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    • CommentAuthorimmaterial
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2007 edited
    I've been getting such interesting responses to the threads I've opened up recently that I thought I'd run this one by you people.

    I'm interested in the spread of comic art worldwide, both in newspaper strip and comic form. I've been trying to locate (or, failing that, to create) a timeline that details the spread of sequential art into countries around the globe. When did it happen, what is the percentage of imported material in each country, what are the local comic traditions like, what are the milestone strips/comics in each local traditions, and how important have they been culturally.

    I'm looking for the same kind of info regarding the proliferation of television worldwide, and popular music, as well, but for the time being: comics.

    Anyone know of a good place to start? Internet sources would be particularly appreciated.