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    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2008
    I'm putting this in printhead's even though it qualifies for a few different areas...

    Last week, Publisher's Weekly ran an article on the 'digital future of comics'. I was interviewed for the article, but most of the questions asked, I couldn't answer due to NDAs. Now, the writer has put up the interview with me on the subject...

    Read it here...
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    On a quick note, I see the future for digital comics as brilliant, reading books on the computer can be a pain, but comics are a pleasure.

    Great inverview Mr.Rantz.
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    I feel a bit guilty about this, but it's on topic if, somewhat, unrelated...

    Murderdrome (which I've posted some of the art in the art thread) is a comic designed for the iPhone/iPod touch - we've coded a comic reader and bundled the comic in with it. Issue #0 will be free (an ashcan of sorts) and the remaining issues will be $1.99 - each the equivalent of a 22 page comic (sold via the app store). As the app store take 30% of the price, the remainder will go to the creators - as compared to 60% of cover price taken via the normal distribution means. Also, as opposed to diamond, we expect to be earning money from the moment we sell one issue - 9,000 issues will pay a respectable page rate, and anything above that will be just gravy :) So, in essence, we're leveraging the existing distribution infrastructure supplied by Apple to our own nefarious ends...

    You can see how the app works in the following youtube video:

    Murderdrome on the iPhone/iPod Touch

    (Also: Murderdrome is pretty damn funny - written by Al Ewing and drawn by Me!)

    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    I love that iPhone application. That's a great move I think.
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    Paul, I almost posted that when I saw it yesterday. Best of luck with it.
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    Nice work, Paul, I'm very impressed. The inclusion of editorial and backmatter (throughmatter??) is great, and I like the fact that it's panel to panel, not one of those scroll/zoom set-ups like Marvel's digital comics. When's the release?

    Stuff like this shows that there is potential for digital comics, especially on handhelds. Sitting at a computer to read just isn't viable, but this is something I could get into, even if not a complete alternative to print...
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    Rantz, how long before we (okay, I) see a demo of this?

    @Paul - keep us posted on how this works out for you -

    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    JH - I'll email you, since dates, etc are all in the land of NDAs
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    R - Cool.
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2008 edited
    On Tuesday Paul sent me an Ashcan of Murderdrome #0. I can guarantee it is gonna rock your balls off. Absolutely awesome stuff.

    I wrote an article about it on my Hypergeek Blog, feel free to check it out.
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    Hi all, just to let you know, Apple have decided we fall foul of their "Community Standards", murderdrome, it seems, is just a little too bloody for the app store. We're going to try and appeal - our feeling is that the books section (which is the only logical place to put it) needs the same ratings as the games section (which allows you to mark content as violent).

    Obviously, if the same community standards were applied across the board of Apple's iTunes the world would be without quiet a few films.

    I'd be grateful, if you could, nip over to our site here to leave a comment - we'll be forwarding them to Apple. If you're a professional creator PLEASE leave your real name, so we can highlight just how the creative community feel.

    - pj
    ps You can read the full episode that Apple have banned - this was to be a free app, testing the waters, as it were.
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    Hi all, just to let you know, Apple have decided we fall foul of their "Community Standards", murderdrome, it seems, is just a little too bloody for the app store.

    ITunes flags, sorts and rejects audio podcasts. Who told you guys you'd get MURDERDROME in there without trouble?

    (I've been away for a week and am catching up)
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    These apple people scare the hell of me, they act like idealistic dictators.

    How long did took to mac users to be able to change the wallpaper and icons/fonts on mac? >_>
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    To be honest, initially I had no idea there'd be an issue (drawing the stuff you forget just how it might look to someone outside of it), then a couple of apps fell foul of the community standards (notably the $999 app and the knife stabbing app) and we started to worry. By that stage, though, we were too far through the process. Had hoped to talk to apple to see where/how/what we could do to allow the app on there various issues have prevented that.

    Apple's guidelines though *are* vague, it's hard to know exactly where the line is (though, I grant you, we're probably pretty far over it with Murderdrome, we'll be more careful next time...) and were more than willing to do whatever apple would like to get that on there. Though, I grant you, this is probably an exercise in futility...

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    I hope it works out. I'd love to see this on the iphone.

    And to answer the question about the changing fonts, icons and backgrounds...

    I remember being able to do that way back in 1988 on my quadra 610. Way before it was possible to do on a PC.

    Can't say how difficult it is to do it now under the current OS, since I don't really use an apple computer that much anymore.

    My last one from 2 years or so did it just fine though.
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    I prefer to read comics on my computer, and if I had an iPhone I'd love to read comics there too. Floppies clutter up my room, and are decidedly uncool. I usually give them away.

    I hope you guys get murderdrome through. That's a bullet that needs to be bitten.
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    @ PJ Holden Well, itunes sells parental guidance music and r-rated movies, I can't imagine it being that hard to introduce some kind of classification for apps...
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    Wow a surprising amount of people supporting Apple in that article.

    The hell is wrong with people these days. Too worried about protecting children, and not enough with protecting their rights.

    This is why I'm anti-child.
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    Macworld, cnet, Gizmodo, The Register, Guardian. Lots of comment about it all over.