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    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2008
    Utterly, utterly blown away. Not just by Paul's art, but Warren's expert pacing as well. Reminds me of the TNG episode "Family" -- instead of leaping right into another adventure, we're treated to emotional resolution, and we get to see characters cope with what's happening.

    On the art: I would pay a serious amount of cash for a giant, giant print of Page 2, Panel 1. It's got scale, beauty, emotional resonance, and it's precisely the kind of thing I need to take some time and gaze into after editing video/music/stills/slides for hours. Bravo.
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    Have to agree with all the love for Paul's art. Gorgeous light. He's captured that quality of sunsets where the light is tangible and gold.

    Reminded me a bit of the sunset scene in Revenge of the Sith (don't hit me! I'm sorry!)
    • CommentAuthorColin
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2008
    Excellent as always!
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2008
    I loved it to bits, but I was already in a bit of a funny mood when I read it, so straight afterwards I looked through the archive for when Jack is first sent out for the rope, and re-read the heartbreaking conversation he and Sirkka had. Then I sat quietly in the corner for the rest of the night.

    Tomorrow afternoon I dress up in fancy clothes bought from a series of opportunity shops and head off to the Astor theatre with friends to see a double-feature of Singing In The Rain and something else from around that timeline. I don't really know how enjoyable/excruciating this will be - its not something that I would choose to do of my own volition, normally. We'll see....
    • CommentAuthorJo
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2008
    I have my questions about and issues with the art for Freakangels, but most of them are solidly addressed by the fact that it's admittedly rough, and an experiment--a good experiment. I'll say, though, that I've been uniformly impressed with the coloring, and this installment is a good example of why. Thanks, Mr. Duffield.
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    I'm a sucker for a majestic sunset. And a pretty girl. And moments of genuine love expressed.

    So, yeah, slam dunk, sirs. Nothing but net. :)
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    Many thanks. Although bear in mind that whilst it's rough, the better panels aren't too far off my current limit of ability and I'm always trying to push myself within the time I have. The way I think of it is that if the whole thing were up to the standard and polish of the best panels, then it'd be representative of the sort of thing I could achieve with an unlimited time scale at the moment.
    I'm always interested to hear constructive critiques on my art though, so feel free to mail me or start a thread for any questions or issues you've got :) I won't be shy about discussing it.
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2008
    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.
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    The sunset and Jack and Sirkka's passionate hug made me want to cry with happiness. The duo have become one of my favorite Ellis couples.

    Arkady was fun, too, and I have to wonder if she's the Freakangel who's the "able to drink others under the table" member of the group.

    Between this episode and the previous one, I wondered what an environmental tape of Flooded London would sound like. Would you hear the gentle lapping of waves against buildings occasionally punctuated by the sound of steam engines? Are seagulls the only birds whose cries can be heard? For that matter, how quiet would Flooded London be?

    Weekwise, it's been one of those wrong end of the magnifying glass (EDIT: sorry, wrong lensed instrument) weeks. Problems which are annoying when you think back on them months later (involving those fun problems workplace shifts and the deliberate nitpickiness of health insurance companies) currently seem like madness-inducing crises. The only joys have been getting back into the physical shaping routine and snapping off a review of a new documentary about Dalton Trumbo.
    • CommentAuthorBooalready
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2008
    I liked Arkady's watching the lovers meet up. Given her abilities it was not necessary to see to know but how lovely a thing to want to be present and see the moment. And now she is drunkenly going to take care of business? I think she is my hero now.

    The art was interesting too. Once again feeling spoiled.

    Received my Freakangels tank top recently and it came with free temp tats. Don't know who is responsible but wanted to say that I appreciate the kindness very much.
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    Received my Freakangels tank top recently and it came with free temp tats. Don't know who is responsible but wanted to say that I appreciate the kindness very much.

    That would be nice guy William Christensen.
      CommentAuthorMOnky King
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2008
    I absolutely loved this latest offering of Freakangels. I was actually just made aware of its existence by a friend of mine and so I read the whole story up to this issue. I was blown away with both the concept and the artwork. Considering this is a weekly book I am amazed and awed by the amount of detail in the backgrounds. Paul continually brings his A game when working on this. I have read a number of web books and the artists/creators don't put in nearly the amount of detail into their work as he does. My hat goes off to you Paul.
    It's a really good way to start a new story arc. Things have somewhat wrapped up from arc 1 and we get a moment of respite and tranquility. Invariably something is going to throw that tranquility into the trash and I can't wait to see it.

    End of line
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    OK. That last moment was just fookin gorgeous. Well done, sir, well done.
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    Sheer me up when I needed, props.

    Oh and CLIFFHANGER!! not even a tip of what she said?.. you better make it worth it.. (Nah, Jk XD)
    • CommentAuthordeckard
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    To Booalready
    got my t-shirt and also had free tattoos with it. I guess it is the magnanimity of the t-shirt company and a cunning extra marketing ploy - but no, that's too ungrateful of me, because I love the tshirt - do the tats work?
    • CommentAuthorBooalready
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    @ Spiraltwist

    Big merci for the info lady!


    Have not tried them yet.
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    Hello folks. I've been taking a break from online forums for a while - busy as hell at work and trying to prep and find a new job where I don't feel I'm selling out. But...

    Thought I'd drop in to agree with everyone here on the gorgeousness of this week's episode. Thanks Paul. You continue to brighten up my screen in the best way possible.

    Also, noone has mentioned the oddity -to me anyway, unless I missed something- in the very first page:

    "25 years ago 12 strange children were born..."
    "Today, eleven strange 23-year-olds..."

    Spiral: Hope your garden is continuing to do well - I got the courgettes planted!
    Musehick: Glad to hear you're OK.
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008 edited
    "25 years ago 12 strange children were born..."
    "Today, eleven strange 23-year-olds..."
    I had to double-check... but, no. It does say "23 years ago," -- the only 25 is in the episode number...
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    Fab colors. And the Freakangels t-shirt worked in is a nice touch.
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    I love that I care about all the main characters, even Luke. Granted my caring only extends to the point that I want something nasty and humiliating to happen to him, but I am emotionally involved in wanting that to occur.

    The names in this books are interesting to me as well. You can sort read Alice as being in a kind of Wonderland compared to the rest of the world. Also it's kind of cool that the "evil" Freakangels have Gospel names like Mark and Luke. If the other two Angels turn out to be Matthew and John (I don't think it'll happen) that'd be a cool theme to explore.

    Right now I'm impatiently awaiting Freakangels 26, which will make a nice little "after-present" for my 40th birthday on the 28th.