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    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    Yes. We loves Colonel Finn too.
    • CommentAuthornilskidoo
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    the only thing that gets me through the day is knowing that suicide is always an option.
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    @ babymole

    I always get the "I before E" thing confused myself. Thanks for the compliments.

    I myself had been on a long string of concurrent muscle relaxants and opiods and various nerve inhibitors for years. They were prescribed, and medically justified, but still, I discovered the need to be without. I understand that daily life hurts (not just in the flesh) that much more when used to having something always present to cushion the blow... so your current attempt should be vigorously applauded.

    And, watching Night of the Iguana last night brought me this quote:

    "I respect anyone who has to fight and howl for his decency... Yes, his decency and his bit of goodness, much more than I respect the lucky ones that had theirs handed out to them at birth and never afterwards had them snatched away from them by... unbearable... moments."
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    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    What' pissing me off? World Hoop Day. Swear to God(s) direct quote from the website behind it "Since 2007, World Hoop Day has been dedicated to bringing toy and dance hoops to underprivileged children living in extreme poverty and underdeveloped neighborhoods of our world. Founded by Annie O'Keeffe, and partnering with her husband, Kevin, World Hoop Day is a not for profit organization that uses a community-based approach to provide durable hoops. The adult-sized hoops can be used their entire life as a simple and effective way to bring joy to an otherwise devastating situation.There are many aid organizations who provide food and medical relief, but what about the mental welfare of a child who grows up too quickly and hardly has a reason to smile or play or just be a child? To date 10,000 hoops have been given away, and total amounts of $1,645 US, and $5,500 in hoops and hoop-related gifts, have been raised. The simple hoop has positive physical and mental health benefits, stimulates imaginations, and enables feelings of pure joy and bliss.Link to website "

    In other words; Poverty! Disease! Drug addiction! Parental abuse! Sexual exploitation! What's to be done about it all? Fucking. Hula. Hoops.

    Seriously, stuff like that makes me wish I had Stephen Kings "Word Processor of The Gods" so I could make extravagant use of the delete key.

    Oh and if you don't go in expecting anything more than fast cars and big 'splosions Death Race isn't a bad little film.
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    I'm struggling with a short comic script I'm writing, having trouble seeing the line between manipulative and affecting...

    Bought new clothes today for the first time in like a year and a half, it's gonna be interesting having more than two choices when I go to the wardrobe in the morning.

    Transmetropolitan and The Killing Joke are really good. As is Pulp Fiction, which I rewatched today for the first time in a long one today. Although I still do find moments of joy in his newer stuff, it's a shocking reminder of how far Tarantino's fallen in recent times.

    About to start reading some book called The Alchemist, based on the recommendation of a friend. The blurbs are making me feel kind of queasy, I don't like the idea of a book that describes itself as "a transforming novel about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts". It makes me want to punch the presenters of The Afternoon Show... But what's new?

    Although I do love comics, it still kind of surprised me that I have read more GOOD comics in the last 6 months than I have movies or TV shows of similar quality... That said, the first three series of Deadwood are me-bound as of tomorrow... I should go back to reading summer tie-ins, made me feel better about my own writing capability hah hah. God, I hate trying to laugh in writing.

    Me, with the camera face that won't leave me alone.

    Oh, and nice work, Eliza Gauger and pauljholden.... (Mmmm... Awkward internet monikers....)

    Sarah 013, that pic creeped me out...
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    @ nilskidoo -

    An amusing note - I bought a copy of "Final Exit" from a used bookstore once. Nobody else ever seems to find the humor in that.
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    @Brad - The Alchemist will probably infuriate you, if you have a mind to be infuriated (and given that you're here, I'm assuming you have one). Pseudo-catholic mysticism with a generous larding of new-age hippie crapola. By all means finish it, but use the knowledge gained to treat the people who consider it a new bible the way they deserve to be treated.
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    @ PaulGrahamRaven

    Sweet christ this is going to be an ordeal...
    • CommentAuthornilskidoo
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    @ RachaelNoel -

    LOVE "Final Exit"
    I would go a step further and reveal an idea I have been piecing together the past couple of years. If anyone in the room feels like reappropriating it, that's fine by me- just as long as it sees the light of day.
    I want to put together a coffee table-style book consisting of nothing but actual suicide notes. There could be different sections, themes, maybe even a chapter devoted to particular cases of noteworthiness, like famous folk. All would be real. You would be surprised what a long, thought out letter to the surviving families can lead to. I have received # 31 as of last month, though I would want that doubled at least. Some are public documents from archives at assorted libraries. Some cases I KNOW about, although the applicable notes are locked up in police evidence storerooms.
    Last words can be very seminal in understanding what people are really about. Dreams, wants, needs.
    I see no need for commentary, as these letters define themselves and would hopefully spark more debates on the matter; aside from and beyond Martyrdom or Kevorkian aesthetics.
    as open as proper society is, this remains uber taboo. hence my interest.
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    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008 edited
    Right Space Daddy-o…
    My need to complain shall be satisfied with: The world is shite because it created my relationship with food…Feel like shit this week, combination of infected rash and change of diet at lunch times.. If I were Coeliac it would explain a lot. Might go to the doctors Monday…
    “Tell me something filthy, strange and wonderful. Tell me of new things, or old secrets. Thrill me, chill me, fulfil me, creatures of the night.”
    When Eddie said he didn’t like his teddy, you knew he was a no good kid, but when he threatened your life with a switch blade knife?
    I think I’ll go with old secrets..
    3 years ago this week our dog had to be put down. The problems with pure-breeds etc.. He was epileptic.

    The week before I had broken up with someone I felt deeply for.
    And now I know the feelings of loss got muddled up together. But good things come from muddled feelings. I fucked off to S.America for nearly 3 months then I decided to go back to College…
    And now I realise 2 things.
    If I hadn’t been confused I would have been stuck where I was for the unforeseeable future.
    And I really fucking miss that dog, epileptic fits or not…

    Me on Easter Island.

    • CommentAuthorkozmund
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    Wrong with the world? Biden? We're all doomed.

    My mother in law tends to send me random things. She knows I take photos, so she sends me random photo magazines. She knows I read Hunter S Thompson, so she sends me Rolling Stone every time HST is mentioned. Recently she randomly sent me a couple copies of Previews from '93/'94. Don't ask me how the fuck she ended up with them. They were well worth a laugh. The high point was a half-page ad for the collected Lazarus Churchyard. There are, really, so many low points. The special thick and glossy promo for Mr. T and the T Force. Multi-page horrible Defiant previews. Batman #500 and X-Men 2099 hype.

    And now, a very old photo taken during my Bachelor party replacement thingy. Obviously, as I'm not Patton Oswalt, that's me on the left yelling at his crotch and looking like a fucking Muppet. Very old, I assure you.

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    I'm having a hard time feeling pissed off tonight, as I just sampled Lykke Li and made this in the space of just four hours. I'll remove her & add my own vocals later, for now it sounds like this without the wonderful Swedish lady.

    But I should really be writing articles. Ah well.
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    @curb My day started off pretty shit. I wanted to get away from it all. Then I saw my pregnant sister’s 3D scan. It made me feel all different kinds of alive. I’m going to be an uncle. I’m going to have a little person to play with, to eventually discuss weird ideas with. This is a first for me.
    @halcyonday Fuck a job. Today I listened to Genesis P-Orridge talk about being on the dole for 8 years. It made me realise that I am not the only one.
    @syringavulgaris I hope your cat is okay. I’m sure he is just being pensive, wondering how fucking weird we humans are.
    @Leandro Damasceno Chin up, Bro.

    Everyone else. I love you. You make me happy.
    I am about to fall asleep on my sofa. See you in a bit.

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    First open mic night, so i've got a few weeks to catch up on. if you'd like, this is simply angry raving, so skip it if you want.

    Sweet fucking christ, I'm sick of summer. for 6 weeks ive been shedding old friends and new acquaintances for no better reason that that we are each of us incapable of understanding where someone is coming from.
    on top of having to figure out where my relationship of 5 plus years is going, everyone i know is encouraging me to end it- which would be fine, if they hadnt spent years being her friends first- one asshole went so far as to concoct a plan to get me to cheat on her so it would end "guilt-free" and used one of my longest friendships to twist me against my girlfriend, and for no better reason than she once told him, over a year ago, that she no longer cared about his girl troubles- this from the asshole who fucking makes a living telling people to grow up and get over it. im fine with people being assholes, but hypocrisy kills me. this slimy, petty, lying son of a bitch does nothing but take and take and bitch and moan, and in the one moment he is called to account for it, he fucks everyone in the worst way. whats worse is that everyone else is making excuses for him, like lying, coercion, manipulation and flat out treachery are ok. NEWS FLASH: YOU DON"T FUCKING TREAT PEOPLE LIKE THAT. I refuse to tolerate his petty game anymore, and I'm the unreasonable one, I"M the one going off the deep end, or so i hear. i no longer trust many of my closest friends because they refuse to see that given the first opportunity, he will gut them like trout. this man has no sense of honor or duty.

    My only goal has been to show the utmost love and compassion, loyalty and respect to these people. I'm not close with my family- my family is my friends, and family is everything. While part of me feels like the victim, I have to believe that this is in some part my fault, because to believe otherwise would mean that this...traitor was right about basic human nature, and i would be now better a person than him. I believe that my relationship is over, though she refuses to see it. i find it extremely hard to hurt the one person in the last month and a half to have done nothing but support and respect me.

    i'm stuck where it is no longer healthy for me to be (esp. since we just started a lease together) because i can't go anywhere else. i'm barely scraping by on my shit-ass part time retail slavery, and i'm in no position to leave town entirely, which is really what i'd like and need to do.
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    There are giant spiders living in my window.

    I have nothing worth drinking in the house.

    And I know I'm going to catch hell for a few largish mistakes I made at work on Thursday.

    But tomorrow, after work, I disappear to Pittsburgh for two days to stay with the girlfriend. And this is Good.
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    Did not expect to be fooling around on here tonight, but! I come with advice to girlfriends worldwide: The time to tell your boyfriend you've had a headache all night and want to lie down is not ten minutes before you're supposed to go see a movie.

    Otherwise, what's pissing me off?
    Well, really wanted to catch "Tropic Thunder" tonight.
    I write for a bi-weekly newsletter on work safety, and I'm officially bored beyond tears of it. How do people write professionally about the same subject matter year in, year out without starting to plot doom?
    Area department store's liquidating a bunch of suits, which is a fine time for me to officially realize my jacket size is a no nice cheap suit for me.

    On the upside: Good writing every day from You should go read some, and tell many, many people about it. Unless you hate it, in which case, as Joss Whedon put it, "Now is a time for quiet reflection."
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    Pissing me off: All the stuff going on with my Mom. She's having a really tough time and it's getting ridiculous.
    Explain to me why the world is shit: Every time I think things are finally getting better, something else bad happens. Also, I still haven't found earplugs that are sufficient in keeping water out when I'm swimming and it's really annoying.
    Confess your sins: I don't think I'll ever be content with my single status, and I don't think I'll ever manage to date. I am such a nutcase.
    Get something off your chest: I most likely have a crush (or whatever) on one of my guyfriends and I am quite certain that he simply enjoys flirting quite a bit. I am trying to a)not get my hopes up and b)stop crushing so I can return to somewhat sanity.
    Tell me a plan: I think I'm going to do a series of prints on Trinidadian folklore, which should be delightfully creepy.
    Tell me what's in your head: The usual self-loathing.
    I want to know: Sometimes I'm not so certain. I'm fairly whiny.

    Tell me something filthy, strange and wonderful: I don't think there is anyting filthy, strange, or wonderful in my life right now. Pathetic.
    Tell me of new things, or old secrets: Can't think of any. Sorry.

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    Still jobless. Nuked my old custom web portfolio site (which looked like shit run over twice) in favor of Indexhibit and the new site is up. Now I’m in the process of updating and photographing all of my work. I need to get the videos up ASAP, and I have a long hi-def video I can’t get to render out of After Effects that needs to go on Vimeo. Because I’m sick and tired of not having a job.

    My revival of Charles Coiner’s/MF Benton’s Eagle typeface is almost ready to go. I hope to release it this week under a Creative Commons license so that there’s another good font available for web embedding now that Safari and Opera are supporting @FontFace and Firefox isn’t far behind.

    I started playing Magic: The Gathering again after about four years of not gaming at all. It’s great; I drive thirty minutes to a game shop in the suburbs and spend the afternoon having fun. Nobody talks about politics, economics, real estate, their careers, matters of public policy, or all of the other high-minded stuff that I get overwhelmed with here in Washington. Hopefully next weekend I can manage to play some board games. But I keep swearing to myself that I will not drop $100 on updated rulebooks to play Games Workshop games again.
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    That looks like another lovely painting you have there. I don't know how you do it all.
    • CommentAuthorgarcummins
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    This song pretty much defines my life at the moment. Blood For Blood - A Bitch Called Hope.

    All my life I relied on one thing and that one thing fucked me up even more
    She is tempting and promises things that'll never happen of that I'm sure
    Years I've wasted waiting for her to come through for me why was I so blind
    Waiting innocently as time went on life's gotten worse my resentment's strong
    Now I've smartened up I'm turning my back
    I don't need her I gave her a smack
    She failed me over and over again no surprise there she was never a friend
    I've been dragging a bitch called hope (a bitch called hope)
    I've been hanging at the end of her rope (a bitch called hope)
    I've been dragging a bitch called hope (a bitch called hope)
    I've been hanging at the end of her fucking rope
    I'd have given her my heart and my dreams
    She then strung me along threw away these years
    Don't let that bitch take you for a ride like she took me
    and took most everyone I know
    So I've kicked the bitch to the curb
    but in the end she's left me a bitter twisted motherfucker
    I've been dragging a bitch called hope (a bitch called hope)
    I've been hanging at the end of her rope (a bitch called hope)
    I've been dragging a bitch called hope (a bitch called hope)
    I've been hanging at the end of her fucking rope