos erupting and make sure each other and Toby's mom are safe and accounted for. By the end of the comic, Toby's realized that drastic action is called for... and wait til you see what he does. It kicks the whole thing up to another level, at a point when I didn't think this comic could get any more intense. Between this title and the few of Millar's recent Fantastic Four issues I've checked out, he's on a serious roll with the Marvel universe, and that's not to mention his creator-owned title Kick-Ass. It's all the more remarkable that I'm saying this in light of the fact that I usually have nothing but hate for Fantastic Four, and would typically have to be bribed to read it. Oh, and by the way, Tommy Lee Edwards' art on this title is outstanding. I don't know where this guy came from, but I hope to see more of his work soonest.

    SCALPED #20: This is the final issue of a story arc that was the darkest yet in Scalped. All of the action has basically been cleared up, and this issue is more a denouement than anything. Things are going pretty much as expected for all of the characters, and our long-suffering hero Dash Bad Horse is getting the worst of it on pretty much every front. Meanwhile, his girl Carol, who's got demons of her own, is exposing him to some bad elements, and with no relief in sight, Dash gives in to temptation and gives this comic about the most downbeat ending possible. I actually yelled out, "No, don't do it!" as I read the second-to-last page. I really want to believe that the next arc will introduce some much-needed hope for these beaten down characters, but I don't see it happening. Realistically, there's nowhere to go from here but down. I'll follow it all the way, and I'm sure I will appreciate the talent it takes to create such a fascinating storyline, but I don't know that I'm really enjoying this anymore. I feel like I'm reading the closing chapters of "Heavier Than Heaven" again.

    CAPTAIN AMERICA #41: Ed Brubaker's storyline has been complicated and requiring of close attention ever since I started reading this comic around issue #21, and I think I've finally read enough of it that I'm starting to understand everything I need to understand and get every reference I need to be aware of. This is the first issue I've gotten in a while that I didn't feel required my rereading the previous four or five in order to understand. There are a couple of bigtime shake-ups in this issue, too, and they seem to indicate that things are looking up for our heroes, but we won't really know for a while, will we? Either way, the writing is even better than it is complex, and I continue to love Steve Epting's art, so this comic stays solidly in my good graces.

    AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #568: This title has been fluctuating from "Hmmm... I don't know" to flat-out "I fucking hate this crap" ever since the execrable "Brand New Day" concept was unveiled, and that fluctuation has everything to do with who is writing the title at any given moment. They've given the lion's share of the post-BND issues to the worst of the four regular writers, Bob Gale, but every time I'm about to cancel the title entirely, to walk away and never look back, someone pulls me back from the brink. This time around it's been a double-whammy: first a three-issue arc by Marc Guggenheim that was the best writing the title has featured since Dan Slott's opening arc, and now a double-sized issue featuring the beginning of a new storyline by Dan Slott and a backup feature by Mark Waid. OK, OK, I will continue buying this comic--for now. This story is looking pretty good too, though Dan Slott's been forced by the Bob Gale-ization of the title as a whole to retain some of the stupid crappy-writer exposition that Gale loves, and those moments definitely irritate me. John Romita Jr's art is also solid as always. One thing that gets my goat a bit, though--why is it that the big ominous reveal on the last page is the SAME EXACT big ominous last-page reveal as that of Moon Knight #21? The first time I saw it, it was cool, and it would have been equally cool if I saw the second use of this trick two months later, but reading these two comics almost back to back had me responding to this big ominous ending the second time I read it with outrage. That could easily have been avoided. Sloppy executive editing, Marvel people!

    And finally, my comic shop did not receive any copies of Anna Mercury #3. In fact, they told me it had been delayed. FUCK THAT.
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    Plug in Play
    Final Crisis Legion of 3 Worlds- well written, the story is great, Superboy is exactly how he should be. The rest of the cast is introduced well and it kind of fits in with the rest of final crisis because you have no idea how this will lead into the big event.
    Birds of Prey- Hate the heroes in this, the girls are all annoying, and the villains are average villains, except for the Joker who as always is excellent.
    No Hero- no need for description excellent job Warren

    The Incredible Hercules 120 Great art, story telling, the fight was awesome, kind of confusing if you haven't read the previous few you won't get everything but it does play explain the history of the skrulls beliefs
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    - "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier" (Alan Moore/Kevin O'Neil) - Marvelous as usual, but with some touch of lunatic cultural desconstruction. And a great book design work as well.
    - "Fell - Cidade Brutal" (Brazilian translation to the Fell's "Feral City" volume by Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith) - Great work in all levels - from plot to typograph. The Brazilian publisher released the volume did a excelent (and not very expensive for the final customer) job in this edition. A curious note: besides the Fell volume, some gourgeous and expensive translations of Ayn Rand's "Fountainhead" (released by the same publisher).
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    a lot of late buys this week...

    plug and play
    transhuman #3- i think everyone last week hit this one on the nose. probably the most scathingly funny book i currently read. those monkeys were even better than i could have imagined.

    hack/slash #15- another one already? despite my fears last month (or so) of the series going downhill with all the crossovers, this is some of the best stuff so far. i've never even seen re-animator, but dr. west's involvement is setting up some very interesting developments.
    cassie's mom is alive? for real now? i know there's always a catch with re-animating dead things, but character development ahoy.

    punisher kills the marvel universe- my first time reading this. i understand why it's a classic. although it was kind of a bummer jubilee got knocked off at the beginning. garth is just mean.

    x-factor: layla miller- i had to think about where to put this one. great story (classic layla moments abound), no doubt, but doesn't progress her story too much. at least peter david hasn't forgotten about her.

    read the fucking manual
    x-factor #34- ugh, secret invasion tie-in. even more ugh, the art. they get back to real x-factor stuff next issue, thank god.

    secret invasion #5- reed richards and agent brand getting their bad-ass on was cool, but i still can't muster up any interest. my boyfriend still gets it every month, though, so i'll just have to keep hoping something severely awesome happens to the status quo. because the status is not quo. ugh, did i just say that?

    secret invasion: x-men #1 and runaways/ young avengers #2- see previous post.
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    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2008
    This was my first time buying a group of comics in...years...I've gone in interspersedly, to get the odd issue here or there. (mostly the #0 issues of the Avatar/Ellis bunch) But, today, I splurged...and it was all on people that I recognized through either Warren's forums, or Panel & Pixel. But, I'm not reading any of them - if my will-power holds - as I'm taking a nice long plane ride next week, and that will be my comic reading time...

    - CROSSED #0: The new Garth Ennis, Jacen Burrows book, about crazy - non-zombie - people.

    - AIR #1: This book has been covered by a few others...The cover caught my eye, and it'll be my first G. Willow WIlson book.

    - PIXU 1: The new self-published book by the brothers, Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon, Becky Cloonan and Vasilis Lolos...

    - Witch Doctor: First Incision: The little comic that could. A couple of hometown boys (reprazent, PDX!!) this was actually my main reason of going to the comic shop!
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    Scalped #20:
    Whenever I suggest a comic to anyone now-a-days it's usually this book first. It's an amazingly real and serious human drama, analyzing alot of the depressing aspects of life, with numerous running themes that touch every base. This issue finishes up the story of Red Crow's daughter and the events that lead to her downward spiral into promiscuity and drug abuse, as well as showing how isolated Bad Horse has become in his new role. An excellent Issue to a better series...highly recommended.

    Trinity #12:
    Still hitting home on this title. It really toke a while to get good, but now that it has it's a delightfully fun romp through the mires of Dc continuity, even if your not the Dc continuity Buff that I most certainly not you can still enjoy the ride. Continuing the JLA's quest on the Earth 2 mission, this issue has a drugg out fight with Superman and the CSA as well as a great Riddler back-up story confirming my suspicions about "The Enigma's", Identity. Fast and fun read.

    Madman Atomic Comics #10:
    Speaking of a fun read, this issue sets up what proves to be an interesting adventure for Frank as he comes into information detailing his past life.
    Dr. Flem's mysterious behaviour is somewhat revealed and Franks inner struggle with Jo's current dual nature continues. I am still catching up on older Madman trades but this comic is nothing but fun and the art makes me feel like I'm watching a zany cartoon with hard hitting Existenilism overtones. A great combo in my books.

    Amazing Spider-Man #568:
    Dan Slott was born to write the character whose comics he was likely concieved, born and educated on. Slotts love and attention to detail when it comes to continuity is a breath of fresh air in a post Brand New Day world. This was a spectaculaur issue, setting up what's surely to be The best BND Spidey story yet. Norman Osborn Returns in a very impacting way securing the rights to have his Thunderbolts bring in the un-registered vigilante known as Spider-man,continuing appearnace by Menace and some hillarious dialogue, as well as Eddie Brocks return all make this a stellar issue...and Mark Waids Eddie Brock Back-up story is pretty well written too. Kudos Spidey Brain Trust.

    Captain America #41:
    Ed Brubakers should never leave this comic. I never thought I'd ever buy Captain America, being a canadian and fan of good comics I never thought the series would appeal, but the espionage, sabotage and action make this a compelling read. All the player shift into position for the final conflict with the red skull.
    Sharon Carter is given a means to escape by a traitorous Dr. Faustus, and sadly she loses the baby..(but this is comics could still be alive)
    This title is an engrossing read full of all the things that make spy movies fun .

    Marvel 1985 #4
    We're finally starting to get the story behind what caused this event to occur revealing
    (Mr Goodman to be our world's first mutant)
    The main character discovers a way to help and some of the fun and harmlessness of these old villains is removed when the start using their powers alot more sinisterly than ever before...especially the melter. Mark Miller is a hitter or a misser and this serious if most certainly a hitter.

    Punisher #61:
    Not a bad issue giving the mandatory recap of his origin and quickly putting him on a mission to save a mexican town from a mysterious group of Marauders who do terrible things to the populace. It's too early to make a sound judgement on this new writer, but it's certainly a step in the right direction.

    Anna Mercury #3:
    Firing along with the current mission Anna's trail of violence ends with the completed mission and a very interesting detail about Anna's atire and personality. If your on this board you likely read it but if not pick it up, it's a great series with fun psuedo science and red haired babes shooting people. Great in my books.


    Squadron Supreme 2 #2:
    It's obvious Chaykin didn't read the series prior to his involvement. Creating a multitude of Marvel Archetypes, and ignoring the fact Nick Fury is a horrible war criminal on their planet. This title blows...hard and is cut.....
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    plug and play

    Anna Mercury - seriously, what is not to enjoy? i find myself enjoying the art progressively more with each issue. and any comic that can cram that many new and interesting ideas into a single issue is worth the price of admission each time.

    Moon Knight - as buzzorhowl pointed out, as much as one might like charlie huston (and i certainly do) it took a change of writers to realize that the storytelling was perhaps slightly too jerky on his run. which wasn't an issue for me, but it would have discouraged the hell out of new readers. the new team seems to have a direction, solid storytelling, and has me looking forward to more. it might sound odd to describe a super hero book as such, but moon knight has proven to be a unique title on the stands each month.
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    Fear Agent 23 - I had a kind of transcendental moment of awareness reading this month's FA, perhaps it was something to do with the issue number, who knows. I was sitting there stoned, looking at Moore's gritty, old-school layouts and the kinetic motion of Heath's escape from the Boudoir of the Killer Ex Girlfriends
    ("I'm a buck-naked earthman, doped up on alien narcotics and covered in bubble bath!")
    when I had a kind of moment of clarity. The thought just poppeed into my head: I fucking LOVE comics. They are so incredible, so mind-blowingly good at what they do (when done right) that they inspire in me a love deeper than my love for food, say, or oxygen. Yep, I sure does love mah comics, and Fear Agent is among the best. Crazy Westworld overtones, multiple personality weirdness, strange, puritanical, nihilistic philosphy, and giant malevolent alien bugs. This comic HAS. IT. ALL. And it's getting better. Next month, I may marry it. Fuck it, people marry weirder thing in Texas all the time.

    1985 4 - The action hots up as our diminutivce hero goes seeking some assistance from the superpowered good guys. I still cant help imagining this as a photo-comic. How great would that have been? Still, the art is great, Millar's plotting is crass but explosive, and I don't really care about whatever lame 80s tie-in it was based on. The vibe of this book is great. I think the German word is unheimlich.

    Anna Mercury 3 - Okay, so this issue was good. So good in fact, that I'm going to just go and read it again. BRB. Yep, read it again - it is shit hot. Wham, bam, thankyou mistress action in this issue, some nice dialogue between the project co-ordinator and the PM, and the last few pages worked really well for me too - Anna in the rain, her hair a little less red, the banality of wet streets and fighting drunks... very eloquent in its' silence. BUT... what the fuck is going on in the cover????? Crazy fat bunny girls, explody-head gangsters, businessmen with tribal piercings, a punk-classical band jamming on stage, facial tattoos, and a club with a mirrored ceiling? When do we get to read THAT story? Hot damn! Is Warren going to send Mercury to Heavenside? Cos that would kick so many kinds of ass. Seriously though, look at that cover - tell me she isn't in one of those new upmarket Grinder bars...

    Also bought:

    The Pro: Extremely funny, and some good points... dunno if the fact a woman drew it makes it not exploitatative though, that seems like slightly awkward logic. Plus, the best ideas in here were dealt with at greater length and with marginally more subtlety in Rick Veitch's awesome Brat Pack. But, you cannot fault any comic that contains a scene of a superhero pissing on a dead opponent. Nor a comic book that has a fight between said pisser and an eight-armed hooker (over handjob territorial rights, of course!). So basically this was a WIN. Loved it. You have to laugh at BKV's comment on the back: "This comic is the WATCHMEN of comics about having unprotected sex with whores." Moo ha ha.

    Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 8
    - Carey knocks it out of the park - the might of the Baxter Building geeks versus the world's greatest time-travelling alchemist. Oh yes. Nice to see Immonen back on interiors again too - I think I like his version of the Ultimate FF best. The tag team art approach actually worked wonders for this story - very well used. I may be a sucker for saying this, but I love Ultimate FF. They kick the lame ass of normal FF. So there.
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    Air - def. intelligent w/ symp. characters and great art

    Anna M. - loved the transition and the street scene (who *Is* that getting ejected from the pub with the rubbish sign?!)

    Ghost Rider - Mr Eyeball Head meet the hellfire shotgun; takes me back ...!
    • CommentAuthorheresybob
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    I read my comics like I build my computers: I start putting things together and turn on the power. When it doesn't work, I curse and look what I've done wrong. So technically, it's all plug and play, but it's got a high failure rate.


    Red Mass for Mars #1: So, I think when a new writer hits the market, he has to do a couple things: a political parody, a batman homage and his version of Justice League/Avengers. Transhuman is the parody. Red Mass for Mars is his Justice League and when you think about the title, it's got some excellent legs for this story. I've never heard of Johnathan Hickman until Transhuman, and the monkey butt-rape convinced me to read this book. Ryan Bodenheim's artwork is a good match for the writing. The entire scene with Lightbringer is worth the price of admission here, y'all, plus the Mars symbol shows excellent design skills which is pretty apparent in the book. I expect Hickman to soon be mentioned in the same breath as Morrison, Bendis and Ellis if he keeps up the good work.

    Anna Mercury #3: I'm here for the trip, but not expecting anything better than Red now. It's neither a Doktor Sleepless or anything that's titillating for me yet. I like the relationship between the project and the president tho.

    Squadron Supreme #2 - dropping this book like it's crackwhore's baby looking for it's daddy. Too much shit going on, I missed too much since the last squadron supreme series, and frankly, it's boring. No nuance in the characters, no fun in the relationships, nothing to grab my short ones and twist.

    Gutsville #1: saw others post here and thought, maybe I'll look at this, what the hell is this story about. I love the creativity in the form of the comic, but I'm trying hard for a suspension of disbelief. I'll browse at it next time I'm in the store. I keep expecting Jonah Hex to jump out of some pustule and change everything.

    My next I'm trying because you like it is Air - Thanks for the turn on.
    • CommentAuthorLemurian
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008 edited
    "Stormwatch #13" wants to comes down on the P'n'P side. In the wake of Wildstorm's "OMFGZ Teh World Has Ended" crossover, our heroes beat up slavers and moan about the state of the world. This issue also proves that not even a partial apocalypse can stand in the way of cast drama. The backup... is a bit rushed. Apparently some Taoist supervillain is trying to take over the (now en-suckified) world. And the only people who can save the day... will get another backup story many months from now.

    "Tangent: Superman's Reign #6" has quite a bit of backstory, but the premise is pretty simple. Batman beats up security guards to break into a database on some parallel world! But there are more guards! And the only people who can save him are... this world's Batman... and his version of the Outsiders! Worth it just for the scene where Batman discovers that this world's Superman is named Harvey Dent. The backup strip, meanwhile, is a plug and play manual. Talking heads and some dude threatening to shoot a hacker if'n he don't tell 'em a story.

    I mean, they're both good, but dangit, I'm starting to wish I'd got the Authority. I heard its set in post-apocalyptic London now, and half the team is in wheelchairs.
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    Plug & Play-

    Air is off to a great start, I actually want to know what's going on and what happens next. It's confusing in all the right ways. Except for the continuity glitch where Blythe's hands are tied, then not tied, then being cut free. Whoops.


    Punisher was... ok. I'll give it a full storyline. It's under RTFM because it included the manual for people who've no idea what a Punisher is or why it keeps moving. Kind of a pointless waste of pages, really.
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    How much honesty is allowed here?
    Look, I Work for a living, am an artist and a real working Rock artist, which means I need to miss a meal to buy my Goddamn comics thanks to this fuckin' recession. I buy only the books I cannot live without.
    This week I am both happy and pissed off! .
    No Hero #0
    Is this an ongoing? Is it to be extended beyond the "Serialized Graphic Novel"? I hope so; I can sink my teeth into this shit.
    I am excited to see this tale is spanning a very "ripe" time period {the 1960's through 2011} and I wonder if Warren and Juan are going to take it right to 2012.
    Looks as though Warren will continue to explore some of the themes covered in Black Summer, such as the impotence of the masses of “sheeple”, the corruption of power and the question put to the few individual vigilantes, "How bad do you want to be a part of the solution?"
    An aspect of this series, which personally appeals to me, is that Rules do not apply to the Heroes.
    The founding fathers of the U.S. screwed the rules and incurred prices on their heads from the King of England when they each added their names to our Declaration of Independence. How bad do you want it sucker? My father's favorite saying, I voice it each day. The masses may be shuffling, pliable, zombies sucking on their “over the counter drugs” in a stupefied trance, hurtling down the toilet of N.W.O. doom, but a few individuals are awake, pissed and fighting back.
    Good times ahead!
    Astonishing X-men # 26
    I know what to expect from W and he has not let me down yet.
    Remember all those Image comics, in the 90's where the “stories” were nothing more than a book of pin-ups?
    This issue, something stood in the way of my enjoyment of a Warren Ellis story.
    I threw it at page seven.